WE EvE: The Importance of Survivor Series

“Things only have the value that we give them.” ~ Moliere

So, with the above quote in mind, what value do YOU put into the Survivor Series Pay-Per-View (PPV)? Is it just another PPV that you you debate whether or not to watch? Is it an event that has family memories embedded within it’s very core? Is it an age-old relic that has passed it’s life expectancy?

Maybe to some fans, their childhood pet rock holds much more importance than Survivor Series. It’s also possible that to other Survivor Series is the most anticipated event of the year. The point is it’s very difficult to determine the importance of  Survivor Series.

Yet, I have to do some hypothetical mathematics by determining the  inner value and total importance of Survivor Series. Essentially there are a couple questions that need to be asked in order to know how important the PPV  really is.

Is it deserving of Big Four designation?

Survivor Series part of the esteem “Big Four”, which included the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania and SummerSlam. The Big four are the longest running PPVs within the WWE. Each usually get the WWE’s promotional machine behind them and have the biggest matches out of all the other PPVs. They all had iconic moments, phenomenal matches and each has left their mark upon the Pro-Wrestling landscape.

So, does Survivor Series still deserve to be part the big four or giving the prestigious designation?

On an historical sense, it’s the second longest of all the active PPVs, debuting in 1987. It had iconic matches such as The Ultimate Warriors vs. The Heenan Family, Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship and The Rock and John Cena vs. Awesome Truth.

Yet, of all the “Big Four”,  Survivor Series was the most expandable of the four. The proof is when WWE announced that it would drop the Survivor Series name and rebrand the event, and this occured back in 2010. Apparently, to the WWE it’s worth was low enough to be discarded like old used toilet paper.

On a historical scale, Survivor Series IS deserving to be part of the “Big Four.” In modern times, it feels like Survivor Series is just another PPVs that the WWE does not promote on the same scale as the other big three.  The Rock and John Cena vs. Awesome Truth was the only big match-up that would only be put on a “Big Four” PPV but it was lazy booking which weakened the match since no single fan will believe that R-Truth and The Miz even had a chance at winning.

So, in the end, I do believe Survivor Series deserve the designation. Yet, if they don’t start making matches that is up to the “Big Four” standards and start including main event feuds in five on five tag-team elimination matches then it will no longer even be considered in the same league as the other big three.

Could it be replaced?

Sadly, it can be replaced and as I mentioned earlier the WWE attempted to do so. The only reason Survivor Series didn’t die a slow and quiet death was because millions of wrestling fans all screamed bloody murder in an uproar.  The WWE still could of replaced the PPV as they have shown the habit of ignoring fans in the past. The only reason they didn’t was because they saw dollar signs within the fan’s uprpar and decided that the Survivor Series brand name still had money to be milked.

Remember the WWE Women Champion belt? Yea, the one we all thought would never be replaced by another belt. Well, it got replaced by that horrid butterfly  looking Diva Championship belt. It replaced a championship that been around since 1956. This just proves that the WWE is not afraid of replacing which includes PPVs.

In the years, 2009 and 2010, the WWE had a PPV known as Bragging Rights come before Survivor Series. The event had a 14-man tag team match is held between Raw and Smackdown. Needless to say, the concept was similar to Survivor Series’s tag matches, and made it feel like Survivor Series was the same thing.

It’s possible that the WWE wanted to replace Survivor Series with Bragging Rights back in 2010. We may never know the name that the WWE wanted to use to replace the famed PPV with but it’s logical to believe Bragging Rights could of taken it’s place.

What is the importance of Survivor Series to me?

Personally to me, Survivor Series is one of the few events I will only buy to watch on my television set. I usually reserve that honor for any of the “Big Four”. I had both good and bad memories of the event itself, such as watching the first first ever Elimination Chamber match, The Montreal Screwjob, and hopefully I can add CM Punk  vs. John Cena vs. Ryback to that list!

Thanks to the internet, and YouTube, I’m able to see past Survivor Series bouts, and simply enjoy the tremendous display of epiciness! I suppose as much as the WWE changes over the years with Stars coming and going, new PPVs debuting which makes having the “Big 4″ remain as something to look forward to yearly.

So, I do hold a lot of value in Survivor Series and it’s important enough for me to spend, $50/close to $60 on Survivor Series yearly.

The Verdict?

In the end, I believe that Survivor Series importance is one that every fan hold value. The kids watching today will remember Undertaker’s buried alive match with Kane, Cena teaming up with The Rock and maybe even seeing CM Punk walking out of Survivor Series as still the reigning WWE Champion.  Those kids will hold the same value as I do for the event and they will one-day find the classics we’ve seen, and understand why Survivor Series is a big freaking deal.

Wrestling fans saved Survivor Series from certain death in 2010. We forced the WWE hands into making Survivor Series worthy enough to be one of the “Big Four” as our sense of importance for the event translates into cold hard cash for the WWE. Survivor Series outlasted it’s rival Bragging Rights as a PPV.

For fans, the WWE and for Pro-Wrestling as a whole, Survivor Series is of significant importance.