WWE/TNA 2012 Retrospective: Top 50 Matches


While there were not a great number of storylines this last year that can be said to live on through the ages, WWE and TNA generally had successful 2012 years. That is because of one thing more than any other: match quality.

Throughout the year, the pay-per-views put out by both companies were not stellar in build, but they were great in execution. The talent consistently managed to take what little they were sometimes given and capitalized on it beyond expectations.

From old veterans fighting in dream matches to young indie stars getting their chance in the sun, it was a year of wrestling more than anything else.

That is why I have decided to take a full inventory of 2012’s greatest matches for both WWE and TNA. All year, I kept a list that I expanded throughout where I ranked every match I felt was worthy of consideration for this top 50. In the end, I went back and watched them all and made my final decision.

At the end of the day, this is my opinion alone combined with my own criteria that involves impact, technical ability, story build in and before the match, and other minor factors.

I am sure that others will have different opinions and different orders on my choices, so please, after reading, leave your thoughts and own favorite matches below.

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