TNA’s Lovable Jobbers: Norv Fernum And Dewey Barnes, The Company’s Next “Great” Tag Team

Since debuting at the biggest event of the year Bound For Glory, Ethan Carter III has performed under the brightest spotlight TNA has. Being the pampered nephew of company president Dixie Carter, EC III has been given the right to handpick his opponents weekly. To show his faux-dominance and ability, he has chosen two enhancement talents in Norv Fernum and Dewey Barnes to display his supposed in-ring prowess against.

Going in there, I thought I had a 79% chance of winning. But actually, it was about 10%. – Dewey Barnes

Fernum and Barnes, both of whom couldn’t weight more than one hundred and fifty pounds, have been perfect for the Carters’ scheme of making Ethan look like a legitimate monster in the ring. His size, looks, and charisma shine brighter when facing these two bottom of the barrel jobbers. Whether or not, Ethan could look as opposing and dominant against a normal TNA performer has yet to be seen but his future revolves around his aunt’s plans for him. In contrast, the futures of both Fernum and Barnes are up in the air.

Do these two even have a future in wrestling to begin with? Well to start, Fernum is no slouch and is a pro-wrestling veteran – most known for his PWG work under the name Peter Avalon. As opposed to his counterpart’s experience, Barnes is simply a TNA warehouse employee and salesman who moonlights as “White Tiger” on the Tennessee local independent wrestling scene. With one having quite a bit of wrestling experience while the other already works for the company, there is a chance that they do indeed have a future – a slight chance but still an existing one.

Norv Fernum. Dewey Barns. TNA’s Job Squad.

As the video above would indicate, we are at least teased with one tag team match featuring these two. It could be the Bro Mans that they put over or, the more likelier scenario, the team faces Ethan Carter is his toughest test yet in a handicap match.  Either way, the scrawny duo would lose resoundingly and make their opponents look good in defeat regardless of who they are; that is their job after all.

In a new movement, one without Hulk Hogan and reportedly Eric Bischoff, TNA could be returning to what it had been previously before those two swooped in and changed everything. It may be a stretched fantasy but funny, entertaining characters such as the team of Fernum and Barnes could be featured more often; as were such groups as The Prince Justice Brotherhood (“Super” Eric Young, Shark Boy and Curry Man) back in the day.

The fans don’t need to see every roster member being a serious legitimate athlete and these two newcomers could fill in the niche that the previously mentioned comedy acts left void.

With TNA delivering solid humor on most episodes, Fernum and Barnes could just be another piece of the puzzle. It’s obvious that TNA isn’t PWG and wouldn’t just fall back on comedy but comedic relief – that’s actually funny, unlike WWE’s horrid attempts at it – are necessary for any show.

It doesn’t have to happen, these two could be gone for good and never return. However, if they do stay then that’s just another plus and positive change the company has made over the past few months. Here’s hoping these lovable jobbers get a roster spot.