TNA’s Crimson: Where Has Our Once Undefeated Hero Gone To?

Most Recent Update: It appears as if Crimson is also done with Ohio Valley Wrestling. Though not entirely official now, he has been killed off OVW TV and his stable “The Coalition” has been dismantled. It is unlikely that he will be returning anytime soon.

Hopefully, we do see Crimson back in TNA at least one day.

UPDATE: As of 7/3/13, Crimson has been released from his TNA contract. Reportedly, he is still under contract with Ohio Valley Wrestling. This is a good sign as the two differing companies have a close relationship that could lead to Crimson being resigned when the time is right. Crimson, after his years of development and his streak, should not just be simply released without a plan. Hopefully, TNA will be bringing him back soon or at least in a year’s time. 

Original Post: Things haven’t been the same for Crimson since his undefeated streak ended. He went 470 days undefeated as a wrestler in TNA. It all came to a halt as James Storm made his return from a hiatus at Slammiversary. Storm would quickly dispatch of Crimson and end the streak abruptly with a superkick. It was a surprising and feel good moment for the fans and James Storm.

The streak didn’t quite end the way it should have but there really wasn’t much of a bad taste left after it happened. It seemed as if Crimson was going to move onto bigger things as the streak was lifted from him. That hasn’t quite happened yet.

Our once undefeated hero, Crimson, has recently disappeared from Impact Wrestling. His last appearance was in a match where he failed to defeat Devon for the Television Championship. The match was less than stellar as Crimson did mess up on a couple of maneuvers. He really isn’t a good wrestler and he may never be. He can move well for his size but that’s the only real positive in the ring he has as of right now.  However, he has proven (at least in my eyes) that he can play quite a convincing heel. He’s received some decent audible heel reactions from the crowd, some of which were louder than his pops were when he was a wannabe Goldberg  baby-face.

One can argue that without the streak, Crimson has lost whatever edge he had and doesn’t deserve a spot on Imapct every week. To a certain extent, that is a valid claim. Crimson based his whole character around the streak. He’d shove it in the face of the crowd and his enemies. He would call out injured opponents and win by count-out just to keep the streak going. He would cheat to win which really separated him from the Goldberg stereotyping. When he was done winning,  he’d taunt out a check mark in the air.

Without the streak, could Crimson be just as good of a heel? The answer to that is a definite yes as Crimson has become the top heel in TNA’s developmental program Ohio Valley Wrestling. As a member of “The Coalition”, he has been dubbed as a Five-Star General leading “Operation: OVW Freedom” with many other military minded wrestlers on the roster.

With his right-hand man Jason Wayne at his side, Crimson has already become a 1-time OVW Heavyweight Champion and then the duo won the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles. Proving to be a real menace, The Coalition has destroyed everything in their way for many months until the OVW roster got fed up and started fighting fire with fire. He’s feuding with resident babyface Sam Shaw, whom are really close friends behind the scenes, and the rivalry is bitter at its core.

Crimson continues to hone his craft as a heel and more time in developmental will only make his triumphant return to Impact Wrestling that much better. Though he probably shouldn’t have been taken off of TV in the first place, his time in OVW will only continue to help him form himself into the great heel he once showed so much promise to be.

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