TNA: Why The Aces & Eights Are One Step From Solidification Or Devastation

The Aces & Eights started out as a giant army that laid waste to the TNA roster, however, the group fell into a rut that they are desperately attempting to crawl out of.  Currently, the stable consists of mid-card wrestlers whom can’t really match up to the star power of their enemies.

The biggest star of the gang is obviously Ken Anderson whose creative direction has really been revived since joining the Aces & Eights. He appears to be a natural fit in the group, especially given that Anderson has always been a more natural heel than face in his career.  He has this venom and intensity to him that really matches what the Aces & Eights should have been in the first place. Instead of being a whore-mongering drunk like the rest, Ken seems to really believe in the brotherhood motif of  the faction.

Recently, Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco have been patched in. While, these two are far from intimidating or credible there is at least a vested interest in them joining Aces & Eights.  The duo betrayed their mentor Kurt Angle due to the lack of respect they were getting from pretty much everybody (except from Angle actually). Ignoring the backwards logic there, these two have added a somewhat interesting spark to the faction.

Devon, Mike Knox and the Director Of Chaos (DOC); these men are the definition of blandness. Sadly, they are the foundation upon which Aces & Eights rests on. They aren’t really what the group ever needed which was a talker. They’ve already soaked up more TV time than they ever needed and their roles should rightfully diminish as new members are patched in. The trio is decent muscle at best and should be there to just look tough and protect the talkers like Anderson and Taz.

Speaking of Taz, he’s become a much needed spokesperson for the group. On commentary, Taz sides with the Aces & Eights now along with most of the heels on the roster as well. It appears that he’s a very high-ranking member but isn’t the leader. He claims that he’s working for a “higher power”.

Who exactly is that “higher power”? It’s been speculated for months upon months now. Who is the leader behind the Aces & Eights? What we do know is that in every segment in the “Club House”, there is a character called “VP” as we can all assume stands for vice president.

Unfortunately, it is rumored and almost entirely obvious that this character will be unmasked and revealed as TNA Road Agent D’Lo Brown. It’s not that the reveal would be too obvious to do but it will just simply have no heat behind it. D’Lo is irrelevant. He is just a backstage handler who’s been in a couple segments to just prove to the audience that he still exists. While it may make sense that he’s a member, it is just a pitiful reveal at its core.

However, there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. The VP doesn’t have to be unmasked as D’Lo Brown. TNA could swerve us internet fans again just like they did with the Devon reveal at Bound For Glory. The VP could be revealed as anyone. While its true that the VP has been seen on numerous occasions, I think TNA will let it slide if they pick someone with a different body shape. Honestly, we could all probably look over that continuity error as long as anyone else is revealed besides D’Lo “Midcard” Brown.

Another very positive part of this all is that no matter who the VP character is portrayed by, he won’t be the end all and be all of the stable. When there’s a ‘vice president’ there has to be a ‘president’. There is still an even higher power out there waiting to be revealed. The person who is the true leader of the Aces & Eights will either make or break the gang’s legacy in prowrestling history.

Will it be Jeff Jarrett? Eric Bischoff? A dumb swerve like its always been Bully Ray or Hulk Hogan? We don’t know yet, obviously. But TNA must make a careful decision when it comes to this final reveal. Aces & Eights are one step away from being solidified as at least a decent stable in the history books. However, they are also one step away from devastation and being inducted in a hall of infamy with the likes of Nexus and Immortal (stables that started off with big ambitions but floundered out immensely).

TNA needs to seal the fate of Aces & Eights and right the wrongs they’ve done to the stable since Bound For Glory. It’s time for them to roll with the positives; Ken Anderson and Taz’s mic skills, the muscle and the young rebels Brisco and Bischoff. Do that until the “higher power” is revealed and then we can only beg of TNA to book the Aces & Eights’ downfall effectively without smearing its already muddy legacy.

Please let me know what you guys think and who you believe will be revealed as the ‘president’ of Aces & Eights. I also want it to be known that Ken Anderson is awesome. That is all.