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TNA: Why The Aces & Eights Are One Step From Solidification Or Devastation

The Aces & Eights started out as a giant army that laid waste to the TNA roster, however, the group fell into a rut that they are desperately attempting to crawl out of.  Currently, the stable consists of mid-card wrestlers whom can’t really match up to the star power of their enemies.

The biggest star of the gang is obviously Ken Anderson whose creative direction has really been revived since joining the Aces & Eights. He appears to be a natural fit in the group, especially given that Anderson has always been a more natural heel than face in his career.  He has this venom and intensity to him that really matches what the Aces & Eights should have been in the first place. Instead of being a whore-mongering drunk like the rest, Ken seems to really believe in the brotherhood motif of  the faction.

Recently, Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco have been patched in. While, these two are far from intimidating or credible there is at least a vested interest in them joining Aces & Eights.  The duo betrayed their mentor Kurt Angle due to the lack of respect they were getting from pretty much everybody (except from Angle actually). Ignoring the backwards logic there, these two have added a somewhat interesting spark to the faction.

Devon, Mike Knox and the Director Of Chaos (DOC); these men are the definition of blandness. Sadly, they are the foundation upon which Aces & Eights rests on. They aren’t really what the group ever needed which was a talker. They’ve already soaked up more TV time than they ever needed and their roles should rightfully diminish as new members are patched in. The trio is decent muscle at best and should be there to just look tough and protect the talkers like Anderson and Taz.

Speaking of Taz, he’s become a much needed spokesperson for the group. On commentary, Taz sides with the Aces & Eights now along with most of the heels on the roster as well. It appears that he’s a very high-ranking member but isn’t the leader. He claims that he’s working for a “higher power”.

Who exactly is that “higher power”? It’s been speculated for months upon months now. Who is the leader behind the Aces & Eights? What we do know is that in every segment in the “Club House”, there is a character called “VP” as we can all assume stands for vice president.

Unfortunately, it is rumored and almost entirely obvious that this character will be unmasked and revealed as TNA Road Agent D’Lo Brown. It’s not that the reveal would be too obvious to do but it will just simply have no heat behind it. D’Lo is irrelevant. He is just a backstage handler who’s been in a couple segments to just prove to the audience that he still exists. While it may make sense that he’s a member, it is just a pitiful reveal at its core.

However, there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. The VP doesn’t have to be unmasked as D’Lo Brown. TNA could swerve us internet fans again just like they did with the Devon reveal at Bound For Glory. The VP could be revealed as anyone. While its true that the VP has been seen on numerous occasions, I think TNA will let it slide if they pick someone with a different body shape. Honestly, we could all probably look over that continuity error as long as anyone else is revealed besides D’Lo “Midcard” Brown.

Another very positive part of this all is that no matter who the VP character is portrayed by, he won’t be the end all and be all of the stable. When there’s a ‘vice president’ there has to be a ‘president’. There is still an even higher power out there waiting to be revealed. The person who is the true leader of the Aces & Eights will either make or break the gang’s legacy in prowrestling history.

Will it be Jeff Jarrett? Eric Bischoff? A dumb swerve like its always been Bully Ray or Hulk Hogan? We don’t know yet, obviously. But TNA must make a careful decision when it comes to this final reveal. Aces & Eights are one step away from being solidified as at least a decent stable in the history books. However, they are also one step away from devastation and being inducted in a hall of infamy with the likes of Nexus and Immortal (stables that started off with big ambitions but floundered out immensely).

TNA needs to seal the fate of Aces & Eights and right the wrongs they’ve done to the stable since Bound For Glory. It’s time for them to roll with the positives; Ken Anderson and Taz’s mic skills, the muscle and the young rebels Brisco and Bischoff. Do that until the “higher power” is revealed and then we can only beg of TNA to book the Aces & Eights’ downfall effectively without smearing its already muddy legacy.

Please let me know what you guys think and who you believe will be revealed as the ‘president’ of Aces & Eights. I also want it to be known that Ken Anderson is awesome. That is all.


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  • Eric

    I’m not sure if Aces & 8s can be saved honestly. Yes, the leader and VP need to be big reveals, but it doesn’t change what they are: a midcard stable. They’re members are midcarders except for Anderson. They attack and lounge in the midcard pretty much too. I still don’t understand why Taz was put as a mouthpiece when they have mic gold in Anderson.

    If the VP and leader are to be a huge reveal then it needs to have Jarrett in it and not Eric Bischoff. Bischoff as leader screams NWO, I already see people hating it, and he’s not even supposed to be on TV IIRC and he himself has said he doesn’t want to be back on TV. Put Jarrett as leader since he’s a solid talent and has credibility. VP needs to be a big name, but not bigger than Jarrett. Why not Bully Ray? Sure, it’d be late in the execution, but he would be a damn fine fit.

    • Jaykub StalksAWitch

      Ray would be a fine fit but it doesn’t make sense at all anymore. They missed the fucking boat on what was perfect at Bound For Glory (or better yet, No Surrender). Jarrett, who realistically, is the biggest name TNA could get to be the reveal as to be the leader. The VP is gonna be D’Lo and that’s gonna suck, it just keeps up with the stupid midcard stigma that the group already has like you said.

      Anderson needs to have a better position but losing to Kurt and not doing crap the last two weeks is making him look like his midcard buddies. Taz was a nice surprise but doesn’t do jack shit but be annoying on commentary.

      If its not Jarrett or an even bigger name, the stable is fucked and set to continue to burn into irrelevancy in the midcard.

  • DJ Huk

    BROOKE HOGAN AS VP !!!! Think of it, Hogan vs Hogan: a total shocking surprise. Brooke coming out in black leather jacket, high heels and fishnet stockings, laughing in Daddy’s face after he’s beaten to a pulp (again) in the ring. Anderson is great, but he hasn’t been doing his microphone intro lately: he needs to return to it, this time throwing in Aces and Eights propaganda. And Taz is really livening up the commentary with his A&8s digs. Hey, Impact’s creative team came up with a winner with these guys, so much so that WWE copied them with The Shield. It still has great potential … all it takes is one more face (AJ Styles?) to go over into the dark side.

  • Eric

    Nice gifs

    • JacobStachowiak


  • JacobStachowiak

    This is just a test…

  • SiD

    I don’t think you can help the Aces and 8s now, unless Jeff Jarrett is the one who’s revealed…

    • Jaykub StalksAWitch


      • SiD

        Sidenote: Mr Anderson is awesome.

        • JacobStachowiak

          Agreed. Good boy, you’re learning.

          • SiD

            Jinder Mahal is god.

  • Kevin Berge

    But really though, good article. Broke down the pieces good and bad that make up Aces & 8s, and he brought home how two more pieces need to be put in place. I really hope D’Lo isn’t the VP, but it’s likely. The higher power or the president is the fun one. I expect it will be Jeff Jarrett, but, as long as it isn’t an overly ridiculous swerve or Eric Bischoff, it should be a good reveal.

    • Jaykub StalksAWitch

      Couldn’t agree with you more, I’m really hoping its Jarrett but as long as its not Easy E or a dumbass swerve for the sake of swerving, it’s gonna be good.

      Thanks for enjoying the article, Kevin.

  • Kevin Berge

    I fully agree with the sentiment that is: Anderson is awesome. That is all.

    • Jaykub StalksAWitch

      YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Berge is also awesome too

  • Judas Thundersteel

    Ooooooooh man. Trust me, I’ve kept up with Impact and all, I’m watching the same show you’re watching. However, I don’t agree with some of the opinions. I hate Taz. I hated him as a face commentator, I hate him more as a heel commentator. I read the idea of him in Aces and 8s is to be the mouthpiece of the group. I just couldn’t buy that because of my already negative opinion of the guy. Compared to Devon, I favor the Dudley more. He is a muscle for the group, but he also talks, and has gotten over well as a heel. Taz on the other hand is just another part of a line of life support for the group. As time passes, more reveals shown, I just feel this group has lived solely on the attempted shock value and/or interest in reveals. Essentially hurting the anonymity base concept of the group for the sake of getting fans talking. Devon was most successful. DOC was nice, and I feel he should at least have a higher role like in the Fall. Now, he’s by the wayside. To Knox? No, I figured he’d resemble Doc and get a quick hot run at first, but no. He was revealed, and that’s about it. Taz was shocking, I will admit that, but once he got to talked on the mic, then on commentary, the shock wore off, and I was down to Earth again. It’s my opinion, and of course one could say that a heel is supposed to piss a fan off, therefore with me, they are doing a good job. Yeah okay, but still, doesn’t make me respect or like Taz any more. He still has these horrible quirks on commentary. This past week, he didn’t even do his mouthpiece role in the ring, Devon did most of the talking, and was great.

    Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff. I admit it was smart for TNA to reveal these guys on a taped show, not wasting time in trying the live shock tactic. Why? It was so obvious those two would be in the group. After that though, their promo work this week sucked. Wes tried to look intimidating, badass, and cool. He flopped on that, and just looked like a stoned out tool. Garrett as a heel, I remember you yourself saying he should be a heel since nobody likes him anyways. It comes to pass, and it’s true, he’s who he should be, even though he continues to suck. Kevin Nash of all people criticized the group, and mentioned the heavy number of midcarders. True, and I think back to the past, when you again, you described this awesome plan of Bully Ray being the leader and all this. Ohhh, those were the days. Just to add, and it’s off topic, I know, but man. I’m losing it with Bully Ray, as I am liking less and less, his current face run. Still a talented veteran that gets over with the fans, but being part of Hogan’s family (kayfabe, but they won’t say that), kills it for me.

    The most shocking thing on this article is Mr. Anderson. Honestly, I haven’t really shot up in admiration for the guy, or really anything. He fits in the group, he seems a bit better, I agree he’s better as a heel. All that being said, I don’t value him higher than Devon actually. Devon’s time in Aces and 8s have redeemed himself from his face run as TV champion, and him and Doc are my favorites of the group. Admittedly though, I understand the opinion of Mr. Anderson and maybe he will catch my fire soon. All in all, this group is on a fork in the road. A road that has recently been tainted, leaving me to label Austin Aries/Roode and Bad Influence as the top reasons to watch Impact now. One road leads to solidification, as mentioned here, another, to devastation. Nice words.

    Now, D-Lo Brown? I only thought of him because of body shape, and not as an actual member of the group. After all, the voice of the guy is done by Eric Bischoff and effects. So that leaves the door open for Eric, or even anyone to be VP. As for this “higher” power, I immediately thought of that Ministry angle in 1999. It was me Austin! Just Taz being all happy when he said about answering to a higher power, was comical. I don’t know who this higher power will be, and of the options mentioned in this article, I’d rather it be Jeff Jarrett. Yeah, the guy thought as the leader way back in the Summer of last year. I can still think about that possibility, dammit. I hope the company thought long and hard on future reveals, because it’s best for the group as a whole. For now, I don’t like Aces and 8s. Good article though, and I felt like I got some weight off of me, finally being able to type about this group after many months.

    • Jaykub StalksAWitch

      Yeah, I’m a Anderson mark so I apologize for all that…but I think he’s really on a good path with the Aces & Eights now. Revived his direction, he’s actually on TV now thanks to it for instance.

      Glad I could relieve you of that stress, cutie pie………not gay at all…

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Judas, been so long since you commented on one of my article. I welcome you back with open arms.

  • Marc

    I feel like you just wanted an excuse to put some Anderson gifs on here.

    But in all seriousness I think it’s time for Aces and 8’s to put up or shut up. I was using the weak defense of maybe they’re supposed to always lose since they’re just thugs but with guys like Anderson and Devon that doesn’t fly anymore. The “Higher Power” needs to be someone BIG. I hope it’s Jarrett.

    • Jacob: Botches & 8s

      That is absolutely true. I also needed to get my one article in for the month and Anderson just inspired me to do it.

      I really really hope its Jarrett. He could save the angle. But it’s probably gonna be Eric Bischoff :/

      Either way, it’s do or die now. With Anderson and Taz now involved, things have to start mounting up.

  • Charlie G

    Yeah, Anderson is one of few guys who fit the ideal image of the group. Buuuut, I think Devon has been great in his role despite all the losses and poor booking. But yeah, Anderson should speak more than Devon does. And the additions of Brisco & Bischoff did add some interest, plus it gives Kurt Angle something to do…

    Haha, I feel the same way. DOC and Knox would be used best as the bodyguards to the voices of the group, or the newly patched Brisco and Bischoff. They should just walk around & look scary basically. That, or they can work as an official tag team because we all know TNA could use more teams…. That’s the only way I’ll see them accomplish anything in TNA with or without A&8s.

    And bah gawd, I reaaaaally hope D’Lo fuckin Brown isn’t the VP. Pleaaaaaase swerve us & NOT have that guy in the group. Like ya said, he’s totally irrelevant and nobody is gonna give a shit about his turn. Regardless, at least he’s ONLY the VP and there’s an even higher power than his dumbass.

    I feel like the real leader, the higher power, is gonna actually be a big name….kinda. I mean, they could use this ‘higher power’ as a big selling point for their road shows. I’ve read that some think it’s Goldberg as the higher-up & I would imagine a good amount of fans would buy tickets if TNA advertises Goldberg among names like Sting, Hogan, Hardy, Angle, and BVD for their road shows.


    The higher power will be Bully Ray or Hogan and things will just continue like they are…. Mehh.

    Good article.

    • Jacob: Botches & 8s

      Anderson fits the group so well, goes to show that he’s a very underrated star being able to adapt like that.

      DOC and Knox would be a great wrecking crew team. They could definitely be a good team when Aces & Eights ends or ever now.

      Anybody but D’Lo. Even Al fucking Snow is more relevant. I just don’t want it being a TNA employee/producer. No Hogan, No D’Lo, No Snow, No Prichard; none of them. It needs to be a guy like Jarrett or even Bischoff.

      Goldberg would definitely sell tickets but I doubt his paycheck would be worth it. He probably wants a biggillion dollars to do one appearance.

      It is really meh, hopefully, the angle takes a turn. The recent changes are helping but aren’t enough.

      Thanks, Charlie.

  • Jacob: Botches & 8s

    “Ken Anderson is awesome”. That’s what I want you guys to mostly take from this…

    • Charlie G

      I thought it was, “Thanks.” :l

      • Jacob: Botches & 8s

        No, Charlie, that’s what I want you to take from life in general.

        “Thanks”. Be thankful that you are alive to read this article, this comment. Be thankful that everyday you have indoor plumbing. Thank your mother for having low standards.

        Thank everyone and everything for me. Do it for me, Charlie, but more importantly, do it for yourself.

        Thanks. Thanks indeed.

        • SiD

          Thanks for this comment. Thanks, Jacob. Thanks.

          • Jaykub StalksAWitch

            Thanks, man.

          • Charlie G

            Sid stole your gimmick.

            Off with his head.

          • SiD

            No, thanks to you.

          • JacobStachowiak

            Fuck you. Thanks.

          • SiD

            Fuck you too. Thanks.