TNA: When Will The Aces & Eights Finally Come To An End?

Aces and 8s gifIn what was a shocker to most TNA Impact Wrestling viewers, the Aces & Eights actually won a match on this past week’s episode. The heel biker gang that’s been terrorizing the TNA roster for the past several months haven’t won very many contests to say the least. In fact, it’d be pretty easy to say that they are one of the poorest booked big-time heel stables in recent memory. While that is not necessarily true storyline wise as the group has been consistent in their intentions, motives and aesthetics; it is very clear that in the ring, the Aces & Eights have been made to look like a joke.

The group, consisting of primarily midcard wrestlers with the exclusion of Ken Anderson and Taz, have an awful track record when it comes to defeating their opposition. It also doesn’t help that the once intimidating stable are now nothing more than cowards that back down from even a 6-on-1 fight. At one time, the Aces & Eights were feared and detested; now they are still detested but no longer feared. They are just looked at as a nuisance by the TNA roster and their booking really shows it.

Now, we are quickly approaching TNA’s Lockdown ppv and the Aces & Eights are set to be a major focus of the event. With Team TNA vs. Team Aces & Eights and Wes Brisco vs. Kurt Angle already announced, the group must find a way to win both matches to earn back some credibility. This ppv has to be the turning point for the Aces & Eights or the once great army of bikers can kiss any form of relevancy or salvation goodbye.

Lockdown will determine the longevity of the stable’s run. While it’s true that this angle has already grown tired and stale, a rejuvenation can be at hand very soon. If the Aces & Eights can pull off a sweep at Lockdown and show some dominance, some genuine interest can be injected back into the group. Also, if the ‘VP’ character or even the ‘President’ (leader) are revealed soon, that could provide a much needed shot in the arm. Then again, those reveals will have to be big names and not just the obvious ones like D’Lo Brown and Eric Bischoff.

The faction is at a make it or break it point, they are just one step from solidification or devastation. If they falter at Lockdown, any possibility for it to be saved is put to rest. There would be no reason for its continuation and quite frankly, TNA should just end the angle entirely if Team Aces & Eights does not win their match.

Hopefully, Team Aces & Eights does win which would really help the angle out. So, say that the Aces & Eights come out looking strong after Lockdown, how long do they last after that? It is no secret that TNA keeps heel stables around for far longer than necessary so the Aces & Eights are going to be no different. If everything goes their way at Lockdown, we could see their final demise take place at Bound For Glory all the way in October. TNA could be planning a big pay-off at Lockdown or an even bigger on at Slammiversary that could keep this angle going for quite some time.

Whether longevity is a good or bad thing for the Aces & Eights, it is clear that it will not come to an end anytime soon. The ‘VP’ character has yet to be revealed and that should take place very soon. Obviously, the true head leader has yet to be revealed either. That final, last reveal has been long awaited and must happen at either before or at Slammivesary. If it doesn’t happen before then, the Aces & Eights would become the very definition of stale.

When do you guys think the Aces & Eights will finally come to a close? Will it happen at Lockdown or all the way until this year’s Bound For Glory? If its the latter, will the angle continue to drag on or will it finally be rejuvenation and become interesting and compelling again?

AndersondPlease let me know what you guys think. By the way, Ken Anderson is awesome. I would just like everyone to know that. That is all.