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TNA Slammiversary XI 2013 PPV Results And Review: Did The Aces & Eights Survive Their Toughest Test Yet?

This year’s Slammiversary PPV takes place in Boston, Massachusetts celebrating the eleventh anniversary of TNA Wrestling.  With Aces & Eights President Bully Ray defending his TNA World Heavyweight Championship against “The Icon” Sting in a No Holds Barred match and AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle on the card as well, this event was set to be historic.

The show opens with a video celebrating the anniversary of the company but is then suddenly interrupted by a message from the Aces & Eights. Depicting the many months of destruction the Aces & Eights have laid upon TNA, the video also features Bully Ray telling us to sit back and relax as a “The Old Era” of TNA is destroyed with “The Icon” Sting’s demise and a new destructive era shall be introduced tonight.

X-Division Championship, Ultimate X: King (c) vs. Sabin vs. Suicide


Overview: In the thirtieth edition of the Ultimate X match, Kenny King defends his X-Division Championship in the opening contest. In a spot-filled thriller of a match, Chris Sabin finally regained the crown as king of his division. On his way down from the Ultimate X cables, the title fell on Sabin and cut him open forcing blood to pour down the new champion’s face.

As Sabin made his way up the ramp after his celebration, Hulk Hogan came out and congratulated him. What was relatively well known but still a tad bit unclear, Hogan announced that “Option C” was indeed in effect and wished Sabin the best of luck when he challenges for the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

Analysis: This was an absolutely entertaining and crowd pleasing beginning to the PPV. There was a couple of very loud “TNA” and “This Is Awesome” chants and the crowd was electric the entire time. Chris Sabin was heavily predicted to win this match and he was the most deserving to as not only has he earned it after his return from injury but he is also the most capable X-division star for “Option C”.

Six Man Tag War, Team TNA vs. Team Aces & Eights

Competitors: Ken Anderson, Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco (Team Aces & Eights) vs. Samoa Joe, Magnus and Jeff Hardy (Team TNA)

Overview: After Hulk Hogan was done celebrating with Chris Sabin, Anderson of the Aces & Eights interrupted and lead his fellow soldiers into the ring. Anderson and Hogan traded words; afterwards Magnus, Samoa Joe, and Jeff Hardy came out for the Six Man Tag War.

As Hardy was making his triumphant return and climbed up the turnbuckle to pose, Anderson attacked him from behind to begin the contest. After a competitive bout, Team TNA’s experience advantage came into fruition as Hardy picked up the win on rookie Wes Brisco.

Analysis: Hulk Hogan and Anderson’s interactions were entertaining and the Hulkster was rather intense but also comical on the microphone. In the match, Bischoff and Brisco were used as tackling dummies for their opponents. Anderson, being the leader of his trio, carried his team and delivered the most offense out of the three. Bischoff performed decently but Brisco was a part of two botched Twist of Fate maneuvers from Hardy. Despite that, this was an entertaining match that put over Hardy’s return and established that TNA was ready to take the Aces & Eights to their limits.

Gut Check Tournament Final, Sam Shaw vs. Jay Bradley

Overview: Coming out to understandably lackluster reactions from the crowd, Shaw and Bradley were ready to fight it out to see who would get a spot in the Bound For Glory Series. After an average length match, Jay Bradley won with the “BOOM STICK” clothesline. Christy Hemme interviewed the winner and Bradley guaranteed that he’d win the Bound For Glory Series and that’s he’s our next TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Analysis: The crowd was not into this match and in a way, they probably weren’t supposed to. The previous two matches thrilled the crowd and this match was most likely serving as a rest period to insure that they’d be enthusiastic during more important contests later in the night.

Shaw and Bradley performed decently with the time and attention they were given but there wasn’t anything overly interesting about the match. It was a simple way to put over the winner heading in to the BFG Series.

Television Championship, Joseph Park vs. Devon (c)

Overview: Before the match, Devon and Knux attacked Joseph Park backstage and the latter didn’t come out when his entrance theme was played. Devon grabbed a microphone, taunted the crowd, and told the referee to start counting out Park.

Oddly enough, no one answered the count and Devon once again grabbed the microphone. After insulting the Park brothers, Abyss came out to the ring and Abyss vs. Devon was officially started. After a short contest, Abyss was able to overcome Knux’s interference to defeat Devon and win the TNA Television Championship.

Analysis: The longest reigning TV Champion in TNA history, Devon, has finally been dethroned in a nice surprise by “The Monster” Abyss. While not a great match by any means, it was compelling in its own right as another new champion is crowned and Aces & Eights lose yet another contest to further how they have never been tested like this before.

Tag Team Championship, Fatal Four Way Elimination Tag Match


Competitors: Chavo & Hernandez (c) vs. Bad Influence (Daniels & Kazarian) vs. Dirty Heels (Roode & Aries) vs. James Storm & Gunner

Overview: After a video that greatly put over Gunner’s return and new pairing with James Storm, the three challenging teams all enter first waiting for the champions to arrive. Chavo and Hernandez, as per usual, came out to a non-existent reaction from the crowd.

After some long competitive action, Bad Influence are eliminated first via disqualification then shortly after Chavo & Hernandez are eliminated via pinfall. Down to Dirty Heels vs. James Storm and Gunner, the latter team won the match and are the new TNA World Tag Team Champions.

Analysis: In rather surprising fashion, Gunner and James Storm whom are a brand new tag team beat the three established teams in the division. The crowd was on fire in this match and was actually quite elated when Chavo was pinned and guaranteed that there would be new champions. Also, during the match, Storm and Roode continued their dynamic of former betrayed tag partners which always proves to create good storytelling.

The match was action packed and each team had their moment to shine, it was a long competitive contest that the crowd loved. Many thought Gunner would turn on Storm or his partner wouldn’t be able to wrestle due to his injury, but those doubts were put to rest as the newly formed team are now the champions.

Last Knockout Standing, Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell

Overview: A recap video is shown featuring Gail Kim‘s recent destruction of fellow Knockouts and her feud with Terrell that has been ongoing for almost the entire year. These two Knockouts brought the fight to each other, even receiving several “Holy S***” and “This Is Awesome” chants from the crowd after some nasty spots. In clever storytelling irony, Terrell even locked on Kim’s signature figure four leg lock around the steel ring post which gave her opponent a taste of her own medicine.

Terrell then hit a huge cutter on Kim from the ring entrance ramp all the way to the ground below. Kim wasn’t able to make the ten count to continue the match, her rival rose to her feet at the 9 count in victory.

Analysis: This was awesome as the crowd said. This is what women’s wrestling can be; this was incredibly intense, physical and very entertaining. Simply put, this was the best women’s wrestling match of the year and possibly the past couple of years as well. These Knockouts deserve praise for this match and TNA deserves credit for this outstanding women’s rivalry which really had the perfect climax.

Grudge Match, AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle

Overview: The newest inductee into the TNA Hall Of Fame, Kurt Angle came out first to challenge “The Man Who Walks Alone” AJ Styles. Coming out to his new theme “Evil Ways”, Styles entered dramatically and eerily which flustered Angle and the crowd. “The Phenomenal One” stared into Angle’s eyes and launched himself at his legs to take him down starting the match. After a long back and forth match, Kurt Angle rolled up Styles to win the match.

Analysis: Though the match was absolutely great, Angle winning here doesn’t make too much sense. Styles, a huge part of TNA’s direction right now, could have used the win more as Angle quite frankly didn’t need the win at all. Angle isn’t going anywhere higher in TNA’s mainevent echelon, while Styles would have used this win as a proper stepping stone heading into the road to Bound For Glory.

World Heavyweight Championship No Holds Barred, Bully Ray (c) vs. Sting


Overview: Before our mainevent, Bully Ray announced that not only will he be beating Sting tonight but he will defeat him with the legendary banned piledriver maneuver. After both men were in the ring and their introductions were finished, Sting hit the Stinger Splash quickly on an unaware Bully Ray to kick off this fight.

Mid-match, Brooke Hogan came out to check up on her husband whom she is having conflicting emotions for. After Sting pleaded for Brooke to go back behind the curtain, Bully regained the momentum of the match and eventually hit the piledriver that he promised to deliver. Sting surprisingly kicked out of it and even kicked out of a huge powerbomb through a table.

The champion Bully then exposed the wood underneath the canvas in the ring and hit yet another devastating piledriver on Sting. But yet again, “The Icon” surprisingly kicked out of it.

Sting eventually restarted his offense and hit a Scorpion Death Drop on Bully on the exposed wooden floor. However, before he was able to cover Bully for the three count, the Aces & Eights attacked Sting and provided a distraction.

Somehow, Sting was able to wipe his way through all the members of the Aces & Eights except one. Ken Anderson quietly sneaked a hammer to Bully, and as Sting was flying off the top rope, the President of the Aces & Eights hit his rival with the weapon.

Anderson and Devon picked up Ray, and the celebration began. Bully Ray retained his TNA World Heavyweight Championship and it was truly “The End Of An Old Era” and the creation of “The Era Of The Aces & Eights”.

Analysis: This match was beautiful. Thanks to the introduction of the piledriver coming into play, Bully Ray and Sting were able to create a wonderful story in the ring. It was violent and physical as the match type called for and it greatly delivered on its promise of being a very entertaining mainevent.

Bully Ray winning proves all the doubters of TNA wrong, the company can indeed pick the right man to win in the right match. This wasn’t about Sting but more about Ray’s ascension as the biggest villain in prowrestling today. It was an absolutely great mainevent.


Final Thoughts: The Hall Of Fame announcement in which Kurt Angle was inducted was simply amazing. Angle displayed some powerful emotion that sold the honor of being an inductee. Dixie Carter‘s involvement and the video package made in tribute to Angle’s TNA career were also classy and well done.

There were a few interviews conducted including one with Brooke Hogan, Bad Influence, and Dirty Heels; each segment did their job either hyping up their upcoming match or advancing a  plot in Brooke’s case.

This was a near flawless wrestling event. The Boston crowd, as expected, was great and sold the show very well in their own right. As opposed to the past, there wasn’t any noticeable technical mistakes all night which shows how TNA has greatly improved in that department. Also, despite a few bad lines from Taz, the commentary team was solid and were not a nuisance like they are sometimes weekly on Impact.

The stories and rivalries TNA had been displaying heading into this PPV were an entire year in the making. Every match delivered what it was supposed to, even the Gut Check match did its appropriate job. Besides Kurt Angle beating AJ Styles rather oddly, this would have gone down as an A+ perfect PPV but we may never see that in this new era of professional wrestling. But if you wanted an example of a near perfect mainstream wrestling show, then you ought to use Slammiversary XI.

Grade: A

Leave your thoughts on the event and this review done below.


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  • Brett Chandler

    Slammiversary was pretty great. Every match was solid. I’d give it an A-.

  • Charlie Groenewegen

    Dat opening video with Aces n 8s was amazing.

    30 Ultimate X matches & Sabin has competed in 15 of them now…. bah gawd, that’s amazing. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again; TNA needs to make a DVD about the history of Ultimate X w/ all 30 matches included. 10/10 would buy.

    Originally, I said Bradley/Shaw should kick off Slammiversary, but Ultimate X was the perfect way to begin because of the high spots to fire up the crowd and get started with the “TNA” and “This is awesome” chants. Suicide looked really fuckin awesome in this match (like a video game character… Skill like Spiderman, dawg) & I hope TNA kinda moves the spotlight towards him after Sabin cashes in. I didn’t see when Sabin got cut, but he was bleeding bad…

    Austin & Paul, via Twittah, said that Hulk Hogan stole the spotlight/Sabin’s moment…. can you believe that?! I guess being called the ‘future of this business’ by the biggest name in pro wrestling history means nothing nowadays… Hogan put over Sabin really well & watching Sabin pursue the TNA World title that’s in Bully’s possession should be really good.

    Hogan’s promo was good because of his intensity & the whole 6-man tag was good. Hardy looks really different, but still competes really well. Anderson, Joe, & Magnus also delivered like you knew they would & I’m starting to get high on Garett Bischoff… Wes Brisco on the other hand…… learn to sell a goddamn Twist of Fate, Jesus, that looked so stupid.

    Annnnnd that’s the reason why I think Ultimate X was actually the better way to start the PPV. The crowd, understandably, didn’t care for Bradley or Shaw. Decent match, but I was upset we didn’t get to see 1) Bradley’s big boot, then brush his boot off on the top rope or 2) Shaw front flipping through a backbody drop :( ….besides that, decent match & Bradley was the right guy to win. Should be fun watching him in the BFGS.

    The attack on Park was pretty good, but the way Park slide his bloodied hand down that door was scary good. Shades of Crimson at last year’s Slammiversary by Devon with the, “You start countin’ and if he doesn’t show up, I win!”

    Abyss’ appearance was kinda mailed in IMO. Devon blatantly calling out Abyss and whatnot…. I would’ve liked it better if, as the ref was counting Park out, that’s when Abyss arrives. Anyway, it was a decent match… nothing too special, but it’s cool seeing Abyss get a 2nd chance with the TV title and hopefully this reign is better than the last (Crimson stabbed Abyss with Janice, Abyss was injured for a month, but remained champ in that time until TNA stripped him of the title :l)

    Another thing — They should get a thicker wig for the Abyss character. The current one seems just…. too unrealistic. There’s, like, 4 long strands of hair and it’s easy to see through that & see the short hair underneath. But that’s just a minor complaint. I could live with it being as is.

    Kurt Angle being announced as the 2nd inductee into the TNA Wrestling HOF was kinda surprising (even though I wrote about it) and it was an all-around feel-good moment. The video package was great & them showing Kurt’s reaction to it was great as well. I already said that I plan on buying BFG 2013 on DVD just for Angle’s actual HOF induction ceremony. Well-deserved induction & you gotta be fuckin crazy to argue against it.

    LOL at TexMex getting booed… And I had thought that both members would have to be pinned/submitted to be eliminated, but turns out I thought wrong. Only one member needs to go down for the team to go down, which was probably better with time and whatnot. And YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS new tag team champions in the form of Gunner & James Storm, collectively known as “Gun Storm”. Good to see Storm working seemingly perfect even the reported injury & Gunner is a fuckin ANIMAL!! Loved how he kicked out of the corner drop kick, Double-R spine buster, AND 450 combo move. Amazing.

    And at 1st I wasn’t a fan of his Torture Rack, but now, just because it’s called the “Gun Rack” (fuckin badass name, haha) I like it. I wonder about the longevity of Gun Storm, but I’m hoping TNA can make em stick for the time being. Gives both guys a direction & adds some more teams to the dire tag division.

    Holy shit is right…. Taryn vs. Gail was incredible. Their long running & heated feud had a major pay-off in this match & it deserves all the praise it got AND MORE. Easily the best women’s match of the year (and probably best women’s match of the last 5 years or something like that). Taryn was really out to prove herself and goddamn did she do just that. TNA set the bar high for what their KOs are capable of with this match, so it’ll be interesting to see how they follow up. I loved every second & every chant during this match. Gail diving head first into the chair in the corner, Taryn nose diving onto the stage, and the final cutter from the stage got a “Holy shit!” outta me & got me standing outta my seat from home.

    AJ’s new theme was really cool.. The match was great (holy fuck at the top rope german suplex in which Styles landed on his feet, but was them belly to belly’d into the turnbuckle). I guess we’ll have to see what Angle’s win will do for/to both guys this Thursday…

    Another amazing match and, I would say, instant classic. I loved it & didn’t think it was really overbooked — all of Sting’s kick outs only fueled his desire/story to become TNA World Champion and kill Aces n 8s off once and for all. Brooke’s appearance was surprising, but I’m glad it was just limited to her standing on the ramp in awe.

    I hate those who bash Sting just because he’s in his 50’s, but he more than likely proved them wrong here. He can still go, and I hope he does. Sting fighting fire with fire (cheap shots with cheap shots (dem low blows, haha)) against the rest of A&8s was awesome and there was a few times where I honestly thought Sting was going to win. The main event was just awesome…

    And I don’t even think Kurt was trying to sell anything during the HOF announcement. That all seemed genuine — taken aback by Dixie announcing his name, then excited as he walked to the ring, then emotional as they recapped, basically, his entire life. Great moment & well-deserved by Angle.

    I would say Slammiversary XI was perfect. My only complaints are this: 1) Brisco can’t sell a Twist of Fate, hahaha and 2) I think it would’ve been more special to show the video package of Angle, then announce his name & bring him into the ring. That’s all. Slammiversary XI was perfect, A+ IMO. Loved every minute of it.

    Slammiversary really set the bar high for BFG in San Diego later this year.

  • Kevin Berge

    Ultimate X – This match didn’t reinvent the wheel, but it was fun to see. Each man had a great spot in the match. Suicide was particularly athletic and fluid in the contest. Chris Sabin’s win was great to see as his final redemption plus he then got to be put over by Hulk Hogan. Some people made it sound like Destination X was coming back. If it is, that’s awesome. If not, Sabin/Ray should still be awesome. Overall, the show was started off hot with a fun match with a very crowd pleasing finish.

    Six Man Tag – This was as good as it could be considering the restraints put on it. No one was bad in this match, but the TNA guys were a bit uncaringly dominant at times. The ending was a bit nonsensical, but it was a fun match regardless.

    Shaw/Bradley – I liked seeing Jay Bradley win, but this was a bit too unaffecting of a match. I was hoping these two would take this chance and just run with the biggest match of their careers, but they were a bit too slow to me. The finish felt almost too easy. The one real poor spot of the night.

    Devon/Abyss – Not a great match but a great story accompanied it to the point where it didn’t matter. This wasn’t meant to be a great match, but it was supposed to convey that story. Abyss as champion brings up all kinds of fresh angles for the TV Title while explaining better its lack of times it is defended.

    Four Tag Team Elimination – Man, as if my list of best TNA matches of 2013 wasn’t already just headlined by matches for the tag team titles, now I have another one. This was crazy and exciting from start to finish. It was a bit hard to follow at times and slightly disappointing due to my Crimson prediction being wrong, but those are small things. This was just a lot of fun to watch, and the rise of Gunner was fun to see.

    The KO Match to End All KO Matches – This was incredible work by the two Knockouts. Gail Kim hasn’t wrestled a match this well since 2008 when she battled with Awesome Kong. That’s selling it short though. This was one of the best female wrestling matches I’ve ever watched live. WWE has seen anything like this since 2006 when Trish Stratus retired. Gail Kim seemed to be leading this match, but Taryn Terrell held her own and helped this match shine even though she needs to learn to sell better. It was crazy good. Match of the night? Nearly.

    Angle/Styles – So this was the expected match of the night. It was supposed to steal the show, and it may have done it despite elevated competition and a weak finish. I hate when people use the term weak finish, but, to me, this was the definition of that term. AJ Styles did not need a loss right now, his second match back. That would have been maybe fine if Angle beat him with something more definitive. Instead Angle used a double leg takedown into a roll up, and that was it. No follow up. It was such a mistake for an otherwise really well wrestled match that showed the little things that make these two great in the ring.

    Ray/Sting – I loved the story of this match. The way that Sting kept rising up after all the build up saying that the entire night centered all his previous title shots was beautiful. It showed how much losing meant to him and how much he needed to win. The action was intense and well structured. The ending hurt it a bit as the interferences just kept coming. It felt a bit overbooked, but it was still a good match with an incredible tale to tell.

    The Hall of Fame announcement was well done even though Kurt Angle’s induction feels just a tad bit early as he’s still an active wrestler. The interviews were all good. The crowd was solid. At times, it was incredible. Other times, it was a bit underwhelming, but it sold the right matches perfectly.

    While WWE’s Royal Rumble this year was great and I gave it an A as well as easily WWE’s best event this year so far, Slammiversary was easily the best show of the year. It was an A at a WM level. Truly spectacular, near perfect. TNA delivered tonight.

  • Sean Linhares

    What the fuck…..How’d you get this out so quick…..Anyway, I’ll leave a nice juicy comment for ya, cuz there’s plenty to discuss.

    1) X Division bouts will forever be the best way to open of the show, and tonight continued that tradition. Crowd was hoppin for it from the get-go. Overall, I’d say it absolutly delivered in my eyes. Sabin winning was an awesome moment, and Tenay sold it beautifully. By the way, Tenay is an awesome commentator. Sells everything great IMO. Suicide was the MVP of the bout for me, everything really revolved around him and he really, really strutted his stuff. SOMEONE SIGN TJ PERKINS. The one thing that kinda let me down was Kenny King. He wasn’t BAD but I feel like he was kinda forgotten in the match. It is what it is, but I’d like to have seen a bit more from him. Awesome way to kick off the show. Hogan coming out was misinterpreted by the lesser minded people as him stealing the spotlight, but it couldn’t have been farther from that IMO. Hogan gave the dude the biggest fucking rub EVER. Bah gawd, he flat out told the fans to cheer him. HOW IS THAT NOT A RUB?!?!?!?!!? Ugh, fans really got on my nerves tonight.

    2) Hogan is lucky as hell that Boston really reacted positively to him being a bit…..intense (?) tonight. I personally was dying laughing during him and Andersons exchange, mostly because a slightly husky old man in sketchers was calling younger wippersnapers pussies and bitches. BTW, apparently me and you are the only people on Earth who think ANderson has been on a role lately, so yeah……. Match was good obviously, although the finish was predictable as hell. Poor Brisco got his ass totally beat late in the match by Joe and Magnus lol.

    3) Smart placement now that you bring up the rest period idea, didn’t think about it. This match was just kinda there IMO. Not bad, but not good either. Should have probably been on next weeks Impact, so it had just a week to build up a bit more and FEEL more important. You dig? I’m ok with Bradley winning, even if I don’t really like him. Shaw will get the call up eventually, especially w/ the new X DIvision rules, which I still love.

    4) I would have much rather had Joe Parks stumble to the ring, then Abyss-up BROTHER, and go bannanas on Devon and win. That’s really just nit picking though, cuz I wanted to see Joe Parks celebrate with the belt. The way TNA went with it probably worked better, cuz I have no idea how they’re gonna wrap Parks into Abyss’s title reign. Honestly, I’m really fired up to see how they do it, as that storyline has really been well done IMO. Also, I thought Devon could be kicked out of the group at this point on Impact this week, as Bully somewhat hinted towards it last week by saying that EVERYONE, including Devon, was at risk. Obviously, that was made up later in the night. Average match with some cool consequences that’ll come out in the coming weeks. I’m down.

    5) I marked so hard when TexMex lost lol. Was honestly shocked, and pleased, that Gunner and Storm won. They showed some excellent chemistry together throughout the bout, but due to Storms injury, I was borderling positive they weren’t gonna win it. Apparently Storms is good enough to compete weekly though (he tweeted he was 75% after the match, which I consider to be pretty good), so he won the belt. Him and Gunner are a duo I can see really working well off each other, even if I would rather see Storm with a World Title around his waste. This is a good way to build up to that though, I guess, cuz The Cowboy has to do SOMETHING till then……sigh. So talented, yet so misused. Damn good match.

    6) Seriously, why was this match so awesome. It doesn’t make sense. WWE’s divas division has really, really, really killed womens wrestling, as most fans look at that and think that, obviously, ALL womens wrestling is that poor, cheap, and shitty. TNA’s KO’s though, don’t dig that stereotype, and Taryn and Gail proved it. Many are saying it was MOTN, and on a PPV that featured as many well done matches as tonight, that’s ridiculous. Womens wrestling can make a show a whole lot better if done right, and everything in this feud has improved TNA IMpact. Hats off to both wrestlers, I was marking throughout the contest. Easily the best womens match of the year.

    7) AJ’s entrance was all types of awesome, although I’d like the music to be sped up just a teeny bit. I dunno, just a little too slow for my taste. Anyway, not surprisingly an awesome match. Felt a bit different than most of their past contests, probably due to the mood being, I dunno, darker? It just came off as a bit of a different match this time around, and that isn’t a bad thing. The Back to Belly spot was one of my favorite all night, and I popped for it big time. I didn’t LOVE Angle winning, nor how he won, but it is what it is. Didn’t nearly ruin the show or nothing, but it just made Styles look a bit weak too early, although it could further drive him into isolation, which ain’t all bad IMO. I dunno, looking forward to Impact to see what’s next for AJ.

    8) Why Brooke? Seriously, I still don’t get her semi-random appearance. Anyway, the pile drivers were, not surprisingly, awesome. The kick outs were even better, even though they were weak as absolute fuck. I mean bah gawd, the one after Sting went threw a table wasn’t even a kick out, he just moved his elbow. I thought Bully tearing apart the ring was awesome, as it’s rarely, if ever, done, and it really played into Aces & 8’s being ruthless killas. I personally liked the finish, as it also played into A&8’s being total thugs who cause chaos. Sting put Bully over in a way that I ain’t seen since Foley, and dats a fact jack.

    9) I wasn’t a huge fan of Angles induction at first, mostly due to the fact that he’s still a freakin full time guy. I mean, that’s like inducting Lebron James into the NBA HOF, Derek Jeter into the MLB HOF, Tom Brady into the NFL HOF, or JTG into the WWE HOF bah gawd. However, as he showed more and more emotion and everything, I softened up and was all like “Dis is aheavy stuff. Tanks Kurt”. So yeah. Still thought it should have been Jeff Jarret, but I’m ok with Kurt now. Basically same feeling as last year, just too soon for the guy to go in. Crowd was good throughout.

    Overall, I gave the show an A+, 10/10, and 5 stars. Every match was good-great, which is quite rare. Bah gawd TNA is rolling heading into the summer. The announcement about Destination X returning was HUGE, and should be a great thing, as there’s a LONG time between now and BFG. Really, really amped for Impact this week, as tonights show set up freakin beautifully for this entire Summer. Big golf clap to TNA for tonight, 3 awesome hours.

  • Ryan Frye

    I plan on going back and re-watching this show soon, hopefully tomorrow, because there was too much awesomeness to try to digest in one 3-hour window.

    Umm… Suicide looked very fluid and fast in the opener. TJP does a great job under the mask, and of course I’m pumped for Sabin winning. Sabin/Bully could be great and really make Sabin come out smelling like roses.

    All the matches were pretty good, with the Kim/Terrell match stealing the show and the two main events (Angle/Styles and Ray/Sting) living up to their lofty expectations. My only complaint is that Angle won, but I’m hoping that means Styles/Angle continues before being concluding with a BFG Series match (maybe they could meet in the finals?)

    With all the kickouts, TNA had me scared to death that Sting was going to win haha. Luckily that didn’t happen.

    Lastly, since I didn’t really know where to stick this in, Abyss winning the TV title was a nice surprise. More of a legit champ than Park, despite the fact that I love the guy.

    Nice review Jacob, and you got this thing out amazingly fast.

  • Josh Rushinock

    Other than Angle and stuff, I loved it. Every bit of it. Even the women stealing the show was something I marked for. 10/10, would watch again.

  • Paul McIntyre

    It was awesome. 10/10. Every match met or exceeded expectations, and that’s saying a lot given just how f*cking much this site hyped the whole PPV.

    Bravo, TNA. You magnificent bastards.