TNA News November 30, 2012: Details on the Pay-Per-Views Being Scrapped by TNA

It has recently been reported by multiple professional wrestling dirt-sheets that Total Nonstop Action, or TNA, have decided to scrap a few pay-per-view events to keep their product fresh, and to make their PPVs special, and get more views on each event. Lately, rumors have been flying about the events that TNA would be scrapping. TNA has been producing great television as of late, but it has constantly struggled with ratings, and pay-per-view buys, but will that change now? reports:

According to Wrestling Observer, the planned PPVs to be scrapped are February’s Against All Odds and September’s No Surrender PPV. With Lockdown now taking place in March, eliminating these two PPVs would allow extra time to build to both Lockdown and Bound For Glory. Without No Surrender, the BFG Series finals would have to take place on an episode of IMPACT next year. There is no word on if there will be other PPVs scrapped along with these two.

As the news report said, if No Surrender and Against All Odds are scrapped, it would give more time to build up Lockdown and Bound For Glory, which are TNA’s biggest events. This seems fine by me, but there are a few complications. Having the BFG series’ final match on an IMPACT show will result in an anti-climatic ending of one of TNA’s biggest concepts. Also, the X Division Champion gets a World Title match at Destination X, and if the X Division champ wins, the rematch would have to take place on the biggest night of the year instead. Anyway, TNA need to reduce more of these events to keep their product fresh (and so should WWE), and thus, here are the six events I would keep in TNA (in no particular order):

  • Genesis
  • Lockdown
  • Destination X
  • Bound For Glory
  • Slammiversary
  • Victory Road

Of course, all these PPVs can have a two month gap, so that new feuds can be built, and existing feuds can be promoted more. Right now, TNA seems to be in the best of shape (entertainment wise), but more ratings and buys would certainly help this 10-year organization.

What are your thoughts on this news? Which events would you like to see in TNA? Sound off below, and continue to visit for your latest news and opinions.