TNA: Possible Candidates To Who Is Behind The August 1 Warning, Coming To Impact Wrestling

Yesterday, TNA posted on their youtube and twitter channels a video of a warning that a mysterious man will be debuting on next week’s episode of Impact Wrestling, August 1st. There already is a buzz among fans as to whom is behind the mystery.

First of all, to better determine the possible candidates, the video must be analyzed. It starts off saying that the tape of the video was delivered to TNA offices and is in no way endorsed by the company. The blurred figure states that he does not work for TNA or Spike TV and that this is a warning for his arrival. He (at least we can assume its a male) continues claiming that he has a personal vendetta that must be solved come August 1st. In the closing of the video,  the man states that he wants all the fans to start guessing who is and he has succeeded in that aspect.

When analyzing the appearance of the figure, some would determine that he is bald which if true would narrow down the possible suspects. Furthermore, any candidate would have to fit the “personal justice” vendetta that he declared he was on and not be currently employed by TNA or Spike TV.


The first wrestler that really fits those characteristics would be none other than “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce. The near two decade long veteran was cheated out of an Impact Wrestling contract by the Gutcheck judges and the all around incompetence of the concept. The crowd was clearly devastated and aggravated that he was turned down for a contract in favor of Magno whom Pearce had beat the previous week.

It’s no secret that Pearce is getting up there in his age so his time to shine on television should hopefully come soon enough. His fans were elated that he would finally get a chance and appeared on Impact Wrestling only to get cheated out of it. He fits the vendetta, appearance and contractual obligations of this role perfectly. He should be the number one suspect on everyone’s list.

Low-KiWith the expansion of the X-Division and with TNA President Dixie Carter stating that new and returning talent will be brought in, the next candidate has a strong case. That man being former X-division Champion Low-Ki. Homicide, Sonjay Dutt and Petey Williams were some of the former stars that TNA brought back recently and Low-Ki certainly is in the same league as them. While he doesn’t fit the personal vendetta storyline, he certainly fits the appearance and contractual requirements.

Also, Low-Ki having his voice altered would make sense due to him almost never talking previously and having a very distinct voice. TNA wants to bring in stars from the past to join the X-Division and he’d be another perfect candidate, only thing creative would have to do is determine why he has a “personal justice” that needs to be rectified.

An odd candidate but still a likely one would be DOC, the former Director Of Chaos for the Aces & Eights. He previously left TNA due to failed contract negotiations so he fits the bill for not being employed by the company. Furthermore, he holds a grudge against his former group which could serve the meaning behind why he has a vendetta. It’s obvious but he also fits the appearance of the August 1 Warning figure perfectly.

In a less than serious way, some fans are even throwing out names like ROH’s Davey Richards and even Bob Holly as possible suspects. However, the previous three mentioned above are the appropriate top three candidates for who could behind this mysterious new debut. We’ll have to wait and see who it is and TNA has now made their upcoming show on Thursday that much more of a must-see episode.

Let me know who you guys think could be TNA’s new mystery man.