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TNA: Possible Candidates To Who Is Behind The August 1 Warning, Coming To Impact Wrestling

Yesterday, TNA posted on their youtube and twitter channels a video of a warning that a mysterious man will be debuting on next week’s episode of Impact Wrestling, August 1st. There already is a buzz among fans as to whom is behind the mystery.

First of all, to better determine the possible candidates, the video must be analyzed. It starts off saying that the tape of the video was delivered to TNA offices and is in no way endorsed by the company. The blurred figure states that he does not work for TNA or Spike TV and that this is a warning for his arrival. He (at least we can assume its a male) continues claiming that he has a personal vendetta that must be solved come August 1st. In the closing of the video,  the man states that he wants all the fans to start guessing who is and he has succeeded in that aspect.

When analyzing the appearance of the figure, some would determine that he is bald which if true would narrow down the possible suspects. Furthermore, any candidate would have to fit the “personal justice” vendetta that he declared he was on and not be currently employed by TNA or Spike TV.


The first wrestler that really fits those characteristics would be none other than “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce. The near two decade long veteran was cheated out of an Impact Wrestling contract by the Gutcheck judges and the all around incompetence of the concept. The crowd was clearly devastated and aggravated that he was turned down for a contract in favor of Magno whom Pearce had beat the previous week.

It’s no secret that Pearce is getting up there in his age so his time to shine on television should hopefully come soon enough. His fans were elated that he would finally get a chance and appeared on Impact Wrestling only to get cheated out of it. He fits the vendetta, appearance and contractual obligations of this role perfectly. He should be the number one suspect on everyone’s list.

Low-KiWith the expansion of the X-Division and with TNA President Dixie Carter stating that new and returning talent will be brought in, the next candidate has a strong case. That man being former X-division Champion Low-Ki. Homicide, Sonjay Dutt and Petey Williams were some of the former stars that TNA brought back recently and Low-Ki certainly is in the same league as them. While he doesn’t fit the personal vendetta storyline, he certainly fits the appearance and contractual requirements.

Also, Low-Ki having his voice altered would make sense due to him almost never talking previously and having a very distinct voice. TNA wants to bring in stars from the past to join the X-Division and he’d be another perfect candidate, only thing creative would have to do is determine why he has a “personal justice” that needs to be rectified.

An odd candidate but still a likely one would be DOC, the former Director Of Chaos for the Aces & Eights. He previously left TNA due to failed contract negotiations so he fits the bill for not being employed by the company. Furthermore, he holds a grudge against his former group which could serve the meaning behind why he has a vendetta. It’s obvious but he also fits the appearance of the August 1 Warning figure perfectly.

In a less than serious way, some fans are even throwing out names like ROH’s Davey Richards and even Bob Holly as possible suspects. However, the previous three mentioned above are the appropriate top three candidates for who could behind this mysterious new debut. We’ll have to wait and see who it is and TNA has now made their upcoming show on Thursday that much more of a must-see episode.

Let me know who you guys think could be TNA’s new mystery man.


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  • Anonymous

    jimmy hart

  • Anonymous
  • Khorrorfannva

    I looked it up on wikipedia. It’s Hardcore Holly. If you go to his Wikipedia page it says he is revealed as the man behind the August 1 warning on TNA….

    • Anonymous

      it also says on holly’s page that it was at one night stand. when that match was at hardcore justice

  • Anonymous

    Bob holly , low ki , or even the great muta he is bald and tna has a knack for putting wrestlers past there prime back in the spot light spitting in the face of the real workers of the company

    • Jacob Stachowiak


  • Anonymous

    Guy in the video in the second message is saying that he is not Batista,but that he has beat Batista…All you need to know is who were the guys who beat Batista and make sure that guys are not singed for any company…..But my opion is the guy in the video could be Big Show…

  • Seisa23

    Head/ear shape, cocky attitude… Is Matt Morgan still signed with TNA? Haven’t seen him since The Cowboy didn’t pick him as tag team partner.

  • Logan

    Its DOC I’m pretty sure.. I mean I dont want it to be.. but wtf ever

  • ejendn

    bobby lashley

  • Hulk hogan

    Scott Steiner has a TnA grudge

  • T Bell

    Its Goldberg…I him him in Starbucks yesterday and after an autograph he asked if I had been watching TNA (odd thing to ask) I replied no. .. he said if your a fan of mine you should. I laughed it off but now it makes sense. …

  • Anonymous

    Tyson Tomko

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone think of a way that the alarm clock going off is any relative?

    • Anonymous

      For any doubts that it’s Adam Pearce… Just look and his Twitter account.

    • Jacob Stachowiak

      Davey Richards has a finisher called alarm clock or a variant of that.

  • Anonymous

    Its John Cena

  • Anonymous

    What about Shelton Benjamin?

  • Anonymous

    It’s Dave Batista !!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    It’s Bob Holly ,

    • Jacob Stachowiak

      No, dammit!

  • Marc Yeager

    First, like everyone else said…if the debut is this quick TV is where it should’ve been.

    Second, I don’t really want it to be Pearce. I don’t know, his Gutcheck performance wasn’t exactly mind blowing and that’s all I really have on him is that.

    Third, Low Ki/Senshi would be cool…but that’s more of a pipe dream I think.

  • BaneBoglin

    It’s Bad Bones John Klinger. 100%. Take it to the bank.

    • Jacob Stachowiak

      The weird online Gutcheck guy? UGH that’d suck.

  • Anonymous

    “You looking at the real deal now!” D’Lo Brown!

    • Jacob Stachowiak

      I don’t. I don’t even know how to respond to this. Just no….please no.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure it’s probably DOC. He’s going to start some vendetta against aces and eights for not making him vp and the tengo on had been building for a few weeks. For example, the battle royal they had where he wouldn’t lose to Anderson and then not getting the vote from Knox. This would also explain Taz’s absence from the show. Tenay and Birash have been casually dropping comments like “where is raz?” for the last two weeks. He hasn’t been seen since he voted for DOC and he lost. So my assumption is that it is DOC coming for revenge against aces and eights with Taz in his corner. But I’m also really hoping for Shelley. Probably not, but still hoping.

    • Jacob Stachowiak

      That makes a lot of sense. I hope if its him, he’d have Taz with him too. That’d just be cool

  • Anonymous

    That face and ear combo looks very familiar – I think they belong to either Hardcore Holly or Bobby Lashley!

    • Jacob Stachowiak

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I liked Hardcore 10 years go but please no and Lashley would only be worse.

  • Brendan.Kennelly

    its alex shelley think about it Sabin has become world heayweight champ and shelley is not under a tna contract so its gotta be shelley

    • Jacob Stachowiak

      He doesn’t fit the physical thing at all but damn that would be awesome. Sabin vs. Shelley or a variant of that. I think he’s having too much fun in Japan though. Plus, I think he doesn’t want to be back in TNA again from what I last read.

  • Anonymous

    Looks good…. But if he’s going to debut so soon, it really should have been on T.V… Pierce would be cool… But really as a person that grew up on TNA I’m sorta hoping it’s Low Ki but not excited about DOC…. Didn’t really see a future for him after Aces and Eights

    • Advait Jhaldiyal

      That’s me Advait… I got logged out for some reason

  • sajdasjkcfskjd

    Ready for this one? It’s none other than…BOBBY LASHLEY. Lashley can fight for Bellator and TNA and go after Rampage Jackson for a cross-promotion angle.

    • Jacob Stachowiak

      No………..that can’t be……..THATS IMPOSSIBLE!!!! Please don’t happen *crosses fingers*

  • charliegroenewegen

    Yeah, like errybody else I kinda wish TNA had aired this on TV. Would’ve brought more attention to the whole thing & whatnot. Besides that, I got no idea who it maybe but I am interested…

    It being Adam Pearce would be cool & he could play off his Gut Check failure. I’m kinda meh on Low Ki so it’s whatever. If he shows up, cool. If he doesn’t, cool. I’d like to see DOC comeback & continue his story w/ A&8s but this seems too soon for him and they maybe making it too big of a deal too soon (the whole DOC vs. A&8s thing). I don’t really see how it could be Davey Richards… that’d be awesome though. As for Hardcore Holly, mehhh, he’s better off doing the one night appearances. The last thing TNA needs is a 50 somewhat year old Bob Holly under official contract.

    Of those mentioned, I think Pearce is most likely. But who knows, it could be Monty Brown for all we know (okay, it isn’t Monty Brown but c’mon…) I’m just glad we don’t have to wait an extended period of time just to see who this person is. The reveal is this Thursday so that’s good. (I’ve read possibilities like Pearce, Low Ki, Doc, Holly, Abraham goddamn Washington (PLEASE NO), and even Suicide (would be vry cool, but vry unlikely). Should be interesting to see who it really is this Thursday).

    Sabin vs. Manik, August 1 Warning guy, & fans vote on which BFGS matches they wanna see. Seems like another good episode.

    • Jacob Stachowiak

      Yeah, errybody in the club wants TNA to have showed that on the air. I of course agree, but I think this was completely a spur of the moment thing.

      • Anonymous

        quit complaining about them not showing them on tv. you know that we will see all of the videos probably several times and the reveal of who won’t be until towards the end of the show

  • Sean Linhares

    I really really really am putting my money on Adam Pearce. It looks and sounds like him a tad if you really listen, plus it’d make so much sense considering his Gut Check no was just a horrible fuck up. Low-Ki would be interesting, but wasn’t he like, retiring two weeks ago or some shit? Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing who it is, should be an interesting program.

    TNA iz dying! Brings in new talent. TNA iz still dying!

    • Jacob Stachowiak

      TNA is dying DUH, haven’t you readed the newspaper sheets of dirt?

      I had no idea that Low-Ki was retiring or anything. Josh would know that the best and he didn’t seem to bring that up. Either way, should be awesome…if its no one stupid.

  • Kevin Berge

    It definitely looks like Adam Pearce which would be a great addition for TNA as they finally pay off their Gut Check failure. (Still waiting for Ivelisse to join A&8s) That said, I wish they had promoted this more on air. It seems a bit sudden. I just hope they develop it with an interesting debut.

    • Jacob Stachowiak

      Still freaking waiting on that Ivelisse pay-off too…maybe one day…one day..

      Now that Prichard and D’Lo are gone, the Gutcheck failures can be avenged and Pearce can re-debut.

  • Ryan Frye

    I wish they would’ve put this vignette on TV, that way more people would see it and possibly tune into watch next week simply out curiousity. Nonetheless, it’s pretty mysterious yet exciting to see that TNA is indeed bringing in new talent. Out of the guys you mentioned, Pierce seems most likely to me as he fits the description perfectly, with Low-Ki being least likely (not counting Davey Richards or Bob Holly.) I could see it being DOC, but that’d be awful sudden since he just left like 2 weeks ago.

  • Josh Rushinock

    I think Low-Ki is having way too much fun in Japan, so I don’t think it’s him. Really, really hope it’s Adam Pearce.

    • Jacob Stachowiak

      Him and Alex Shelley can stay there in Japan then :(