TNA No Surrender: Why Bully Ray Is Bound For Glory

Bully Ray has certainly had an illustrious career when it comes to championship gold. He was one half of the greatest tag team champions of all time with his on-screen half-brother Devon. The duo have won almost every well-known tag team title there is to offer in the industry compiling 23 championship reigns.

But that book has closed. Devon has left TNA and the two are finally separated from each other. Over the last year, Bully Ray has set out to not only prove Devon was the weak-link of their team but also that he can survive and thrive as a singles competitor. A new book has opened, as Ray would say, one that is entitled ‘Bully Ray: World Champion’. He has had some shots at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship during his new, fresh singles run. However, he has come up short until possibly now. At No Surrender, he will shine in a light like his career has never had before. He will be the spotlight and he will prove victorious. He will defeat James Storm and he will defeat the winner of Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy. He will go onto face Austin Aries at this year’s Bound For Glory in the mainevent of one of the biggest shows the company has ever had.

Why will accomplish all those goals? Positioning.

After months of speculation whether or not Ray would resign with TNA, he officially has and look where its gotten him. Before all the madness began, Ray was down in the dumps in the Bound For Glory Series. He was jobbing out and living up to his nickname ‘The JobZilla’. However, something seemed to change. Over the last month or so, Ray has been an almost unbeatable force. He has defeated the likes of James Storm, Rob Van Dam, Samoa Joe, and Jeff Hardy clean. That’s right, he has beaten them cleanly. If that doesn’t show that management is behind him and was buttering him up to resign, then I don’t know what will.

In TNA video packages, he along with his opponents put him over as the legit toughest man on the roster. He is being built like an intimidating force which his look absolutely fits. He also has a great story going into No Surrender and Bound For Glory. The world heavyweight championship, no matter what company he has wrestled for, has always alluded Bully Ray. He blames Devon for tying him down and forcing Ray to carry the team. Now that the dead weight has been shed (Devon and more than a few pounds off of Ray), he is free to do as he pleases and to accomplish what he desires. There’s nothing more that he wants then the World Heavyweight Championship.

Bruce Prichard ‘predicted’ Bully Ray to win the BFG Series in the Before The Bell  video for No Surrender because and I quote:

“I’d have to pick Bully Ray. Because he’s the toughest. He’s the most focused. And Bully Ray probably wants it more, with the exception of James Storm, than anybody else in the Bound For Glory Series.”

 Austin Aries vs. The Aces & Eights

This might be just a theory but I feel as though Bully Ray is the leader behind the Aces & Eights. It’s all about positioning and Ray is in the perfect spot for the role. Lets get some bullet points on why I believe he is the mastermind behind this group:

  • Aces & Eights have not singled out and attacked Bully Ray.
  • Aces & Eights actually helped Bully Ray win the tables match at Hardcore Justice via distracting James Storm and Jeff Hardy.
  • Bully Ray’s look and gimmick fits well with the Aces & Eights style and mentality.
  • On two occasions, one being when he saved Brooke Hogan and the other being after Aries was attacked, Bully Ray charged the ring and Aces & Eights fled immediately.
  • He has spent months accusing James Storm of being the leader behind the group. He also questioned if Joseph Parks knew anything about the group this past episode of Impact.

I firmly believe that Ray will defeat James Storm in their match at No Surrender. Whether he does it clean or possibly by a long-awaited attack by Robert Roode, he will walk out victorious and move into the final match. Then it gets very interesting. Whether he is facing Samoa Joe or Jeff Hardy, I think Ray will get help from the Aces & Eights in order to win. Then when it comes time for the World Champion Austin Aries to face the ‘Arm Breaker’ of Aces & Eights, Ray will come down to ‘save’ Aries. He will turn on Aries and be revealed as the leader. He used the group to get ahead in the Bound For Glory Series and to weaken Austin Aries.

The build going into Bound For Glory would be amazing if this were to happen. Ray would look so dominant with his group of thugs backing him up while the younger, better Austin Aries is beaten down and broken going into Bound For Glory. Could make out to be a fantastic storytelling mainevent with Aries having to overcome insurmountable odds to retain his title. In the end, the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived will not be able to over come Ray and the Aces & Eights. He will put up a wonderful effort but Ray will finally accomplish the one thing that alluded him his whole career.

Bully Ray: TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Now, it is time for me to win the world championship and piss the entire wrestling world off. I can’t wait to sit back and see the look of horror on people’s faces when I come out wearing that TNA World Heavyweight Championship belt. That’s when they realize, right then and there, ‘Holy Crap, we could not stop him.’

Let me know what you guys think about Ray’s chances at No Surrender and what will happen if he indeed is Bound For Glory.