TNA News: “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero Wins The OVW TV Title, Does It Spell A TNA Return For Him?

Elijah TV Champion

At Ohio Valley Wrestling’s TV episode number 734, “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero returned and captured the OVW TV Title. His arrival was booked as a surprise and it looks as though he was introduced as Elijah Burke as opposed to his TNA name but that isn’t official yet.

Though this could simply mean The Pope is appearing solely for OVW, it does create the interesting implication that he could return to TNA Wrestling. Obviously, OVW serves as TNA’s training camp and if officials were to be impressed in Pope again one thing could lead to another. Would he get a fair shake this time around and possibly be used better? That is debatable as is the argument that TNA didn’t use him to his fullest potential when they had him.

Regardless of how the company were to use him upon re-debut, this is great news to any fan that was dying to see him return as it’s one giant step closer to that point. It won’t happen over night and we might not see him in TNA until a couple months down the line if ever but the door should be open as the company could use another contributor to its dwindling midcard.

Whether or not this could lead to a return, Pope being once again featured on a weekly program should be a great thing for his supporters nonetheless. Here’s hoping that he enjoys his time in OVW, has a solid reign with the TV Title which mind you is almost near impossible if you follow the company and that TNA keeps an open mind when considering his potential return.