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TNA News: Hulk Hogan Wants to be TNA World Heavyweight Champion

Don’t bother rubbing those eyes “brother”, you read that title right. After almost three years with the Nashiville based organization Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, Hulk Hogan has made a declaration that he desires to be the TNA World Heavyweight Champion – after one more knee surgery, that is.

In a Christmas themed interview with The Guardian newspaper online, “The Immortal” listed the four things he wants for Christmas above anything else. Alongside his youth, a 747 Jet Airplane and a full head of hair, Hogan stated he was coming for the TNA World Heavyweight title:

“I’ve had eight back surgeries, I’ve had knee replacements, I’ve had both hip replacements. I only need one more surgery – to fix my right knee – then I’m going to go for the TNA world title. I want to be 59 years old and be the champion.”

Lets be completely truthful and honest here – who didn’t see this coming? When Hulk Hogan put pen to paper on his TNA contract three years ago, we all knew there’d be that miniature voice somewhere deep inside his body telling him, “Screw these young jabronis, jack! You can become World Champ, brother!”

So lets take heed of The Hulkster’s words. Lets envision the 59-year-old Hulk Hogan with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship belt draped across his shoulder, preparing to defend it against guys half his age, almost forty years after he originally entered the professional wrestling business.

And you know what? I say make Hulk Hogan TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Lets ignore what we presume here and look at the facts. Hulk Hogan is the biggest name appearing on Impact Wrestling week in and week out. Hulk Hogan is still recognized as a pop culture icon, despite his few mainstream media scandals. Hulk Hogan is a proven draw, don’t believe me? Highest rated edition of Impact is the night Hogan debuted.

So hypothetically speaking, Hogan wins the TNA World Heavyweight Champion at a pay-per-view. Would people believe it? Would the fans of old or casual viewers believe when they hear the news that Hulk Hogan, at 59-years-old is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion? Probably not. So to find out for themselves, what would they do? They’d tune into Impact Wrestling.

It has similarity to when Terry Funk won the ECW World Heavyweight Championship at their first pay-per-view, Barely Legal. If wrestling fans hadn’t heard of the pay-per-view, they heard that Funk had became champion and it hooked peoples attention. And much like Terry Funk, if Hogan is gifted the championship, he can’t keep it for long.

In an ideal world Hogan wins the title, then after a month of promoting himself, it and the TNA brand, he drops it at a pay-per-view to someone younger and with a bit of momentum. Not only will have Hogan helped boost the TNA brand name, but the ratings will surely gain some pop from it and then by dropping it, the hope is that fans would stay tuned each week to Impact Wrestling.

It’s going to be entirely subjective based on who you are and your opinion on the man known as Hulk Hogan. But with this news, it seems as though Hulkamania is lookin’ to run wild, one more time.

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  • Austin Robinson

    Ugh. No. Simple as that. Don’t let Hogan’s ego get in the way of a company that is actually getting better. That is a slap in the face to guys who have worked hard to get this far like Bobby Roode and Austin Aries. This company has been on its way up for a year or so, actually getting better, by having new concepts like Open Fight Night etc. Now, you’re going to throw all that out into the garbage, and lose a new viewer of TNA like me, to give the title to a 60 year old man who has both hips replaced and has had more surgeries than years I’ve been alive. I will not watch TNA anymore if Hogan wins the belt. I have been watching it for about a month and will stop the minute Hogan wins. It is ridiculous that they would even consider it. Just don’t do it TNA. Please.

  • Charlie G

    Believe it or not, but I actually wouldn’t be 100% against the idea. Sure, fuck it, let’s experiment.

    Give Hogan the title, but don’t make it like, “LISTEN HERE JACK, I’M COMING FOR THE TNA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, BROTHER!” because that would be too….. almost embarrassing. To blatantly state that he’s going for the belt against the likes of Hardy, Aries, Storm, Roode, Bully, etc. is too unrealistic.

    If possible, book it almost as if Hogan has no other choice or, if anything, he wins the title almost by accident this way it wouldn’t seem so obvious that TNA just gave their top prize to a 59 yr old with more surgeries than the entire roster combined.

    Give him a brief, I mean brief, reign preferably around one of the lesser PPVs in my opinion. Maybe have Hogan win at Sacrifice (Career vs. title would be fitting of the PPV name), then main event & lose it at Slammiversary.

    That way, he gets the reign, you run the experiment, maybe ratings & buy rates will jump, maybe not, but at least they can say that they tried.

    I wouldn’t be against the idea, but it’s a risky one that writers will have to dance their way around. And, if they try it, the rest of the card (Knockouts, X-Division, Tag Teams, Mid-card, top talent, etc) MUST be geared into 110%. That way, IF/when casual fans tune in, something other than this 59 year old hasbeen could catch their eye & maybe keep their attention.

    Besides that, internet fans are gonna be beyond pissed off about this, and maybe some media outlets will poke fun at it & how the 59 yr old is the top guy in the company.

    If all else fails, maybe (I fuckin hope, it’d be badass & hilarious) Austin Aries could knock Hogan out with a Brain Buster then force him to submit with the Last Chancery, or Bully Ray can lay the Hulkster out with a Bubba Cutter (OK, that’s 100% wishful thinking haha).

  • Billy Weber

    I agree with you on it could put butts in the seas, but it might turn the hardcore fans away from seeing Hogan holding the belts and not guys like Storm, Styles, or Daniels.

  • Eric

    I…understand that Hulk with the belt can be beneficial. Hogan is the honestly biggest in TNA. There’s no denying that and you’ve mentioned that TNA’s highest rating came when Hogan debuted. Hogan helps the company in terms of name recognition. Multiple times I’ve discussed Hulk Hogan and always mention that he’s in TNA. Meanwhile the people I’m talking to have never even heard of TNA. So business-wise and financial-wise I see why Hogan could be World Champ…..

    I personally don’t agree with it however. He’s old as hell, stale, and not the same anymore. He sucks up TV time and he can’t even work a match anymore. I feel that it’d be a shame for a young, viable World Champ like Roode or Storm to have to give up their title to Hogan.

    • Jason “Dragon Saga” Patrick

      Terry Funk was in his fifties when ECW gave him the World Championship. All he did was wrestle one match, and he dropped it. But within that space of time Barely Legal sold a ton of VHS tapes and Paul Heyman attributes Barely Legal making a profit to giving Terry Funk his final moment in the spotlight.

      Here is the thing about Roode and Storm… they don’t draw. If they did TNA wouldn’t be getting 1.0 ratings, their average wouldn’t be 0.98 which is just over one million viewers. I’m not saying Hogan holds the title for 365 days, I’m saying hes given the title, holds it for a month and due to his name and status fans will tune in to see it for themselves, that is when TNA uses the young guys to draw them in even once Hogan drops the title. Like they should have done on the Impact he debuted but instead used guys like Hall, Nash and Waltman.

      It’s called a nostalgia reign, and it can work.

      • Eric

        I’m not disagreeing that it’s beneficial to the company nor that it isn’t a reasonable Idea. I just personally wouldn’t enjoy him as champ.

  • Marc

    I don’t see it. Sure he is a major draw, sure he’s maybe the most recognizable name and face in the industry not named John Cena but what he isn’t is in any sort of shape to put on a World Title caliber match without completely destroying the champ. Say Roode is champ, he and Hogan can’t physically have a long match because Hogan is a fossil. So Hogan has to beat him quickly, thus making Roode look like the guy who got beat easy by a has been. I think the negatives far outweigh the positives in this situation. But Dixie is dumb enough to pull the trigger to make Hogan happy because she hasn’t realized yet he’s done effectively jack shit for the company besides one highly rated episode.

    • Jason “Dragon Saga” Patrick

      Yeah, reread the report. Hogan’s going getting new surgery so he can be in shape to compete. And also, exactly how isn’t Hogan in shape now? His arms are probably bigger than your entire body.

      Also if you think Hogan has done jack shit for TNA as a brand name, in-terms of promoting and publicizing you have absolutely no clue and probably shouldn’t be commenting on this at all.

      • Marc

        And it’s done what for them as a company standpoint? They’re in pretty much the exact same place as far as viewership. For god sakes they can’t even get a TV ad to air during a show that isn’t theres.

        • Jason “Dragon Saga” Patrick

          I guarantee had it not been for Hogan, TNA wouldn’t have gone to the UK last year. Their in the same place as three years ago due to the mistake of bringing in guys who nobody cared for when they should have hit the iron while it was hot off Hogan’s debut and used the young guys instead of the “household” names.

          But this could be a second opportunity. And on the advert thing, that’s not Hogan or Dixie’s fault it’s Spike TV’s.

  • Jacob Is Santa