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TNA News: Eric Young Signs Contract Extension with IMPACT Wrestling

For months now, it’s been rumored that fan favorite, “EY” Eric Young was on his way out of TNA. With the recent success of his own television show, Off the Hook: Extreme Catches, it was very believable that EY would soon leave the company.

On Twitter, Eric himself had confirmed the fact that his contract was due to expire very soon, and reports were that both parties were not close to reaching a new deal.

On the Thanksgiving edition of IMPACT, many fans thought that they may have seen the last of Eric Young. Shortly after the yearly turkey suit challenge match, the gang known as Aces & Eights brutally attacked EY with their trademarked hammer.

EY was stretchered from the IMPACT Zone and, the following week, said to have a shattered ankle as result.

Only moments ago, Eric Young once again took to Twitter to break the news that he has, in fact, resigned with TNA. EY tweeted the following:

Just resigned with Impact Wrestling. A great day and when I get better ill come back better than ever!!!!!


Eric Young is a former X-Division, TNA Tag Team, TNA TV Champion, and is one half of the current reigning Knockouts Tag Team Champions with ODB. He’s easily one of the most popular wrestlers in the IMPACT Zone and, as a long-time EY fan, I couldn’t be happier to hear this news.

Congratulations to Eric Young and TNA.

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  • Eric

    Good to hear for the fans and EY. I’m pushing for EY and a face Magnus to team up with Team TNA!

    • Charlie G

      That’d be badass. Sting (If he resigns), Kurt Angle, Joseph Park, Magnus, & Eric Young teaming up to face A&8s at LOCKDOWN…. If those reports are true about the planned Lethal Lockdown match, I feel like A&8s will need A LOT more star power (Not no-names like Garett Bischoff, Wes Brisco, and even D’Lo)

  • JacobStachowiak

    fucking great…now those awful KO tag titles will still be carried around….fucking hell.

    • Charlie G

      He said his cellphone was eaten by a shark, hopefully his KO Tag belt will be eaten next time around…

  • Brett Chandler

    Good to hear. EY is a great talent, but I hope that this Aces and 8s attack helps him get a little bit more serious.

    • Charlie G

      I agree. EY is great at any role he’s been put into in TNA. Great heel, great face, always gets a reaction, and could work a match & a microphone. I like the humor at times, but I’m also hoping the attack leads to a more serious side of EY.

      Real quick on commenting, btw. I like it haha