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TNA News May 12, 2012: “The Blueprint’s” TNA Dates Conclude, Possible Return to WWE?

Matt Morgan is known by most as “The Blueprint.” Standing 6’10” tall and weighing in excess of 300 pounds, you can see why he performs under the moniker.

Since signing with TNA/Impact Wrestling in August 2007, we’ve seen the former accomplice to Team Lesnar and stuttering bodyguard to Carlito Colon become one of the most prominent big men going in the sport today.

Proclaiming himself “The Most Genetically Jacked, Athletically Stacked Giant Walking Today” Morgan has had three reigns as TNA World Tag Team Champion including holding the title on his own, plus he reigned as Ring Ka King Heavyweight Champion for a month, but it seems as though Matt Morgan’s time on Impact Wrestling has wound down.

According to several reliable sources, Matt Morgan has run through his contractually obligated dates with the promotion and will now sit on the sidelines until his contract expires, hence Thursday night’s attack at the hands of Bully Ray and disparaging promo directed towards Morgan from recent rival Crimson, who pronounced “The DNA of TNA” as “underachieving” and that he has amounted thus far a “disappointing career.”

So with that, the rumour mill has begun speculating on Matt Morgan’s future and unless you’ve hidden under a rock for the past several months, Matt hasn’t exactly denied he’d have an interest in re-joining his former employer. In a podcast interview last month with Pro Wrestling Torch, Morgan gave strong indicators that he would consider WWE once his contract expired, saying he is a “businessman first and foremost.”

When quizzed on if he’d make a return to the WWE, Morgan replied, “To say I wouldn’t go back would be dumb on my part and it would be a lie,” and that WWE had already “expressed interest” in his services.

Morgan turns 36 in three months. After a five year absence from the major league promotion, he has shown the intelligence to not insult or slander the WWE, almost thriving under the suspicions that he may make a return to his first home. And let’s be realistic, taking into account his major improvement since we last saw him on WWE television, in the ring and on the microphone, with his size being brought into the equation, WWE would be naive to withhold their attraction to this man.

He has all the tools to progress in this industry. Big man, great look, charisma. Have you seen the Direct Auto Insurance adverts? Marketable name, “Matt Morgan” just sounds like a name you’d associate with a Champion. Hulk Hogan stated in an interview last summer with ESPN that Matt Morgan could “lead Impact Wrestling into the promised land.”

Whether Matt Morgan completes the transition from TNA to WWE in the near future or not, we’ll have to wait and see. But in my personal opinion, if he does complete the switch, this is entirely TNA’s loss and WWE’s gain.

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  • Judas Thundersteel

    I won’t say “YES!” It’s too easy. I will express satisfaction, because I thought right away from what happened at Impact, that he was getting written off. If all this stuff is true, then it feels good to be right. Anyways, this is very interesting. I figured Matt Morgan would take the world title from Jeff Hardy at late 2010, but like all world title main events, TNA does screwball finishes that hurt Morgan’s chances. It made me mad, especially when the Final Resolution match apparently had Morgan wrestle a messed up Jeff Hardy (not Victory Road 2011 levels, thankfully). Morgan has shown to be a good solid in ring competitor, and nice on the mic. I didn’t know he was 36 though.

    Take the age and his ring work. First age: look at Lord Tensai. He’s in his 40s, went to WWE, knowing that they are on the “less is more” mentality, despite the hard road life. Morgan, at 36, might favor that, which ties into his ring work. Morgan generally has been in a land of smaller guys. Because of that, his ring set was focused on selling for guys, catching up in athleticism, but not a prominent role of being what he is: a freaking giant. That’s not his fault though, because with TNA, he’s expected to work a different pace. In WWE though, they’d look at him, and book him more as a giant, thus making him a dominant force to pay attention to, and ultimately, replace Kane and Big Show. Actually, this just came to mind. When Johnny Ace and Eve kept saying that there isn’t demand for a 40 year old, giant, freak of nature, that could tie into replacing Big Show with Matt Morgan. A younger, more agile competitor, he’d immediately come in under Johnny and Eve’s supervision, and hell, enter a feud with Big Show. Seeing as how Show’s feuds are more even when he faces a big guy (ask Mark Henry for the early part of their feud), it’s not out of the realm of possibility to see Morgan put over clean by Show, unlike putting Bryan over clean (sadly in a realistic sense, it wouldn’t work so hot).

    I like Morgan, and if he stays in TNA, they better reward him for staying, otherwise it’d be the same stand-still he’s been going through for about a year. Not even a Crimson issue would help him. In WWE, it’s a fresh start, and the glass ceiling could be broken there. It’s all speculation on my part, and this is ultimately a wait and see issue. If he stayed in TNA, I wouldn’t be surprised. Whatever his decision is, I hope he’s happy and content with it.

    YES! YES! YES! Temptations!

  • JacobStachowiak

    TNA Marks are saddened, I am sad which makes the site sad. You don’t like me when I’m sad. haah

  • JacobStachowiak

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