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TNA Lockdown PPV 2013 Recap And Review: Did The Aces & Eights Finally Prove Their Dominance?


This year’s Lockdown ppv event takes place from San Antonio, Texas featuring the biggest American crowd TNA Wrestling has ever drawn.

The show begins with a very well done intro putting over the many months of Aces & Eights’ supposed dominance and how its all coming to a head at this event. After all the losses and poor booking, can the Aces & Eights become a strong, credible force again and finally prove their dominance over the TNA roster?

X-Division Championship Match, Kenny King (c) vs. Zema Ion vs. Christian York

X-Division Championship Match

Overview: This match opens up the show and the large crowd is already enthusiastic and lively. After a couple unfortunate botches and some exciting spots, Kenny King retains his title cleanly with a pin-fall victory over Christian York with his “Royal Flush” finisher.

Analysis: Despite a few awfully noticeable botches at the very beginning, this match delivered the usual fair of post six-sided ring X-division action. The three competitors worked with what little they were giving to tell a story by making up for it with exciting and well executed spots to keep the crowd interested. However, there was a clear lack of in-ring chemistry between the three and York, as per usual, was particularly slow in execution. Kenny King wins clean and solidifies himself as the X-division champion, something which his actual title win didn’t really do for him.

Joseph Park vs. Joey Ryan

Overview: After a brief interview, Joseph Park takes on Joey Ryan in the least build match of the ppv card. Ryan cuts a promo to draw heat from the San Antonio crowd and promotes how supposedly large his manhood is. Park fires back to get the crowd on his side by saying “San Antonio Rocks”. Ryan gets a cheap shot in as Park’s back is turned and the match starts. After a competitive and comedic bout, Joseph Park comes out on top.

Analysis: For having absolutely no build going in, this match lived to its first expectation; a comedic, fun bout to put over Joseph Park. If there was one thing to complain about, it’s the unnecessary amount of time this match took up. It did not really need to be as competitive as it was, however, it did its job for a match that was solely done to put over Park’s continuing endeavor to become a full-time wrestler.

Knockouts Championship Match, Velvet Sky (c) vs. Gail Kim

Overview: The original Knockout and longest reigning Knockouts Champion in TNA history, Gail Kim comes out first to take on Velvet Sky. As usual, Gail Kim argues with Taryn Terrell before the match begins to further portray the tension between the two. After a quick paced and fairly action packed bout, Velvet Sky wins after Taryn, fed up with the challenger’s antics, attacked Kim to help the champion retain.

Analysis: This was a very good match for current day Knockouts standards. The tension between Gail Kim and the referee Taryn Terrell was displayed very well. Velvet Sky did a good job in this match and she’s showing that she has definitely improved in the ring. For a match with little interest going in, this match delivered as well as it probably could have.

Bros Turned Foes, Rob Terry vs. Robbie E

Overview: In the first of what could be the last match of this heartbreaking and tear jerking feud, Rob Terry turned his former “Bro” Robbie E into his “ho” as the latter would say.

Analysis: Rob Terry, who is still being billed as “Robbie T” debuted a new entrance theme, looked very intense and really sold how much he wanted to pound Robbie E into the ground. “Little Rob” tries to plea with Terry to let bygones by bygones and even hugs him. To be honest, this is a real saddening moment as Terry rejects the embrace and the “Bromance” that once was is no more. Robbie E used his speed well to keep this match competitive as he was facing a strong but slow opposing force in his former “bro”. Eventually, as was expected, Rob Terry conquers his smaller opponent and beats him with a huge spine-buster. This match could have been better but, as it seems, it was solely done as a bout to put over Terry.

Tag Team Championship Match, Aries & Roode (c) vs. Chavo & Hernandez vs. Bad Influence

Triple Threat Tag Match

Overview: Chavo & Hernandez come out to a lukewarm reaction even despite the Hispanic friendly crowd in San Antonio.  Following them is Bad Influence then the champions Austin Aries with his formerly “missing” tag team partner Bobby Roode. After a long competitive wrestling display, Aries and Roode steal the win after blindly tagging in after Chavo hit a frog splash on Christopher Daniels.

Analysis: To no surprise, this was a very good match between six good wrestlers. As unfortunate as it is, Chavo and Hernandez were the main focus of the match but it made sense as they were competing against two heels teams. There could have been more interaction between Aries and Roode and Bad Influence but what we got to see was very good. The action really picked up at the end of the match as finishers were teased and the finish kept every team strong while keeping the belts on Aries and Roode.

“The Era Of Dominance Continues” – Austin Aries

Steel Cage Match, Wes Brisco vs. Kurt Angle

Overview: After an awesome video package summarizing this feud and Angle’s intense passion for wanting to make Brisco pay, the rookie Aces & Eights member is introduced first. Surprisingly, Brisco came out confidentially and even tried to out-wrestle Angle at the very start of the match. Eventually, this became a beat-down on at the hands of Kurt Angle as Brisco would only get in a few shots and moves occasionally. After Angle escaped the cage without the knockdown referee seeing, D’Lo Brown assaulted Angle and dragged Brisco out of the ring for the young Aces & Eights member to get the upset victory.

Analysis: The commentary and video package sold Brisco’s nervousness and how intimidating the situation he was about to enter was. While Brisco could have been more competitive in this, it wasn’t expected of him. In no way could Brisco have won this match fairly, and the way TNA booked it was possibly the only realistic way he could defeat Angle. Though Angle could have played up the “revenge beat-down” motif better by really brutally beating Brisco, that is one of the only real complaints this match should bear.

Lethal Lockdown Match, Team TNA vs. Team Aces & Eights

Competitors: Sting, Magnus, James Storm, Samoa Joe, & Eric Young (Team TNA) vs. Devon, Ken Anderson, Garrett Bischoff, DOC, & Knux (Team Aces & Eights)

Overview: In storyline brilliance, Aces & Eights send out cage match veteran and former two-time World Heavyweight Champion Ken Anderson out first to represent their team inside the steel cage. To counter, the first member to enter for Team TNA is the young stud Magnus. Anderson and Magnus talk trash and get to brawling, this was a great setup to start the match with two of the best wrestlers of the teams.

Anderson MagnusKnux joins Anderson in the cage and the duo begins to exploit their numbers advantage. Anderson seems to be having a lot of fun in the ring, even dropping a leg drop on Magnus to mock the TNA General Manager, Hulk Hogan.

Anderson leg dropSoon after, Samoa Joe comes out and lights up Anderson and Knux to even up the odds. Former tag team champions, Magnus and Joe are now in a two-on-two situation which they have quite a bit of experience being in with each other. Garrett Bischoff, out to chants of “You Can’t Wrestle” from the crowd, runs into the cage just to get destroyed by the fluent team of Magnus and Joe.

As soon as Team Aces & Eights get their advantage back, “Showtime” Eric Young comes out and takes down each member of his opponent’s team with some very fast paced offense. Things quiet down and Devon, the captain of this team, comes out to put down any bit of momentum Team TNA had since Young’s arrival. James Storm enters fourth for his team and annihilates anyone in his path until the Director Of Chaos makes the last entrance for the Aces & Eights. The biker gang celebrates as if they’ve already won only to be ended by the entrance of Sting, the captain of Team TNA, who brings trashcans full of weapons.

The veteran of Lethal Lockdown, Sting, goes to town on his rivals with an arsenal of weapons including his baseball bat. At this point in the match, Team TNA is largely in advantage and is practically destroying the opposing team with weapons and a vicious amount of offense. This absolute beat-down seems to last forever as Aces & Eights are losing hope fast and are looking defeated. However, as a glimmer of hope, Anderson was able to take advantage of Sting after a mis-communication with Eric Young.

When the momentum is split, there is a huge “Tower Of Doom” spot that set the crowd on fire. Sting takes down Knux and Eric Young dives off of the steel cage to hit Knux with a huge elbow drop for the win.

Analysis: Arguably the most hyped up match of the entire event, this battle did not disappoint. This match was great, however, having the Aces & Eights lose is an awful booking decision. Team Aces & Eights needed to win this match, to say the least. This group had almost no credibility whatsoever left after this match but the mainevent may very well have changed that.

World Heavyweight Champion Match, Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Bully Ray

Overview: After a long contest, in front of a torn crowd and a good number of great spots, Bully Ray turned heel and joined the Aces & Eights. Bully Ray would then win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship for the very first time in his career.

Analysis: Though it may have been expected, Bully Ray turning on Hardy and joining Aces & Eights was a great sight to see. Ray is a far better heel than face and Aces & Eights really needed this to regain momentum, especially after losing the Lethal Lockdown match. It was a great match but an even better finish with Bully Ray ascending to the top heel spot of the company with an entire faction behind his back. The crowd would eventually throw trash into the ring to show the counter arc between Bully Ray joining Aces & Eights with Hulk Hogan joining NWO years ago. It was a very good storytelling segment and gave this angle a huge shot in the arm.

Bully Ray

Final Thoughts:

There were several interviews conducted with heel and face competitors before each match as is customary on TNA PPVs. All, which includes interviews with Bad Influence, Robbie E, Austin Aries and Kurt Angle, were well performed and setup their individual matches decently. Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim fought backstage, as well, continuing their feud.

In what was also a very good segment, Hulk Hogan and Bully Ray really sold their new father-son relationship as Hogan gave his new son-in-law a vote of confidence and stated that he thinks Ray can lead TNA into the future as a great World Heavyweight Champion. Also, D’Lo Brown gave a motivational talk to his fellow Aces & Eights brothers and put over how this was the night that they’ve been waiting a long time to come. No complaints for this segment, it was a simple setup to show D’Lo as the leader (as of right now) and to display the groups desire to prove themselves.

Bully Ray champDespite the large crowd, the audience was only decent but that could be pinned on TNA for a lack of investment in storylines. So, all in all, the main motif of this event was whether or not the Aces & Eights could prove their dominance? The answer to that is definitely yes and quite frankly, the group has now hit their rather shallow peak with the reveal of Bully Ray as the President of the group. TNA Lockdown 2013 was a very good ppv that could have been great if it was built up better. Hopefully, Slammiversary will be hyped up far better and people should be excited for this Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling to see the fall-out from this event.

“This Is A Whole New World” – Taz

Grade: B

Leave your thoughts on the event and this review down below.


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  • DJ HUK

    Beautiful writing: this is just what A’s&8’s needed, a big card wrestler joining the gang. Plus, you’ll get the soap opera conflict of Brooke Hogan devastated by the loss of her man. So does this mean that Bully Ray was behind that exploding wedding scene a few episodes back? I had guessed AJ would join the gang, but it’s true, Bully Ray is a better heel … and it could also mean teaming up with Devon again for future tag team action: Oh My Brother, Testify!!!

  • Brett Chandler

    Now that I finally want to comment…

    King vs. Ion vs. York was a great match. I would have liked somebody faster, younger and more agile in York’s place, but that’s my only nitpick with this match. It was fast-paced incredible action which is what the X Division should be. Kenny King winning was a given. This match wasn’t about who would win, but how Kenny King would win and how he won was a bit abrupt and awkward. Also, I’m surprised Kenny King didn’t end up breaking his neck while springboard off Zema Ion.

    Joseph Park vs. Joey Ryan was an entertaining match. Ryan heeled it up nicely before and during the match which was nice to see since his TNA run has been lackluster so far. Park winning was logical and expected, but I wish they would have called his finisher Case Closed instead of The Closing Argument. :(

    The Knockouts Championship match was what it was. Not five stars obviously, but it was serviceable and the Texas crowd popped huge when Taryn Terrell (who is my friend, by the way) attacked Gail Kim. I’m not sure who the next challenger for Velvet Sky is, but I hope it’s a heel Mickie James. Good effort by both ladies.

    I can’t comment on the next bout, bro. I hate to see Bro on Bro violence. :(

    Good triple threat tag team match. Hernandez really stood out to me in this match, but Chavo was #MEH for the most part except for his suplex flurry. The match got stronger as time progressed, like you said, and I was surprised at how everything Bad Influence did never really had a big impact to the match. At least it felt that way to me. Roode/Aries retaining was good and I feel as if the two, along with some new teams, could really rejuvenate the TNA tag team division.

    I expected more from Brisco vs. Angle to be honest. The match started off nicely with Angle outgrappling Brisco, but it just turned into punch, punch, kick, kick, low blow afterward. I didn’t expect Brisco to win, so that was a nice shocker. D’Lo Brown also had to make his presence felt at Lockdown and he did it in this match. The finish was cool, I guess, but I would have liked to see Brisco coming out a bit stronger and not like a gigantic pussy.

    Very good Lethal Lockdown match. I was surprised to see DOC enter last for the Aces & Eights. Knux finally had a chance to display his abilities here and he didn’t disappointing. He didn’t exactly excel either, but it wasn’t bad at all. The uber Tower of Doom spot was FUCKING AWESOME and the finish with E.Y. jumping off the cage and delivering dat elbow drop was really cool. Great match.

    And finally we get to the main event. Quite a good match from Bully and Hardy. Garett and Brisco’s interferences were meh, but the way Bully threw out Bischoff made me laugh. Bully’s top rope sitout powerbomb looked flat-out nasty and could have easily given Jeff a concussion, but it did not. I marked out for Devon handing Bully the hammer and then him smashing it over Hardy’s back. Three seconds later and Bully’s the new World Champion! BAH GAWD! What a great moment with the fans throwing shit in the ring as well.

    I am officially excited for a new era of Impact Wrestling/TNA and this was a great way to kick it all off. It’s also a great time to be a wrestling fan right now with WWE, TNA and ROH presenting very good products. A B sounds just about right.

  • Brett Chandler

    B sounds good for what was a very good show and a great way to kick off a new era of TNA. I’ll post a longer comment better when I, yeah.

  • Charlie G

    I loved the X-Division opener, and the in-ring action made me forget that TNA treats the whole division so poorly. King’s botch was scary & I instantly thought he had broke his neck or had gotten seriously injured and wouldn’t go on. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case and he managed to pull through after such a dangerous spot so early in the match.

    And, for a guy who hasn’t been on TV since January, Christian York is pretty over. I like it. I would say that he’s slower than King and Ion, but I think he also looks more cautious in the ring. Not like he’ll dive into something head first & hope for the best, but seems to play it safer than Ion & King.

    Speaking of Ion, was he on point in this match or was that just me? He was spectacular! Despite the predictable outcome, I was pulling for Ion majority of the match. I slightly marked out when York reversed King’s Royal Flush into a pin & almost became champion, but King retained in a really fun X-Division opening match. Lots of cool spots.

    Joey vs. Joseph: Battle of the characters. Another entertaining match, and I loved how disgusted Park was with Joey Ryan. The whole oil thing was so uncomfortably funny, and I’d love to see Ryan’s sleazy character on IMPACT more often. Park won & the finish was pretty funny, him just sitting on Joey Ryan & all haha. The crowd popped big for the finish & Park continues to get over with fans.

    The Knockouts match was good, but Taryn Terrell losing it is what really stands out in this match (I guess the writer’s intended that, so nice job by them). I think I love Gail Kim & she’s now the greatest/hottest KO ever in my book haha. The backstage assault by Gail put her over even more for me, and got me REALLY interested in their feud. Velvet is still champ & will most likely face Tara in Chicago (she never got a 1 on 1 rematch, did she?) and the KOs actually got a great non-title feud in Gail vs. Taryn!

    I think I agree with Berge’s thoughts on the clash between two Robs. Parts of the match dragged (Robbie’s headlock for what felt like an hour, haha) & they really tried making Robbie E look like a credible opponent against Rob Terry. Don’t get me wrong, I like Robbie E & like when he’s booked strongly, but this match wasn’t the place to do it. Terry should squashed him & moved on. BUT, they still accomplished getting Terry over as a ‘Freak’ and Robbie E doesn’t look too bad in defeat. Can we end this feud now? I don’t think I can take another second of these two fighting :'(

    That tag team title match was really, really good & all those involved were really hitting their point; especially Hernandez of all people. He’s generally viewed at as the weak link in matches like this (And the one at BFG), but he was awesome in the ring & the crowd fuckin’ loved every second of him…. Can’t say that the crowd loved Churro Guerrero as much (I loved the interview promo Bad Influence gave. 3 syllables of awesome, 2 worlds of great, and 1 tag team to rule them all!), but Chavo was really good in the ring as well. I wish Roode & Aries didn’t steal the win, but whatever throws some more fuel into the tag division is good by me.

    I thought Wes Brisco was pretty impressive & hung with Angle. He’s wrestled no more than 5 matches in TNA, so I was really impressed was this performance. It was make or break, and I think Brisco made the best of it. For the student betraying the teacher dynamic, Angle didn’t seem as pissed off or as violent as he should’ve been. I was honestly expecting some blood in this match. The finish was cool since I predicted Brisco winning with help of D’Lo, but I wonder what’ll be next for Angle & Brisco…. Will they keep fighting?

    Lethal Lockdown was cool & the order in which the guys were sent out interested me…. Anderson & Magnus starting, then Knux (that’s the spelling of his TNA name… Damn you WWE & your rule about former superstar’s names), Joe, and so on. I thought it was cool that A&8s’ biggest guy, DOC, came out last & immediately laid out Magnus, EY, and I think it was Joe. As the weapons came into play, and Team TNA was dominating A&8s, I think there was a, “this is awesome!” chant from the crowd, so it’s good that they were into it (They also told Bischoff that he can’t wrestle lulz).

    The tower of doom is always cool, and I liked how Garett was booked to look like the bitch & tried to escape from Storm & Magnus. Some people were expecting EY to turn on Sting and I was really hoping that wouldn’t be the case, but I’d be lying if I said I WASN’T worried when Sting & EY had those awkward moments (EY almost hitting Sting, Sting stopping EY from jumping off the top rope, etc). EY’s elbow drop from the cage was awesome & it was cool seeing him pick up the win. Sting’s wildcard had paid off & I thought it was nice seeing guys like Joe, Storm, and Sting patting EY on the back for a change. I hope serious Eric Young is here to stay (he can still be funny at times in a Chris Jericho-esque way I guess…) And, to me, the A&8s actually picked their momentum right back up during the main event despite the fact that I said “they NEED to win” in the ED haha.

    The main event was pretty good, but seeing how Hardy hit a Twist of Fate in, I think it was only the middle of the match was kinda dumb. That shown me that Hardy doesn’t have too diverse of a move-set & always hits his Twist of Fate after he’s thrown all of his no-more-than 10 different moves at his opponent. I thought Bischoff & Brisco’s interference would kill the flow of the match, but it kinda reignited the whole thing. I felt as if the first half of the match was kinda slow, then after B&B run-in, the match picked up. Bully’s super powerbomb never gets old & gave instant flashbacks of when he did it to AJ Styles around this time in 2011. It’s been reported that Hardy actually suffered a concussion & was in bad pain after the match….

    Bully takes A&8s hammer to Hardy’s back & WINS! I marked out so much when Bully Ray won the title. Been fuckin’ waiting ever since he joined Immortal for this moment to happen, and it finally happened! BULLY RAY is the TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

    Bully’s promo was good, but I wish he would’ve started with the old, “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” line, then followed up with his being Bully Ray, new World Champ, & Pres. of A&8s. That heel turn was epic, March 10th will be a historic day (for me anyway) because Bully Ray won his first ever World Championship, I’m glad Brooke Hogan wasn’t in on it, and the ring getting pelted with trash to end the show was phenomenal. I’m REALLY looking forward to IMPACT from Chicago this Thursday.

    I’d give Lockdown, probably, a B+ to an A-. I thought this PPV was well worth the $.

    • Charlie G

      Lockdown could’ve definitely used better build going in (thanks a lot, UK Tour…..), but it delivered some great in-ring action. The hype for Slammiversary (that’s in about 4 months) should be a lot better.

    • Jaykub StalksAWitch

      It was definitely worth the money and Bully turning heel was a great decision all around: it gives Aces & Eights huge momentum, gives TNA their top heel back, gets Ray his one world title reign that he needed, gives people a reason to have bought Lockdown by providing a title change and really makes people want to tune into Thursday to see the fallout from the event.

      Lockdown, could have been better with build, but Slammiversary (as you said) will be even better hopefully thanks to the giant build going in. It was really epic, as you pointed out.

      Thanks for reading and the long comment, Charlie.

  • Mathieu Nicod

    Great review Jacob =)

    • Jaykub StalksAWitch

      Thanks, French.

  • SiD


  • Hexaton

    Bully should of really turned heel and not sided with Aces & 8’s. It really makes little sense with all the beatings he’s taken and matches he’s had as to why he is siding with them.

    Also; where was RVD? Shouldn’t he have got a rematch for the X Division Title?

    • Charlie G

      RVD maybe gone, last I read, his TNA contract expired recently. It has yet to be seen as to whether or not he’ll re-sign.

      • Jaykub StalksAWitch

        Good riddance to no-job Bob.

      • Hexaton

        No big loss. RVD was coasting by for years. Better to have younger and hungrier talent get a chance

  • Kevin Berge

    King/Ion/York: I enjoyed this match a lot. It never really slowed down. Yes, York is slower on execution than the other two, but he had some great moves and never seems to stall anything to me. The botches were a bit scary, but these guys are fit enough to take them and get back up. Overall, it was a nice opener where Ion surprisingly was the one who came out looking the best to me.

    Joseph Park vs. Joey Ryan was entertaining but definitely too long. For a match was that an obvious enhancement match, the sloppiness on display to put over Park’s inexperience got tiresome quickly. I really wanted to just see Park come alive and get the victory. This lagged.

    Velvet Sky deserves a KO Title reign, but I worry that her presence is just going to hinder the possibility of good matches in the KO division. She’s fine but never been a great wrestler even by KO standards. However, this was solid. The ending though killed the match a bit for me as it hurt Velvet’s momentum as champ. Would have made more sense if Kim was distracted enough for a pinfall win by Velvet then they had the post-match Kim attacking Taryn until she snaps.

    Speaking of lagging as I was above, TNA really tried to make Robbie E not look like a jobber. They really tried. That’s why this match lasted about three minutes too long. Rob Terry looked great, but he was hampered by a match that was far too lethargic.

    Here’s where the real show began. I felt like up until now was just the filler for the real four match show. This match was a bit messy as the action went all over the place at times, but, man, did these guys put on a show. Looking back, it was probably the match of the night. All six men went out there and threw caution to the wind. While we all really don’t care too much for Chavo, he can really go in the ring, and he obviously isn’t jaded like some of his fellow WWE alums including and especially RVD.

    Wes Brisco… didn’t make this match bad, but honestly it never felt like he did anything. Did I expect him to give Angle a real fight? No, that wasn’t what was expected, but I really felt like a rag doll could have been in that match for the same effect. It was all Angle from start to finish. The story was a bit weak as Angle wrestled too much. He should have been more brutal, but the main issue to me was the complete lack of logic in the ending. Though tonight was a night where logic went out the window at times.

    Lethal Lockdown, wow, you wrote a detailed overview there. I thought it was a good match that felt overly jumbled. It was very hard to follow which is understandable in the Lethal Lockdown format, but it still bothers me a bit. That super Tower of Doom was incredible. I’m surprised that I’ve never seen anything like that, but it was incredible. That with EY’s top rope elbow were the spotlights as they slowed the action a bit to make sure it was clear what was going on. I don’t really feel it was that bad that A&8s lost as they got all their momentum back and more in the main event.

    The match here was solid though a bit underwhelming thanks to the random interlude in the middle which I guess was supposed to be a part of fooling Jeff(?). The match was really defined by its ending though which is a mixed bag to me. I don’t like people calling the swerve predictable as TNA never teased it really except very vaguely. We just all assumed it could happen. There was such near 20/20 foresight. It could have very well not happened, and we all would have said “well, I guess it was just a pipe dream”. That said, I don’t know if TNA can make this leap logically.

    – Since the start, everyone has suspected Bully of involvement with Aces & 8s, and he had the shot to get to the top at No Surrender yet got no support. He has taken some serious shots over time for A&8s which I guess are all going to be explained away as Ray playing as the agent on the inside, taking the shots to help his teammates. I just don’t think everything can be explained away by “I fooled you”. Most of all, it is going to take a lot of explaining to define why Ray would possibly feel the need to lead this group of Aces & 8s as he has never been the outcast.

    – Not to mention that it makes this awesome segment look completely pointless:

    – All that aside though it was a great turnaround for a dying stable. They are getting too big for my taste, but at least they are now finally credible. They have the entire company in the palm of their hands. I haven’t been this interested in them since they first debuted. I do still wonder if there is still a “higher power” though.

    All in all, a good PPV despite itself at times. The action in ring was great. The booking was wonky. It was half and half, but I enjoyed the ride. Hopefully Slammiversary has a better build now that the pieces are settled more fully into place. I’d give it B- to a B.

    • Jaykub StalksAWitch

      Haha I wrote a shit ton for the Lethal Lockdown, and I was so pissed and actually wrote a completely different Final Thoughts where I buried the shit out of the Aces & Eights BUT the mainevent earned back all that momentum and more like you said.

      Yeah….Ray really fucking needs a great explanation for all this shit. But we’ll see and his reveal gives Aces & EIghts so much needed momentum that I can pass over the convoluted logic behind it.

      B- seems very fair for all the reasons you mentioned. Wonky booking but great action as is the usual for TNA ppvs. Thanks for reading and the big comment, Kevin.

  • Magic Sean

    How this PPV was so good, I’ll never no. TNA really screwed themselves with a crappy build, but it was mostly a really solid show with plenty of good rasslin. Aces & 8’s may finally be getting good w/ Bully, the X Division may be growing again, and dat Tower of Doom……..

    Overall, a great, fun night of wrestling with a predictable ending. Not saying it was a bad ending, but was predictable as all hell. Nice to see Bully as world champ, deserves it. B+ Show IMO.

    • Jaykub StalksAWitch

      Bully definitely deserves it and even though it we knew it might happen, casual fans didn’t and predicibility sometimes isn’t a bad thing. It was a cool show with some great spot that made up for a crappy build.