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TNA Impact Wrestling 3/6/2014 Results & Review: A Lethal Dose of Lockdown

TNA Impact Wrestling Results  & Review.

Priority Number One

-Overview: The team that will represent Dixie Carter at TNA Lockdown, made up of Bobby Roode and the Bro Mans come to the ring, and Roode says after Sunday he  will own 10% of TNA and all that is standing in his way is MVP.

Austin Aries, who helped Bobby Roode defeat  MVP last week, came out and claimed he wanted a fraction of  Bobby Roode’s cut in TNA. After his protest, the Bro Mans also wanted a fraction of Roode’s potential cut in the company.

After their squabble, MVP enters the arena with The American Wolves on either side. The investor in TNA said he made a mistake by trusting Austin Aries as his special guest referee, but he is cut off by the music of Dixie Carter. The President said the fourth member of MVP’s team won’t matter as she has been spending all week securing her victory at Lockdown.

MVP  then drops the bombshell that Jeff Hardy will be his fourth member, but Carter tries to protest.

Roode and MVP get in one another’s face and then the situation breaks down into a brawl as we head to commercial. The Six Man Tag Team match is next!

-Analysis: Like most opening segment of a tapped Impact Wrestling show, this segment served it’s purpose.

It hyped up the pay-per-view event and the match that was about to take place. So there isn’t much more you can ask for.

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  • George Hook

    It’s good to see TNA rebounding somewhat from losing such talent as AJ Styles and the whole Hogan/Sting dynamic. This Samuel Shaw guy is a nasty, diabolical kind of heel, sort of reminds me of the shape-shifting android stalker in Terminator 2, and anything giving Christy Hemme more airtime is fine by me. I also enjoyed Mr. Anderson bringing back his trademark ring announcement, which energized the London crowd. EC3 is growing smartly into his role, and Samoa Joe has deserved a return to center stage for a long time. Who knows, this company might survive after all. Grade: B.