TNA Impact: A New TV Champion, Who It Is and What’s In Store For Them

On the most recent edition of TNA Impact, a new Television Champion would finally be crowned. The night would begin with four possible contenders, but one by one the contenders would be cut by Hulk Hogan until finally there were just two men left.

But who would those two men be? And who would walk out with the Championship? And what will the champ have to look forward to?

Would it be the son of the infamous Eric Bischoff?

A young English men looking to leave his mark on the company?

The leader of the asshole nation?

Or maybe the Samoan Submission Specialist, who would be looking to become just the third TNA Grand Slam Champion in history.

Well folks, let’s find out.

First Elimination

All four possible contenders are sitting in Hulk Hogans office, waiting to see what the Hulkster had to say.

Hogan would turn his attention towards Garett first, questioning him on whether or not he could hang with the other three men. Of course, Garett would say he was ready to take the next step.

Eventually, Magnus would start to get into it with his former tag team partner Samoa Joe. Hogan was less than amused with the altercation and would eliminate Magnus first.

Personally, I wasn’t the biggest fan of having Magnus get eliminated first, especially considering there wasn’t any real reason for it. Aside from Joe and Magnus jawwing back and forth, Hogan really didn’t have a valid reason to take Magnus out of the running for the title.

I’m a big fan of Magnus, and I have no doubt he is a future world champ, so I would have liked to see him at least make it into the second round of eliminations. Hopefully Magnus can find a way to get onto the Bound For Glory card, because he can really put on a great match.

So there was now only three men left in the running, Garett Bischoff, Samoa Joe, and Mr. Anderson. Who would be next on the chopping block?

Second Elimination

The next we hear about the TV Championship is a tad later in the show, where the three men left met with Hogan in a backstage hallway.

Once again, Hogan starts off by targeting Garett, again asking him if he thinks he thinks he can hang with Joe and Anderson in the ring. Once again, Garett believes he can.

Hogan puts over Bischoff by talking about howmuch he has improved since he first got into the company, but would decide that the kid simply wasn’t ready for a title match, efectivly eliminating Garett.

Hulkster then sets up the Telivison Title match for later in the night, which will be Mr. Anderson vs. Samoa Joe. Hogan says that he expects nothing short of a war between the two and wants the greatest TV Title match of all time.

The segmant would end with the two men staring each other down, nose to nose.

I loved the decision to pit these two against each other,as both guys are really over and can help to revive the championship. As for Garett not getting into the title match, I can’t say I was too sad about it. Garett has improved, but enough for a title match? I don’t think so.

A New Champion Is Crowned

Hulk Hogan said he expected to see the greatest TV Championship match of all time. Well, I’m not too sure if this delivered to that expectation.

Don’t get me wrong, it was far from a bad match, it just wasn’t amazing. It was a fast paced, solid fight, with both men getting in some solid offense.

Eventually Joe would manage to counter an Anderson attack into the Rear Naked Choke, looking to put the asshole away and become just the third TNA Grandslam Champion of all time. Anderson managed to roll close to the ropes, just fingertips away. Joe would refuse to give in though, keeping the hold locked in on Anderson.

Anderson’s pride wouldn’t allow him to tap out to the maneuver, instead passing out, which would lose him the match, making Samoa Joe the new TV Champion.

For the first time in his already great TNA Career, Samoa Joe was the Television Champion, which also would make him a TNA Grandslam Champion.

Whatever man won this match, I wouldn’t have had any problem with it. Both guys have a chance to revive the championship effectively, which certainly will be a long, difficult task. Having Joe become a Grandslam Champion was a great decision and is well deserved.

What’s Next For The Champ?

Now that Samoa Joe is the Television Champion, what will he be doing as TNA continues its build towards Bound For Glory?

It wouldn’t surprise me if we saw Anderson continue to pursuit the title. The premise would be a fairly simple one, with Anderson claiming he never tapped out to Joe, thus meaning he deserves a rematch. I’d enjoy these two having a longer PPV match, as I really think they could put on a memorable match at BFG.

The other potential feud I see in Joe’s future is a program with Magnus. TNA has clearly been teasing a ton of tension between the two as of late, and their team never really had a breakup feud. Both guys can work a great match, and something tells me it could be a show stealer if it happens at BFG.

Will either of those things happen? I honestly don’t know. I would expect one of them to go down as we head into BFG, as Joe has to find his way onto the card somehow.

Who knows, we could see a triple threat match between the three men.

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