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TNA Hardcore Justice: The Breakdown of Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs Kid Kash and Gunner

On August 12, 2012, Impact Wrestling goes extreme with Hardcore Justice. Coming off his huge debut, Chavo Guerrero has been thrust into a new feud with Kid Kash and Gunner. With Hernandez at his side, Chavo takes on the two men and now at the men involved:

The Competitors


Weight: 285 lb.
Birthplace: Houston, Texas
Finisher: The Border Toss

A 9 year long member of TNA, Hernandez is an accomplished veteran as well as a 3-time TNA World Tag Team Champ. As such he is no stranger to tag teams, evidenced by his time with LAX and his teaming with Matt Morgan. With this experience, Hernandez will be a useful asset to Chavo against Gunner and Kash. Don’t let his appearance fool you, this big man is extremely agile in the ring and proves that big men can fly. Out of respect for the Guerrero family, Hernandez did not stand around and watch Chavo get assaulted. He came to his side in his time of need and now stands with him.



Chavo Guerrero:

Weight: 225 lb.
Birthplace: El Paso, Texas
Finisher: Frog Splash

The newest addition to the TNA roster, Chavo comes from the famous and well-known Guerrero wrestling family. Even at 41, Chavo proved he can still go in the ring and will definitely be a major player in TNA. Just like Hernandez, Chavo is no stranger to tag teams most famously teaming with his uncle, Eddie Guerrero forming Los Guerreros.






Kid Kash:  

Weight: 202 lb.
Birthplace: Johnson City, Tennessee
Finisher: Tiger Driver

A veteran of 4 different major promotions including TNA, Kash has honed his skills in numerous rings. Just like Chavo, he can still go at the tender age of 43. A former 2-time NWA World Tag Team Champ, just like Hernandez and Chavo, Kash can work well in a tag team. With experience in mixed martial arts, as well his normal high-flying style, Kash alone is a force to be reckoned with.




Weight: 247 lb.
Birthplace: Hickory, North Carolina
Finisher: Fireman’s Carry Facebuster


A member of TNA’s younger roster, Gunner came up from being a simple security guard, became a former TV Champ to even defeating the Icon Sting. No stranger to tag teams, Gunner now aligns himself with Kid Kash. A big man himself, Gunner’s strength should be one of the deciding factors in the match. Expect a lot of power moves and Gunner going after Chavo in order to dominate the smaller man.

The Story:

On July 26, the highly anticipated Chavo Guerrero finally debuted. Feeding off the fans, Chavo talked about the legacy and encompassing nature of the Guerrero family. The legendary family has wrestled all over the world in numerous promotions, sans one: Impact Wrestling.

Chavo proclaimed he was here to beat the best which Impact has. He declared that it’s time for Chavo to become a champion in Impact Wrestling.

Kid Kash with a microphone in hand and accompanied by Gunner came out to interrupt the debuting Chavo. Kash would go on to insult the legacy of the Guerrero family. Kash would go on to mention Chavo’s uncle and the great Eddie Guerrero but not in name, citing him as a “great wrestler.” From there Kash turned the tirade on Chavo’s father stating:

“Your father, Chavo Sr. an amazing legendary wrestler! Where’s he at? Why is he not here? Is it because he’s old? Is his back given out? Is his knees gone, or…or is he just too drunk?”

Unable to take the verbal slander by Kid Kash, Chavo snapped and attacked Kash. Yet the numbers game would take a toll and Chavo looked to be in trouble until a savior arose. From the back came the big man Hernandez to the aid of Chavo.

With Hernandez at his side, the two men were able to beat back Gunner and Kash. Hernandez sending out Gunner with a clothesline and Chavo dropkicking Kash out the ring.

The next week, it was announced that Chavo would face Kash in the ring. Kash took to twitter to talk a bit of trash:

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Chavo would reply with:

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In his first match in Impact Wrestling, Chavo would go on to defeat Kid Kash. The alliances were solidified with Hernandez in Chavo’s corner and Gunner in Kash’s.

The Match:

And now the four men face off for the first time in the same ring. Now, no stipulation has been added to this match yet and I really hope there is one.

I’d like for it to be a ladder match or something high-risk, since all competitors sans Gunner have been known to go up top even Hernandez. Yet since there is already a ladder match taking place, I doubt TNA would make this one a ladder match as well.

A stipulation should be added though, in my opinion, since this is the night TNA goes hardcore, another example of this being WWE going extreme once each year with their Extreme Rules pay-per-view, I believe it could possibly be a No Disqualification match, or I even daresay a Monster’s Ball match.

Regardless if a stipulation is added, this should be a good match to see. Maybe not Match of the Night, but I think it will impress many.

All four men can definitely work in the ring and the teams are similar yet different. Each one features a big man: Hernandez/Gunner and a smaller agile man: Kash/Chavo.

No doubt you will see the two equals face off such as big man vs big man, and cruiserweight vs cruiserweight.

I’m going to give the win to Chavo here simply because TNA is putting a lot of support behind him. A huge debut and a lot of hype so far, TNA wouldn’t have him lose.

I doubt the feud will end here though after a singles match and a tag team match. Expect to see Kash and Gunner more in the future of Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez.

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  • Judas Thundersteel

    Of course Eric would do a breakdown of this match. It features two of his homies in Hernandez and Chavito Guerrero! La cucaracha! Si! I’m quite surprised at some of the facts thrown here. Hernandez been in TNA for 9 years?! Whoa buddy, felt shorter to me. 7 to be specific. Chavito is 41 years old? Kid Kash is 43? Yikes! I thought both men were just late 30s really. Well, not like it matters because both guys can still go in the ring. Not seeing Chavo compete in a while, the match with Kash last week gave good indication that he could still go. His debut promo seemed to set things up rather nicely for him and TNA. Basically, a Guerrero making it big in a wrestling company that has missed that. Since all over, more rememberable in WWE, a Guerrero has ruled the land. TNA is uncharted territory, and my guess, and hope, is that Chavo eyes on tag team and X-Division gold. The latter being saved for later, since right now, a tag team match is set. Chavo and Hernandez have history with each other, apparently teaming up in some indy shows.

    The tag team of Gunner and Kid Kash is pretty interesting. Still remembering Jake’s article on Crimson, one good idea for a finish would be for Crimson to interrupt the match, align himself with Kash and Gunner, and then the (Tattoo) Sleeve Soldiers are formed. As far as the future is concerned, I’d like to see Daniels and Kazarian face off against Hernandez and Chavo. At No Surrender, AJ Styles can screw his rivals up, Chavito and Hernandez win, the world tag team champions of the world are pissed, things progress. Regardless of the future, the talent involve should make for a solid, traditional tag team match. Chavito might get dominated by Kash and Gunner for a while, Hernandez gets the hot tag, goes loco, flies around like a Mexican jumping bean, and then gets grounded. Pounded, he needs a tag, eventually Chavo gets the next hot tag, chaos ensues, eventually it ends with Chavito getting the pin. Solid stuff, tried and true, no problems.

    It’s smart to have Chavo start out in this level, as he will show the fans that he’s a reliable hand in the ring. With that, whatever success he has in TNA, will be a gradual rise, rather than burning the candle out too quickly. Lets just hope he doesn’t get too much machismo and gets back to taking shots at John Cena. The descriptions are pretty indicative here, especially for Gunner. The talents of Hernandez, Chavo, and Kash are mentioned, Gunner? Not that he’s bad or anything, at best, he’s tolerable. In a tag team setting, he should be fine, with Chavo and Kash doing all the showy moves. Hernandez can do showy moves too. With the go home show approaching, I want to make a quick guess for the show. Kash and Gunner having a segment that totally stereotypes Mexicans. I’d love to see Kash in a poncho, with a sombrero, and Gunner having those rattles. Kash can sing la cucaracha, and Gunner just says “ese.” That’d be awesome.

    Nice breakdown, homes.

  • Kevin Berge

    I’m a little confused why people are saying Hardcore Justice should have basically all stipulation matches. That I know of, there is no precedent for that. The two years before this that the PPV has gone under the name Hardcore (instead of just Hard) Justice, there have been 3 matches of the 16 matches seen that have been contested with a serious stipulation, all of which were during the 2010 show that was for ECW. Just saying, you guys are kind of making up a gimmick for a PPV that doesn’t have one.

    As far as this match goes, I don’t see it getting much time. It will just be another way to show off Chavo who’s a good wrestler, but he’s not Christian or Kurt Angle or even RVD as far as the quality he will bring to the table as a veteran for the company. He’s just a good wrestler who can have good matches with guys. He should stay far away from the TNA World Title and stick to the tag team scene which is dying now with Daniels and Kaz using the titles as jewelry rather than defending them at all.

    I have no doubt that this will be a decent match, but it’s filler. It’s not a serious contest that will do much to excite. It could’ve easily been on Impact and had just as much importance.

    Good breakdown here regardless, Eric.

    • Eric

      Hardcore Justice would be expected to have stipulation matches no?

      Thanks, Kev

  • Charlie G

    Just like King/Ion and Rayne/Tessmacher, I think this match is a bit overlooked as of right now but should definitely deliver some great action.

    Both teams match up evenly, like you pointed out. Both teams could also really help TNA’s tag division and it’s great that TNA has finally found a way of getting Hernandez, Gunner & Kash back on TV.

    I’m hoping this is a No DQ/Hardcore match. I think every match at HARDCORE Justice should be No DQ. I’m really looking forward to this match.

    Nice breakdown.

    • Eric

      It has some great competitors so I think it will surprise everyone. If TNA keeps these teams, at least for a little bit, then it could help the tag division a lot. It should have some sort of hardcore stipulation since like you said, its HARDCORE Justice.

  • Jacob Stachowiak

    Haha, nice winging it there with Gunner’s finisher. 

    • Eric

      Best I could come up with, TNA’s website doesn’t have a name for it