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TNA Hardcore Justice: Breakdown of the Knockouts Championship Match

Aug. 12, 2012

Hardcore Justice

TNA Knockouts Championship

Madison Rayne vs. Brooke Tessmacher


Madison Rayne; former two-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion and three-time Knockouts Champion. At the young age of 26, it seems as if Rayne has already accomplished it all in TNA.

She holds the record for the second longest reign as Knockouts Champion in TNA history, and knows how to rule with an iron fist.

Ever since Lockdown in 2011, this self-proclaimed “Queen Bee” has taken a mighty fall from her throne. She quickly becoming irrelevant as Knockouts such as Mickie James, Winter, Velvet Sky, and Gail Kim surpassed her in the division.

This “Queen” would then play as a lackey for VP of the Knockouts, Karen Jarrett and face of the Knockouts division, Gail Kim.

Madison Rayne has taken quite a fall among the ranks of the TNA Knockouts, but she knows what it takes to get back on top. Madison Rayne always seems to have a trick up her sleeve and, in this case, it’s a referee.

Since revealing a crush on senior referee, Earl Hebner, Madison Rayne has noticed a nice amount of leverage and victories come her way. One of those wins being a number one contender’s match.


For weeks, Madison Rayne has been teasing everyone with this “crush” that she had. Garett Bischoff and Devon were mostly hinted at throughout several weeks. Turns out, Madison Rayne has a crush on Earl Hebner!

With her crush revealed, more wins have been going Madison’s way. Earl Hebner has made some questionable calls to rule in favor of his “girlfriend”.

Madison seems to be using Hebner to get to her ultimate goal; become Knockouts Champion and “Queen Bee” of the division once again.


Brooke Tessmacher did what no other Knockout could do. At Slammiversary, Brooke Tessmacher defeated Gail Kim to become new Knockouts Champion and, in the process, ended Kim’s record setting reign as champion.

Tessmacher has been riding a wave of momentum ever since. She’s beaten Gail Kim, Mickie James, Velvet Sky and Tara.

Brooke Tessmacher has been an underdog. Pulling out constant upsets and shocking victories over more experienced opponents. Madison doesn’t have as big of an experience edge as Gail Kim or Mickie James did, but she does have something neither Knockout had against Tess; a crooked referee.

We’ve seen Tessmacher pull out big wins, but none involving a biased referee. Earl Hebner is the wildcard here and, if he’s in charge of this match (Most likely will be), you could count on him to favor Madison like we’ve seen in the past.


I’m not expecting a five-star classic. I don’t think this match will be better than Kim/Tessmacher but, for someone looking to get their fix of female wrestling, it should be worth checking out.

With Tessmacher still in the early stages of her reign, and Bound For Glory getting closer, it’ll be interesting to see the end result of this match.

Will Tessmacher get screwed over by Earl Hebner? Will Tessmacher still manage to retain even with a referee working against her? Tune into Hardcore Justice live, August 12, on pay-per-view! Also, be sure to stick around Wrestle Enigma for more TNA Hardcore Justice match breakdowns this week.

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About Charlie Groenewegen

TNA Writer For Three Years Now. Written here since the beginning. Once witnessed a lobster commit suicide. Undefeated in lucha libre, but only in a dream I had. Above all else, an enigma.
  • Derk

    Not sure where you guys get your info sometimes, but Madison Rayne does not hold the record for holding the title. Gail Kim beat that record about one week before she jobbed out to Tessmacher.

  • Judas Thundersteel

    This Hebner angle reeks of silliness and ridiculosity. Apparently though, it has roots with Hebner having some house show experiences or something. However, the one instance I know for sure, is the Tweet of the year, where he mentioned getting a blowjob! Also, a big Twitter rant he went on that made me think he was hacked. He claimed to have screwed all the Knockouts, but seeing this angle on TV, and the blowjob tweet, now I think it was all him. Bottom line, Hebner’s a lecherous old fart, yet he’s in an angle that implies his horndog ways. It’s not blatant or explicit now, meaning they will slowly build on the angle to where it becomes more obvious that Hebner’s playing favorites. To the point where he might even be a heel referee for Madison Rayne.

    Anyways, I think with Rayne staying afloat with this bubbling Hebner storyline, it’s better in my opinion to have Brooke Tessmacher retain. Good ol’ Kevin Berge mentioned it rather nicely about relevancy. Rayne’s angle is making her into a big deal again, while Tessmacher’s in the background. To stay relevant, and to continue the supposed path she’s on to be their face of the division, they must have Tessmacher win. You mentioned in your Impact review last week that Tara and Tessmacher would make for a good teacher vs. student match at Bound For Glory. It would definitely do that, and with a win over Tara, Brooke will have been pretty legitimized as champion. Then, Madison Rayne can swoop in, as her angle with Hebner should be developed by then to get things rolling.

    The match itself, I’m not expecting much really. Madison Rayne is a decent wrestler, and Tessmacher still has ways to go in my opinion. I think that’s why this match has the wild card in Hebner. To hide from the below average action potentially on display? I’m just guessing. Certainly I’ll be watching for Earl Hebner and picture me flicking him in the face, as he turns to dust. I didn’t say “punch.” Too easy. With the potential heavy quality on display at Hardcore Justice, particularly the world title rematch and the 4 way ladder match, this match shouldn’t be too much of a drag. Who knows? Could surprise. Good breakdown here, Charlie.

  • Kevin Berge

    I think I’ve said this before, but I think Tessmacher was a poor choice to become KO champion. She’s easily the weakest female wrestler on the main roster, and she hasn’t really done much to solidify herself since as a legitimate champion. She simply had Gail Kim’s number after losing to her several times.

    Madison Rayne has probably been more relevant as of late than anyone in the KO division. She could very well take the title from Brooke with help from Hebner if TNA starts to realize that they can’t build the division around Tessmacher well.

    I feel that Tessmacher needs to win here to remain relevant at all, and she probably will. That said, I couldn’t really care less about this match. Rayne is an okay wrestler, and Tessmacher is much weaker. Together, they should have an okay match, nothing even as good as the Kim/Tessmacher matches which I never cared for.

    I guess this just feels like filler to me, and the whole KO division feels like it’s sinking lately. Maybe it’s because Velvet and Angelina are gone. Maybe it’s because Winter, Sarita, and Rosita can’t even get airtime in a division of 8 women. All I know is that something big has to happen to reenergize this division and this title as right now I’m missing Gail Kim’s boring title reign because at least it brought good matches.

    Sorry, I went on a rant here. You did a good job with this breakdown, Charlie.

  • Sean Linhares

    Awesome job man!

    While better than Gail Kims reign before her, Tessmacher’s time as champ hasn’t been too great IMO either. It could be better, but also a lot worse, so I’ll take it.

    Predicting this could be hard due to who is referee. If Hebner referee’s it, I’d expect to see Madison win, if he doesn’t, then Brooke will. All roads seem to be leading to Hebner screwing Brooke out of the title though, so I’ll go with that.

    This match  should be an interesting one, as the outcome could go loads of different ways. One of the most interesting womens matches in awhile IMO

    • Charlie G

      Thank you!

      Yeah, Tessmacher’s reign has been too short (So far) to be considered great. Some clean title defenses on a variety of opponents should help that. I fricken’ hope TNA books student vs. teacher, Tess vs. Tara for BFG. A clean win over her mentor at BFG would be a great way of putting Tessmacher over.

      Earl better not be a dick & screw Tessmacher out of the title, haha. This is one of the most interesting womens matches, possibly, of the year so far.

  • SiD

    Great job on this, man. I told you before that this format is better, and it is. You really broke down the match well, adding Earl Hebner to the mix was important too. As far as my prediction goes, I’m smelling a screwjob here, with Madison picking up the win and turning Earl heel. Then, Hebner will get his blow j. 

    Sweet job on this, the article looks neat. 

    • Charlie G

      Thanks again, Sid :D

      I hope Earl never gets his blow j which means no screwjob! I’m cheering for Tessmacher, but it’ll be tough.

      Neat, organized & clean. I like this format…

      • SiD

        No probs, brother :)

        Haha, definitely, he might get it, though. There are chances.

        Good job as always, man. 

        • Charlie G

          Eww…. I don’t wanna imagine Earl Hebner’s chances of getting his blow j. Haha

          • SiD

            Ehhh, you’re right. Haha. 

  • Eric

    Good breakdown Charlie. Now like Jacob, I’d rather have a Tara vs Tessmacher match. Teacher vs student generally makes for an interesting feud/storyline. I’m going with Tessmacher for the win, but it all depends if Hebner is the ref. If he is, then we know who’s winning. Maybe this feud could become bigger with Dixie penalizing or even firing Hebner in storyline.

    PS: this match would be better with bikinis

    • Charlie G

      Thank you. Tara vs. Tess should happen at Bound For goddamn Glory. I’ll be pissed if it’s anything other than that…

      Earl Hebner ruins everything. I can kind of imagine Rayne winning with help of Hebner, but Brooke Hogan doesn’t allow it to end the way it has & restarts the match with a new ref or something…

      Bikinis would make just about anything better, haha.

  • JacobStachowiak

    Good job on this breakdown, Charlie, got me pumped for a match I shouldn’t be pumped for. Madison is of course one of my favorites but she shouldn’t take the belt off of Tessmacher. Brooke still needs to have that match with Tara at BFG to solidify herself as a wrestler. Madison is like Benoit at RR 03, (obviously not as good) you know she’s gonna lose but you’re glad she’s getting a shot at the title, 1. cause she deserves it and 2. because it’s something to keep Tessmacher busy for this ppv. 

    • Charlie G

      Thank you. Haha, I don’t think anyone is really excited for this match. Good to hear that I kinda got you excited for it, though.

      I agree. Tessmacher should retain but it’s nice seeing Madison get a title shot again. Tara vs. Tess MUST happen! Like a female version of Sting vs. Styles at BFG! (obviously not as good, though)