TNA Hardcore Justice: Breakdown of Styles vs. Daniels vs. Angle vs. Samoa Joe

Hey, guys, it’s Jake back with another TNA PPV breakdown.  Let’s get straight to it:

The Competitors

What’s better than AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels? Well, there’s AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe. What if we could make it just a little bit better? How about we add in Kurt Angle? Sounds great, doesn’t it? But wait, there’s more. For a little icing on the cake, the contest will be a ladder match.

Okay, get a hold of yourself. I know what I just mentioned would get any TNA fan in an orgasmic trance. I’m right there with you, practically foaming at the mouth. However, I will have to conduct myself as the constant professional that I ALWAYS am and will press forward with this breakdown.

First of all, let me get straight to the obvious. These competitors are four of the greatest wrestlers on the planet. On my list; Kurt Angle is #1, Styles is #2, with Daniels and Joe definitely making it into my top 15. These four have certainly worked hard enough in their careers to deserve to be considered the best. Each competitor is an experienced veteran and they’ve all had incredible matches throughout their tenure with TNA.

Kurt Angle:

He has something to prove. In TNA’s ‘Before The Bell’ videos and some Impact Wrestling backstage segments, Angle has been showing a new aspect of his character. He feels as though he needs to win the Bound For Glory Series to prove that he is indeed the best wrestler on the planet. He hasn’t necessarily doubted that he is but he feels he has to prove it once again. He wants the world to know that he is still Kurt Angle and not some washed up has-been version of him. That’s his motivation going into Hardcore Justice.

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels:

I’ve been covering the breakdowns for this Styles vs. Daniels (w/Kazarian) feud since the Sacrifice ppv. If anyone knows this angle best out of the writers here, it would be me. Daniels and Kazarian are out on a vendetta to ruin AJ Styles’ name. The three used to be the best of friends now the tag champs have turned their backs on Styles. They are jealous of his success and all the opportunities that was afforded to him and not to them.

Styles, in the ‘Before The Bell’ videos has stated that the TNA World Heavyweight Championship belongs to him. If it wasn’t for him there wouldn’t be a TNA World Heavyweight Championship. While, Daniels claims that at Bound For Glory a new age will be dawned. An age where he finally achieves what he has failed to do so far in his career and that is be a world champion. Finally, Daniels will be the one ahead of Styles.  He will be the true face of TNA; no longer will that moniker go to AJ Styles.

Samoa Joe:

The Samoan Submission Machine is out for redemption. It’s no secret that Joe was in a very bad place in the company this time last year. He was out for blood and was dead last through most of the competition. He didn’t care about winning and he seemed lost in his anger. Now, he’s a changed man. Almost has if his tag team run with Magnus allowed him to tone himself down. He’s channeling the anger now, he is focused. The real Samoa Joe is back and he wants his world championship back.

The Quest

To win the Bound For Glory Series and to become the World Heavyweight Champion; that is what these men desire to accomplish. If they win this ladder match, they will gain twenty points in the series. If Styles or Daniels wins, it would be a huge boost to either man as they are in the middle of the rankings right now. If Angle wins, he will jump ever so closer to first. If Samoa Joe wins (or for that matter James Storm in his match), he will have blown by his competition as he’s been unstoppable so far in this. Whoever wins this match will become a favorite to win the series and go on to mainevent TNA’s biggest show of the year.

The Match

This contest will be match of the night, heck, it has the potential to be match of the year. With these four wrestlers plus the ladder match stipulation, the potential in this is mind boggling. The crazy spots, the superior wrestling that were gonna see is just making me wish I was already watching the match.

My expectations are rather high going into this. I expect nothing less than spectacular. I also would like to see some good plot advancement with Styles/Daniels maybe with a Kazarian run-in. I don’t want it taking away from the match itself but it would be good to see. Angle and Joe, being the big bulls in this match, should have an intense fight against one another as Daniels and Styles pull off the crazy X-division styles stunts.

As far as a predictions goes, I want to see either Styles or Daniels winning this. Both really need the points and being the smaller men it only makes more sense to have them win with the ladder stipulation. Will either of them win? No. Angle or Joe have this locked up tight. No matter who wins though, we’re gonna see a killer match that I hope lives up to my hefty expectations.

Well, that’s about enough marking out for one article. Make sure to catch this match along with the other great matches at Hardcore Justice this Sunday. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Wrestle Enigma for more breakdowns of the ppv card.

If you have any thoughts or a breakdown of your own, please write it out in the comments section below.