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TNA Bound For Glory Series: Does Its Predictability Hurt the Inevitable Outcome?

Once TNA announced the inaugural Bound For Glory Series last year, the unpredictability of the concept is what made each match suspenseful and entertaining. With competitors such as AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Bobby Roode participating in the series, there were endless possibilities as to how would emerge victorious.

Another important factor that played into the unpredictability of the series was the fact that Kurt Angle was the reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion at the time, meaning that it was almost guaranteed he’d be holding the strap till Bound for Glory, but it was anyone’s game as to who he’d be defend his title against.

However, this year’s Bound For Glory Series is a bit different this time around. With Bobby Roode as the current reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion, as well as being the longest reigning title-holder in the company’s history, it’s almost obvious that Roode will be holding the strap come their biggest show of the year in October.

As I’ve stated in past articles, Roode is one the hottest heels in wrestling today, as seen by his amazing work performed this past Thursday night on Impact Wrestling during his segments with Chris Sabin and Austin Aries. The Canadian native should, of course, be the champion heading into this year’s Bound For Glory, but with that in mind, isn’t it almost a given who he’s going to be facing at the event?

If you can recall, James Storm was the one who Bobby Roode defeated to win the TNA title in the first place in November. Since then, Storm has been determined to recapture the title he believes he should have never lost and seeking revenge against Roode in the process.

Keeping Roode as champ going into Bound For Glory is certainly a smart move, as is the fact building Storm up as a credible face challenger over the next few months. Since Storm is competing in the BFG tournament, most viewers are speculating that the Cowboy will be the inevitable winner of the series and go on to challenge his former Beer Money mate for the prestigious title in the main event of Bound of Glory.

That being said, does the inevitable outcome take the suspense and “fun” out of the Bound For Glory Series? Absolutely not.

Sure, Storm’s initial battle royal victory a few weeks back on Impact foreshadowed the eventual outcome of the series, but that doesn’t at all take away from the tremendous matches we’ve witnessed thus far. Since the start of the series, we’ve been treated to amazing contests featuring the likes of James Storm, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, and many others.

TNA’s signature slogan “Wrestling Matters” has never meant more to the organization than it has over the last few weeks. With another two months left in the series, I, for one, am extremely excited to see what else these athletes can produce going forward.

If last night’s Hardy/Storm match-up was any indication, Storm won’t be winning every contest he competes in, which helps him look somewhat vulnerabile going into his TNA title match as well.

Although it might be a bit predictable that we’ll be seeing Storm as the last man standing come the conclusion of the series, it’s leading to some of the best booking TNA has produced in years. The money in the final Roode/Storm confrontation is undeniable, and having the Cowboy earn a shot at the World Championship by going through eleven other men as part of a tournament will certainly solidify his credibility as a main event star.

Does the predictability of the tournament hurt its enjoyment for you as a viewer? Or is it making the entire series even more entertaining?

Thanks for reading, and be sure to drop a comment below with your thoughts on the situation below. As always, your criticism and overall feedback on my latest piece is welcomed and greatly appreciated.

GSM out.

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  • MarcMattaliano

    Well, now with Aries as the world champ, it looks as if either Roode vs. Storm for the title may not happen, or if it does, Aries will get the “Awww, he won the big one and lost it, like Christian…poor guy” treatment.

    Either TNA capitalizes and shoots Aries into a new feud right away, or they take the strap off of him real fast, and make his whole “I gave up my X-Division Title for this” storyline completely pointless.

    And then…if Roode gets the title back by BFG, and Storm beats him…is Storm really capable of carrying the entire company on his shoulders for the foreseeable future?

    This whole thing just screams dangerous to me.

  • Judas Thundersteel

    Just because it’s predictable, doesn’t mean it’s bad. Logic wise, James Storm is really the only man fit to win this and challenge long reigning world champion Bobby Roode. Even though they showed they can do a good job building a short title feud in the form of Aries and Roode, the end is in clear sight. Biggest show of the year, most dominant world champion in TNA history, biggest confrontation of the year, the perfect storm. Last year’s BFG series was unpredictable, but it was more necessary to establish the future upper midcard/main eventers now seen today: particiularly Roode, Ray, and Roode. This one though is structured to give James Storm the grand comeback angle without just giving him a world title match. It will get more interesting if there is a sense of guys getting prepped for the future through it. So, Pope D’Angelo Dinero, Robbie, Samoa Joe, those guys getting good rubs from the series and hell, could be challenging the soon to be world champion, James Storm. Samoa Joe is more realistic right now, as he’s actually 2nd place to James Storm now.

    As the Series develops, they should keep creating the doubt in the air as far as Storm winning. They did a good job with Hardy going over this week, but as Fall approaches, I’d like to see Bobby Roode get more involved. As in, he costs Storm some matches, out of fear that Storm will win, and thus the feud really boils up again so that when Storm wins, it’s off to the races. Roode can even cost some other guys BFG series points, not play favorites, and even generate some potential feuds down the line. This Series though is likely to be stronger than last year despite the obvious outcome. It puts Roode over more subtly, as unlike Angle last year, Roode’s title reign is not only long, but one would think because of how unstoppable he’s been, that this series was needed. Weed out the weak and get the guy who will be most likely to end the reign. Why? That guy would have already surpassed 11 or so other man and will prove that he’s the one. It’s smart, it builds up a perfect face foil to the omnipresent Bobby Roode.

    And the matches will be great too. Upcoming is Angle and Joe, and that should be a lot of fun. I think Styles and Daniels are both in the thing, so their last man standing match will be for points? Wrestling wise this Series will be stronger than last year as there’s better overall talent. Styles, Joe, Ray, Storm, Daniels, Angle, those top performers having a dance with other names, ain’t nothing wrong with that. Bully Ray I hope has another match with Samoa Joe, and in a street fight environment. That’d be super duper cool.

    • Graham Mirmina

      As you said, I think the obvious outcome makes this year’s series even more entertaining. Everything about it is absolutely spectacular. Most of the participants, the wrestling, the reigning champion, and most importantly, the overall build-up. Don’t forget about Anderson/Angle next week on Impact, which should also be a lot of fun.

  • Brett Chandler

    Like you said in the article, I’m glad that TNA isn’t having Storm win every match en route to BFG. Good article, Graham. 

    • Graham Mirmina

      Yeah, I’m glad they’re having him show vulnerability. Thanks for reading!

  • JacobStachowiak

    I don’t care if it’s predictable, like you said, because Storm vs. Roode is meant to be. TNA will make it entertaining along the way but Storm MUST face Roode at BFG. It’s the climax to one of the greatest storylines I’ve ever seen. 

    Good job on this, Graham, I’m glad you are becoming an even bigger fan of TNA too. Always happy for more TNA articles as well. 

    • Graham Mirmina

      Very much agreed. Storm vs. Roode has been the most entertaining build-ups in wrestling in a long-time. Thanks for the kind words, Jacob. TNA has certainly impressed me all year and a majority of the articles I’ll write for W.E. will be pertaining to TNA for the most part.

  • SiD

    But the BFG series is entertaining. 

  • SiD

    You have a point here, and Storm is definitely going to win the series and the title. Unless he’s injured. 

    • Graham Mirmina

      Fingers crossed he doesn’t get injured. That’d throw a major wrench into the works.

      • SiD

        Exactly. Let’s hope for the best.