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TNA Bound For Glory 2013 PPV Results And Review: Did AJ Styles Finally Recapture The World Heavyweight Championship?


This year’s Bound For Glory PPV event takes place in San Diego, CA for TNA’s annual grand showcase. With a mainevent that involves Bully Ray defending his World Heavyweight Championship against AJ Styles and Magnus taking on his mentor Sting also on the card, this show has the potential to be the greatest Bound For Glory event yet.

Similarly to last year’s event, Spike TV had an hour long pre-show that took place beforehand entitled “The Countdown To Bound For Glory”. The special mainly aired highlights, video packages and interviews for it’s majority; OVW’s Gilbert Corsey even made his company debut conducting the interviews. Unlike the previous year’s countdown, this time there was a live match taking place on the pre-show which begins our review.

Number One Contendership, Four-Way Tag Team Gauntlet Match

Competitors: Eric Young and Joseph Park vs. Chavo and Hernandez vs. Bad Influence, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian vs. Bro Mans, Robbie E and Jessie Godderz

Overview: In the first ever Countdown To Bound For Glory pre-show match, Bad Influence come out to a warm local Southern California welcome and setup to face Chavo and Hernandez. The two teams, with “TNA!” chants already filling the arena, battle it out until Daniels eventually trap pins Chavo and gets the elimination to a big reaction from the crowd.

Park and Young come out next to take on the hometown favorites. After a very competitive stretch, the fresher team managed to eliminate Daniels and Kazarian. Not to let it slide so easily, Bad Influence assaulted Park and incapacitated him which led to referees carrying him out of the ring.

The Bro Mans then came out and proceeded to beat down on Eric Young until they got the pinfall.

Analysis: This was an entertaining, and surprisingly long contest with an equally surprising winner. Bad Influence seemed to be the perfect candidates to win this but it looks like TNA really wanted to setup the Bro Mans vs. Gun-Storm one more time. Maybe, the Bro Mans will have more luck this time around. We’ll have to wait and see.

Also, the winners had “Mr. Olympia” Phil Heath at their side as a “celebrity” appearance; as you can imagine, he served no purpose.

X-Division Championship, Five-Way Ultimate X Match

Bound For Glory Ultimate X

Competitors: Manik (c) vs. Chris Sabin vs. Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe

Overview: Opening up Bound For Glory-proper, Jeff Hardy comes out to a new theme song he’s debuting that sounds just as awful as his last one. Manik, the champion, comes out last and is surrounded by the star-studded cast he has to battle. Sabin, almost immediately, climbs up the turnbuckle to get to the belt and begins the match.

By the conclusion of the match, highlight after highlight, Sabin would use Velvet Sky as a distraction in order to bring the X-Division championship down for the victory.

Analysis: This match was, by its very definition, a pure spot-fest and it was only decent- it could have been so much better. It was underwhelming; the star power, the talent, and story involved could have resulted in an incredible contest but it didn’t.

It managed to suck the life out of the viewer, almost but it did really sell Chris Sabin as a heel and someone to be hated. There’s really no telling why TNA had to have Sabin drop the World Heavyweight Title and turn heel in the first place but they seem to be really behind it. Chris Sabin is now officially a seven time X-Division Championship, the most reigns any holder has ever had.

World Tag Team Championship, James Storm & Gunner (c) vs. Bro Mans

Overview: Coming out with their pointless entourage in Mr. Olympia, the Bro Mans arrive to the ring first before their more serious and tough as nails opponents follow suit. After a very competitive match, even involving one big “TNA!” chant, The Bro Mans shocked the world yet again by winning the TNA World Tag Team Titles.

Analysis: Realistically, Storm and Gunner should have rinsed through Robbie E and Jessie Godderz as they have done in the past. Instead, we were given a pretty good, competitive match that teased the champions retaining on a couple occasions. The Bro Mans, shockingly (it can not be understated), defeated the much more credible team which left the fans bewildered yet again.

It looks like Gun Storm’s term was pathetic and is prematurely over. Their credibility as a tag team, after losing to a tired team of enhancement talents, has been shot and their break up should be at hand soon. This was just odd but maybe TNA has something big in store for the Bro Mans as our new tag team champions.

Knockouts Championship, ODB (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Brooke

Overview: Arguably the greatest Knockout in company history, Gail Kim is introduced followed by Aces & Eights’ Brooke and then the champion, ODB. The champion eventually laid out her two opponents, with the referee down, and Lei’D Tapa came out which led to a brawl between the two.

Tapa would then lay out Brooke with a powerbomb which allowed Gail Kim to sneak into the ring, get the pin, and win the match. The new Knockouts Champion, Kim was then embraced by Tapa and it appears that they are aligned together.

Analysis: The crowd, except for a few solid moments like Kim locking on the ring p0st figure four lock, was pretty quiet during this match. With the lack of story invested in this angle, that was expected but the booking from the previous three matches may have convinced the audience to keep quiet.

Getting to the ending, it was awkward thanks to the semi-shocking swerve and reveal of their alliance. That seems to be a running theme so far, hasn’t it? A solid contest that led to a weird ending where a heel won a championship from a face; hopefully, the trend doesn’t continue into the mainevent.

Hall Of Fame Grudge Match, Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle

Overview: The “It Factor” awaits the faux-TNA Hall Of Famer, Kurt Angle (more on that later) to begin what could be a technical in-ring masterpiece. Almost living up to that, with submission moves exchanged several times,  Roode delivered a low-blow maneuver out of desperation but it still wasn’t enough to overcome the wrestling machine. Angle would get Roode into an ankle lock until his opponent nearly passed out.

Referee Brain Hebner, on accident, lifted Roode’s arm to see if he was indeed passed out and dropped it on the rope causing a break of the hold. The two would find each other on the top turnbuckle and Angle would deliver a huge Angle Slam all the way down to the ring. Unfortunately, Angle possibly (kayfabe) paralyzed himself in the process and Roode was able to eventually pin him for the victory.

Doctors look over Angle, trying to put him on a stretcher and carry him out but he refuses and walks out on his own will.

Analysis: Reminiscent of one of the many old Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit matches, this was the best match of the night so far on the card. It was, once more, an odd finish and swerve but there’s no denying how good the match was. This was another segment to advance Angle’s character that will continue to evolve as the next few weeks go by, definitely keep your eye on his development.

Also, it was great to see Bobby Roode finally get a win at Bound For Glory and redeeming his loss to Angle at the 2011 edition of the event.

Ethan Carter III, Debut Match Against Norm Fernum

Overview: To continue the WWE’s MVP comparisons, Ethan Carter III came out to an epic entrance only to fight a local jobber on a live pay-per-view show. With “boring chants” from the crowd, Carter continued to destroy the other guy until it was mercifully over.

Analysis: The EC III character is entertaining, at least as his entrance and video packages would indicate. However, this match wasn’t impressive or entertaining or interesting at all. This should have been saved for this Thursday’s Impact Wrestling instead of taking time away from your pay-per-view show. People, including this reviewer, paid to see a wrestling show with stars fighting to culminate feuds. We didn’t pay to see a three minute squash match with no advancement or plot.

On a different note, Norm Fernum – also known as Peter Avalon from Pro Wrestling Guerrilla – did well in his role and even got in some nice X-Division style offense before being quelled by his far bigger opponent.

“The Icon” vs. “The Future”, Sting vs. Magnus

Overview: After a fantastic interview and video depicting all of Magnus’ frustrations of trying to fit his “The Future” billing, the protege meets his mentor in the ring. Magnus, using many of Sting’s mannerisms and a few less than noble tactics, took the legend to his limit. Via the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf submission hold, Magnus defeated his mentor in an absolutely clean fashion.

The younger man then gloated in victory, celebrating on each turnbuckle and gave a half-hearted handshake to Sting before leaving the ring.

Analysis: TNA was so close to having a match on this card with no weird finish and they couldn’t let that happen. Magnus and Sting had a solid match that could have been better but certainly wasn’t bad. However, the ending alludes to Magnus turning heel when the more proper scenario would have been a heart-felt passing of the torch moment for the two.

Then again, we can’t have nice things and this was another semi-swerve. Why did that have to happen? Because reasons.

World Heavyweight Championship, Bully Ray (c) vs. AJ Styles

styles vs bully ray bfg

Overview: In one of the most important mainevents in TNA history, “The Calf Killer” takes on “Calf-Zilla” for the biggest prize in TNA Wrestling. Interestingly, Styles came out only to his “Evil Ways” theme without the transition to “Get Ready To Fly” while Bully Ray finally used the lyrical version of the Aces & Eights theme which was very refreshing on both accounts.

As the match began getting competitive, Garett Bischoff came down to the ring to distract Styles while Bully concealed a hammer. The two would then fight over the hammer, trying to deliver a devastating blow to one another. Knux would one-up Garett by entering the ring and choke-slam Styles, which only gained Bully a two count.

Knux would be disposed of which would eventually lead to Styles setting up Bully for an announce table spot. To his own chagrin, however, Styles would miss a four-fifty splash into the table as Bully just narrowly escaped. It was an incredible spot that really made you weary of the challenger’s condition.

While Styles laid in pain on the outside, Bully (yet again) pulled the padding off the ring to expose the wooden floor boards. To “ECW!” chants, Bully set to repeat the Slammiversary spot again but this time on Styles. TNA President, Dixie Carter would then come down to the ring and gave Bully a steel chair in order to help him win. Styles would ambush Bully with a forearm splash to the chair and Ray’s face, followed up by a successful four-fifty splash. However, Carter forced Earl Hebner to make a slow count which allowed Bully to kick out.

Eventually, Styles would get the advantage yet again and hit The Spiral Tap and got the three count! AJ Styles is the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion!

Analysis: This is the perfect example that talent can somehow, sometimes overcome booking because this match was very good despite a lot of interference and spots. Styles and Ray played their roles wonderfully and though Styles’ win wasn’t as climatic as it should have been, this match finally delivered a good convincing finish on the card.

Surrounded by cheering fans embracing him, AJ Styles celebrates his three-year long dream of finally assenting back to the top of TNA Wrestling. AJ Styles is finally your World Heavyweight Champion again!

Final Thoughts: The show had opened on a video package of Styles reliving his worst memories, hardships and the agony he went through over the past three years. Then, it showed how he is trying to rise up above it all to become the World Heavyweight Champion again. Throughout the night, as well, there were recaps of Styles’ greatest TNA victories. These videos were great to setup the most important question of this PPV: will AJ Styles finally win the world title?

Bad Influence also came out to the ring after the X-Division match, demanding that they be added in the tag team championship match. Eric Young then arrived to warn them that Joseph Park had turned into Abyss due to their previous attack. “The Monster” then decimated the “Best Coast Boogeymen”. Of course, TNA sold it as Abyss simply coming to Park’s aid as opposed to the obvious transformation. It was a simple segment that didn’t really need to happen but was harmless fun.

Sting, out to induct Kurt Angle into the TNA Hall Of Fame, delivered a solid promo about how deserving the inductee was to receive the honor. Angle then thanked everyone with “Thank you, Angle!” encompassing the arena. “The Icon” hands “The Olympic Gold Medalist” a watch that is to serve as TNA’s version of WWE’s hall of fame ring, which Angle grasped and sorrowfully declined his induction. He then handed the watch back to a dismayed Sting and announced that he will join him in TNA’s Hall Of Fame when he believes “he’s lived up to his potential”. This was, yet again, an odd thing to see but Angle’s character directions could be very interesting for months to come as he tries to prove to himself that he deserves the induction.

Overall, this show was a swerving spree that utterly confused both the audience in attendance and at home. There was no reason for half the booking decisions to have taking place. All TNA had to do tonight was deliver incredible wrestling and performing despite their somewhat lackluster card. Instead, the show delivered lack-luster contests with swerve endings in order to make up for the poor build half the angles had.

This show almost felt like a PPV from 2010-11 where Bischoff was mostly in control of creative, which could still be a big possibility. However, name-dropping him as a scapegoat will not forgive the disappointment that this event was. Bound For Glory is supposed to be the biggest and best show of the year but both Lockdown and Slammiversary blew it out of the water, as did TV Specials such as Destination X and No Surrender. It simply did not deliver on what BFG is promised to be each year.

IMG_3189However, “Swerve-ception” indeed happened as every match on the card featured a stupid swerve except the one that was expected to have it the most. Styles won the title, finally, with no shocking turn or ending. It was just a babyface hero defeating evil and being victorious and glorious, what Bound For Glory should be about.

While Styles’ win was great to see and gave the PPV a feel good ending, the rest of the card can not be forgiven. The commentary was pretty bad tonight and the crowd, through no fault of their own, were bad in some matches probably due to how tired and very confused they were. It’s not really necessary to re-watch this show but the mainevent is worthy of a watch especially if you’re a fan of “The Phenomanal One” AJ Styles – our new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Grade: C

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  • Kevin Berge

    I finally got around to finishing this show. As far as what I saw, I was a bit deflated by this show as a whole sadly. For TNA’s biggest show, it felt like a night for a lot of change but not really one with a big fight feel. That’s probably my biggest complaint overall.

    The wrestling as a whole was solid. The gauntlet match did its job and was entertaining though a bit unexciting once it made it clear what direction it was heading. The X-Division match was good, but I expected these guys to be much more focused than they were. It never really felt like these guys were working to be the best only to get the most out of their situation with a really weird finish. The tag team title match was surprisingly well wrestled, but there is something to be said for playing to credibility. You can’t just act like a team is better than it is until you’ve convinced everyone of their credibility. This had to drain the audience because they had no reason to believe in what actually happened in the match.

    If the crowd were better, I may have gotten into the okay KO match, but it was hard to really be interested in what was going on then another swerve came to make things even more hard to grasp. There were clearly two great matches for the show, and this was one of them. I don’t know if I liked this more or less than Styles/Ray, but both were verging on greatness with this being hurt a bit by some odd booking. I liked the EC3 match for what it was. It went as expected with him getting a debut very similar to MVP years back. His theme is something else.

    Sting/Magnus was okay at best. It really disappointed me honestly. I was expecting a lot stronger storytelling, but the crowd wasn’t going to help this anymore plus the pacing never gave the right feel for the ending sequence. Sting really did not do a great job in the contest, really showing his age for the first time. The post-match turn did feel a bit out of nowhere though there were some seeds planted. I would hope he’s elevated from here on out. Finally, I got to see Styles/Ray live, and I really enjoyed it in spite of all the overbooking. In fact, I liked it in spite of a lot of problems in spots. Ray was actually a few steps slow the entire match, and the booking pacing was rotten in killing the mood as I didn’t even anticipate the finish when it came. Still, Styles put on the performance of a lifetime to make this more than worth watching, even perhaps the best match of the night over a better purely wrested Roode/Angle match.

    Of the non-wrestling work, I wasn’t big on there being a big promo section with Bad Influence and Young/Abyss. It felt like something that should definitely have been saved for Impact and was a time fill. The Angle segment was an interesting development of his story, but it felt so convoluted. If he was going to decline the induction, why did he wait until after he was inducted? It felt like a swerve for the sake of a swerve and another segment not quite PPV worthy.

    What this show amounted to in the end was solid to good wrestling marred by rotten booking. That’s not saying though that the talent aren’t to blame as well. Many of the talent didn’t seem to work at 100% here. They didn’t plan these matches as well as they should have, and it showed with some very formulaic styling throughout. Still that’s nitpicking a bit on the biggest issue which was that TNA really tried far too hard to be surprising, and it made the whole night demoralizing as a fan.

    I agree with your C ranking overall. If it were a normal PPV, I’d be more lenient, but this was Bound for Glory. It is not acceptable to be throwing out all these swerves and having the talent underperform on the biggest night of TNA’s year.

  • Alisha

    I have a feeling that next years BFG will be much better…you know why. I love you, Jay. Plus 1,000 thumbs up

  • Charlie Groenewegen

    Hiiiiiiiiii, Jaykubbbbbbb. And look, 2 new people commenting. Cool. I like how the review isn’t in slideshow format because that can get bothersome after a while. And daaaaamn, +6 has to be a new record on an article. Anyway, onto BFG…

    I’ll just say the preshow was cool. Actually nice having a live match this year as opposed to airing a replay of a match like last year. Chavo still sucks though. Bro Mans winning was awesome, but the most awesome was still yet to come.

    The Ultimate X could’ve been so much more & the ending was definitely underwhelming… well, most of the match was underwhelming to an extent. I fucking hate when ladders are brought into Ultimate X matches because that kills the whole purpose of it being an Ultimate X anyway. You’re supposed to climb the ropes & get to the middle of the structure in order to pull down the belt. Using a ladder eliminates the toughest/most exciting part of the match & I think Aries was the only one who actually used the structure throughout the match while dickbag Hardy had to grab the fuckin ladder & ruin it. If Hernandez once climbed an Ultimate X in 2006 (was it 06 or 07?) then Jeff Hardy can do it in 2013 when the structure is sure as shit more stable than the shaky wires of old Ultimate X matches.

    And goddammit the finish was awkward & just…. bleh. Chris Sabin uses Velvet Sky to what? Distract the other 4 men in the match? Or were the other 3 just reluctantly out of it while Hardy was the only one distracted by her? That ending sucked & the ladder just killed the whole vibe of the match.

    And Sabin was the guy I wanted to win the least (though I’m second guessing myself on that one after Hardy introduced the fucking ladder) because I just see no reason to put the title on him. Until you mentioned it, I hadn’t even realized this is the THIRD time in SIX MONTHS that he’s held the X title. And he’s had one World title reign mixed in between. Jesus Christ… well, if recent history shows anything it’s that Sabin can’t keep gold so whoever his next challenger is should be happy. Having Manik win would’ve elevated him so much more but now he just looks like a nobody.

    BRO MANS vs. GUNSTORM — what an awesome match… unexpectedly awesome too. A lot of near falls & definitely deserving of the TNA! chants it got. Bro Mans shown that they can work & put on a good show when given the chance and I’m glad/proud that they’re the NEW tag team champions. Storm stated on Twitter that he’s gonna need stitches in his leg, so I’m not sure if/when a rematch will take place. But the idea of Gunner going after Bro Mans by himself for a bit doesn’t seem too bad; especially with his Mr. Intensity moniker. Bro Mans can beat up on Gunner in a somewhat short-lived 2-on-1 feud then maybe Gunner can get frustrated with Storm and they could split one of two ways:
    1) Gunner turning on Storm since he feels Storm is nothing more than a drunk & he had to carry his drunken ass to the tag titles (reinforcing what Roode has said about Storm.
    2) Storm turning on Gunner out of paranoia that Gunner would turn on him after expressing frustration with the cowboy. Be like, “I got you before you got me” kinda thing.

    Knockouts match was meh… Brooke & ODB did alright but Gail did virtually nothing & won with help from Tapa. OK then.

    Roode vs. Angle was awesome & it just felt awesome seeing Roode gain some redemption from BFG ’11. Angle’s development should be interesting as he’s all bad luck Kurt for a little bit then maybe he’ll turn it up by Lockdown or a little later.

    EC3 is cool, but the match went a bit longer than it should’ve though debuting at BFG does give him that feeling that he’s gonna be a big deal in the future.

    Sting vs. Magnus also left something to be desired…. Sting, even at his old(er) age, could still put on a good match – we’ve seen it vs. Austin Aries in Chicago earlier this year – but nothing special really came of Sting/Magnus.

    The main event was cool & not as overbooked as I had originally thought. Just a little camera time for Garett, Knux, & Dixie wasn’t too bad. AJ Styles wins & everyone’s happy about that. He deserved to win.

    Best parts of BFG IMO were the tag title match, Angle vs. Roode, and AJ vs. Bully. The show was alright, but not the best of the year (I’d say Slammiversary was). I’d say…. B-ish kinda grade.

  • Ray (@BK_NY_RAY)

    I just the show and I have to disagree with your C grade. I would give it at least a B or B-. Plus, your review of each match and segment don’t match the C grade.

    I agree with your pre show tag gauntlet match review. And personally, I like that the BroMans won because one, they are very good wrestlers, two, they are hilarious, three, they are very good as a tag team (Jersey Shore douches LOL) and four, TNA only had like three believable tag teams, GunStorm, the Latinos, BI, and EY and Park went from goofing to getting a chance at the titles so IDK if they should count. So now, we have the ones I just mentioned, plus, the BroMans and maybe Abyss replacing Park.

    I agree with your X division match review. I would have put Manik in place of Hardy in the whole moving Sky to safety and trying to stop Sabin on the ladder because Manik was the champ and puts Manik in a, “he lost the title because he was trying to protect Sky and almost stopped Sabin.” I find Sabin is great and hilarious as a heel.

    I also agree with your Tag championship match review. The only thing I don’t agree with is saying GunStorm’s credibility is over because it was a great match and proved Robbie and Jesse, and them as a tag team. Oh, and saying the match was pretty good because it was better than that.

    • Ray (@BK_NY_RAY)

      Gail Kim is the best women wrestler ever, not just in TNA. Maybe only Awesome Kong is better. Unless there is someone or more than one woman wrestler that is better that I don’t remember ATM.

      I thought the match was really good, the crowd was good and the powerbomb Tapa gave Brooke was awesome. Also, I don’t find the ending weird. Tapa was attacking all the KO’s since her debut and now she did the same but decided to help Kim.

      I haven’t seen the Roode VS Angle match yet but from what I’ve read I would say your review is spot on. Plus, Roode and Angle are two of the best ever so I expect nothing less than a A match at the very least.

      I found th debut of EC3 to be dumb because he should have just destroyed the jobber. But I do like his gimmick, wrestling and everything. I’m glad TNA signed him.

      I didn;t see the Sting VS Magnus match yet so I can’t comment on it.

      I completely agree on your main event review.

      I also agree on your “Final Thoughts” of the Styles video packages, BI/Abyss, Angle HOF but disagree with the rest.
      It was definitely not a lackluster card. We don’t know why some booking were done, they could very well have been dumb bookings with bad results or they could result in amazing results. I actually like that Sabin won because he was losing credibility at least to me and maybe Manik was not being that believable and maybe the belt was losing prestige. Also, I that the BroMans won and so on. The matches definitely were not lackluster, they all weren’t OMG, super climatic matches but they were good.

      Very good review for the most part. I think I finally found a wrestling site that isn’t pathetic biased, corporate, pro WWE and anti TNA.

      You night have just gotten a new fan.

      • Jacob Stachowiak

        Kim really is the best, Kong is all about gimmick and less about skill.

        It’s just weird with the Kim “shocking” swerve. If it had been the only swerve all night, I would have been perfectly fine with it but it was hard to swallow with all the other stuff.

        Roode/Angle was a very good wrestling match, just with a bad ending. Roode winning was cool to see though.

        EC III match was so pointless, why is that on PPV?

        I think Manik was perfectly fine as X-Division champion, they just didn’t give him a personal feud to show it. He didn’t do anything as champion and he won’t now for sure since he’s isn’t champion anymore. TNA just gave up on him like they did with Sabin as champion. I am looking forward to their feud though.

        Thanks for enjoying the review, man, our site is very pro-TNA/ROH while not being overly negative about any promotion. Usually all our TNA reporting is very, very positive but I couldn’t bring myself to mark out for anything on the show and I just didn’t really enjoy it. I was kinda depressed throughout, the Ultimate X match pretty much set that up.

        I hope you do become a fan, Ray, we always appreciate people commenting on our work.

    • Jacob Stachowiak

      I thought my overall depressing thoughts did a decent enough job of showing that I would grade it as a C,

      I agree with the Manik/Sabin thing. Manik wasn’t even featured very much in the match and not at all in the finish, they didn’t even focus on him losing the title so unfairly. It was bullshit and the way you have it booked, would have made it a lot better. They’re probably going to feud for the belt so it would have made more sense if Manik was put into that situation and not pointless Hardy.

      It’s over, Gun-Storm is done. At least, I think so but maybe TNA will push the Bro Mans hard as a competent tag team. I just hate thinking about how Storm/Gunner beat The Bro Mans all those times just to lose in this one (especially after the new champs already wrestled a match earlier in the night). Also, their manager was so pointless and it pissed me off.

  • Grasby

    I don’t think Sting fully understands how you’re meant to put someone over.

    Losing to them isn’t enough. When Flair faced Sting back in the day, he showed fear towards Sting & had a fiery approach to selling Stings offense to make him look like a true beast. Sting did none of this for Magnus. He wrestled half-assed & in a t-shirt.

    Sting has no uses anymore if he can’t be the veteran who put’s the younger talent over. He needs to retire & fast.

    Overall, the show sucked pretty bad. I didn’t have much hype going in & it disappointed me in almost every way.

    The Ultimate X was one of the worst in company history with a deflating ending. The tag-title match was worthless & shows just how far Storm has fallen after he was defeating Roode last year in a true MOTC. Bad Influence jobbing to Abyss? awful. KO’s match was average at best & shows just how deflated the division truly is. Roode & Angle was okay – certainly the best match on the show. That finish however was stupid as hell & Angle turning down the HOF earlier? a truly terrible night for Angle. The main event was needed to save the show & it disappointed again. Despite Styles trying to kill himself, it was an overbooked mess & somehow made a feel-good ending feel deflating.

    I’d love to continue defending this company like I have in the past, but I feel it’s almost time to put the company out of it’s misery. Is there really a need for a number 2 promotion anymore? I don’t really think so. TNA would be a lot better off if they didn’t try to compete with the WWE all the time. Hiring the likes of Hogan, Hardy, RVD, etc did nothing for them in the long run except dry out their bank account, going on the road has had the same effect & they failed terribly on Monday nights against Raw. TNA could of been happy just being a number 2 promotion with the likes of Styles, Joe, Sabin, Daniels, Kazarian etc but they seemed to be on a mission to eventually take out WWE. What a terrible approach.

    I’ll be surprised if this company is still in business by next year. It’s quite saddening.

    • Ray (@BK_NY_RAY)

      I don’t think you know what it is to put someone over. When Taker put over Orton he was never afraid nor made Orton look like a beast. He kicked out of RKOs mutliple times, Orton only beat him by cheating and Taker even beat him in their last match of their feud.

      I think Sting needs to work on his in ring stuff or at least figure out how to put on amazing in ring work even if he is too old to put on AJ Styles type in ring work. And I think he needs to stop wearing shirts too.

      I have to disagree, the show didn’t suck. I definitely liked it.

      I’m new to TNA so IDK if this Ultimaet X match was one of the worst. I have to disagree, the Tag title match was not worthless..

      Bad Influence getting whooped by Abyss is the same as Taker coming in and taking out Benoit, Finlay, MVP and more in quick fashion.

      I thought the KOs match was good.

      I found the Angle HOF and how he lost weird but it might be for an amazing storyline. We have to wait and see.

      The main event was decent to me but the spots were awesome. And I love Styles as champ.

      And I don’t see what’s wrong with trying to make TNA on WWE’s level in popularity and such, and signing ex WWE guys. If the wrestler are good then you sign them. So, TNA should have never signed Sting, Angle or Hardy? come on. When Hardy went to TNA he was WWE’s main guy. Either TNA waited to long to market the hell t of Hardy or it was Hardy’s fault for being in drugs/

    • Jacob Stachowiak

      I agree that Sting did nothing for Magnus but that can be put on the booking staff for not allowing anything. The only development from it was Magnus hogging the spotlight like a total piece of shit while Sting was somewhat tired. It was half-assed but it wasn’t that bad. It was the first match of Sting’s that I’ve ever legitimately been disappointment by. But it’s not all Sting’s fault, booking just wasn’t what it should have been.

      Ultimate X, while it may not be the worst, it’s probably in the top three worst Ultimate X matches ever. It was such a massive massive, massive disappointment.

      The mainevent was over-booked and a tad bit underwhelming of a conclusion but at least they had Styles win which was enough to make it the best match for me. Though, Roode/Angle is a close second despite its stupid ending.

      It may have been a huge disappointment but it doesn’t spell the end for the company. I think it’ll last another 11 years and more, at least I hope it will.

      You should check out my other, more personal review since you’re on the more negative side of things you’ll agree with me more on this: