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TNA Bound for Glory 2012: Results & Review from a Monumental Show in Phoenix

TNA’s biggest show of the year, Bound For Glory, has come to a close. Champions were crowned and memories were definitely made.

This was TNA’s first trip to Phoenix and, based on the crowd reaction, you can bet they’ll be back in the future.

I had very high hopes when ordering the pay-per-view (No online streams for me) and I’m proud to say that TNA delivered a great night of action.

With all of that said, here’s my $0.02 on TNA’s Bound For Glory:

X-Division Championship: RVD def. Zema Ion

Following a huge flying drop kick, some Rolling Thunder, and a Frog Splash; Rob Van Dam won the X-Division Championship for the first time.

Zema Ion had a very strong performance on TNA’s grandest stage and, if my memory serves me correct, was pretty dominant in his match against the former TNA World Champion.

High-flying action (mostly from Ion) had this crowd chanting “TNA! TNA! TNA!” from start to finish. Zema received good heat in the match and RVD had obvious fan support.

I, for one, think Zema Ion should’ve retained the championship. Having the younger guy go over the veteran would make the younger star look that much better, bigger, stronger, faster, and credible. TNA decided to take another route, one I’m not too upset about.

Putting the X-Division title around the waist of RVD would only add more prestige and credibility to that belt. Whatever puts more emphasis on the X-Division is a good move, in my opinion.

After the match, Zema Ion took to Twitter and said that defeat should not count. He stated that RVD is ineligible to compete in the X-Division given the 225 lb weight limit.

Things in the X-Division should be interesting come this Thursday on IMPACT. I’m hoping to see this feud between RVD and Ion continue (or start, technically. Never really was a feud to begin with) and for that weight limit to be tossed in the trash.

Television Championship: Samoa Joe def. Magnus

These former tag team champions finally met in a one-on-one match with that shiny, red-strapped TV title on the line.

Both guys had a strong performances in an evenly-contested match. Samoa Joe would block Magnus’ Figure Four attempt and choke him out as a result. Joe keeps that TV title and its prestige only continues to rise while on the shoulder of that, to quote Taz, “Samoan Bathtub”. (I don’t understand it either).

Magnus is definitely on the rise in TNA and Samoa Joe is really helping pull that TV title out of the gutter that it has been in for sometime now.

Good match between the two and I’m hoping they can meet again in the future.

Street Fight: James Storm def. Bobby Roode w/ King Mo

This match was waaaay too early in the line-up. This grudge match has been boiling for over a year and is one of TNA’s deepest rooted rivalries in company history. It should’ve been co-main event or the third-to-last match on the card.

Apart from that little complaint, BFG was perfect.

Also, to anyone saying, “Why was King Mo there? He was useless! Ugh!!” Did you honestly want to see him more involved? He filled his role, he did what he had to do, and the match was not negatively effected by it. If anything, having Mo more involved, as some people so desperately moan about, it would’ve negatively effected the match.

Anyway, there was buckets of blood in this match. This was definitely the most brutal match of the year, for any wrestling company.

Garbage cans, garbage lids, chains, kendo sticks, tacks, beer bottles, and tables. Pretty much, anything that wasn’t nailed down to the floor was used as a weapon.

This is definitely a strong contender for ‘Match of the Year’ (I’m putting together the 2012 IMPACT Awards soon enough…).

Brutal, gruesome, bloody, and yet; beautiful storytelling. The ending… You can’t get much better than that.

A bloodied James Storm shattering a beer bottle over his former partner’s head, similar as to how their entire blood-filled rivalry started. The beer bottle wouldn’t be the end, however.

James Storm would stand Bobby Roode back up, only to knock him back down with a Last Call super kick; thus closing the book on this ever-so-personal feud.

Joey Ryan def. Al Snow

Any fan with access to YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook, or any social media outlet where Joey Ryan would spew his anti-TNA/Gut Checks rants should’ve loved to see this match come to a head.

Al Snow would finally get his hands on the California loudmouth. Al was even treated to a great pop from the crowd and the, “You still got it!” chants. Well, that and the, “We want Head!” chants too.

This was a nicely paced back and forth match. After a little ref bump, the action spilled to the outside.

Al Snow was in the driver’s seat and looked to have this match won, until a seven-foot mammoth of a man hopped the guard rail.

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan nailed a Carbon Footprint on Snow, which allowed for Joey Ryan to get the win.

After the match, in an interesting turn of events, Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan shook hands signaling some kind of agreement between the two.

Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan as a tag team could be an interesting idea…

Tag Team Championship: Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez def. AJ Styles & Kurt Angle and Daniels & Kazarian

We’ve seen in the past just what AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Daniels, and Kazarian are capable of doing when they share a wrestling ring.

Add the team of Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez and the action becomes even more hectic, yet entertaining.

There was plenty of spots in this match and the live Phoenix crowd was just eating it all up. Daniels’ springboard moonsault, Hernandez suicide dive, AJ’s front flip, and Angle delivering a belly-to-belly suplex to Kazarian off the top rope and onto his partner, Daniels, below.

After all the chaos simmered down, Hernandez threw Daniels across the ring with a Border Toss and Chavo capped it off with a Frog Splash to become new TNA Tag Team Champions.

Great tag team action in this match.

Knockouts Championship: Tara def. Tessmacher

Tessmacher definitely had one of her strongest performances to date. She brought her A game for Bound For Glory, but even that was not enough to beat the veteran in Tara.

Tess missed an elbow drop and Tara capitalized by hitting a Widow’s Peak for the victory.

I was really impressed with Tessmacher, and have the same feeling as the RVD/Ion match earlier. Having Tess go over the veteran would’ve made her look so much better and would’ve produced a better BFG memory. However, this is definitely one of the best Knockout matches we’ve seen all year.

After the match Tara introduced her Hollywood boyfriend to be Big Brother star, Jessie. Taz was the only one truly surprised by this. The rest of the Phoenix crowd greeted Jessie with a, “Who are you?” chant.

I think Tara shouldn’t’ve built Jessie up as such a huge Hollywood star. They could’ve said he’s a reality TV star or something, but they made him sound like too big of a deal which most likely letdown a few fans.

Jessie Godderz is one half of the OVW Southern Tag Team Champions, so it’ll be interesting to see how the guys in Ohio Valley work that out. I’m excited and happy to see Godderz finally on the official TNA roster. His in-ring stuff could still use some work, but he could be a big star in the future.

No Disqualification: Aces & Eights def. Sting & Bully Ray

During SPIKE TV’s, “Countdown to Bound For Glory” (really cool, by the way), Hulk Hogan announced that this match will be no disqualification. He wanted to make sure A&8s has no excuse for when they lose.

Incredibly stupid decision, Hulkster.

The two A&8s members dragged a dirty and beaten Joseph Park to ringside. They handcuffed him to the guardrail and knocked him out with one punch.

Bully Ray was right when he said that this will be more of a fight than a wrestling match. Hell, he even wore old-school style Sting face paint as Sting wore a Bully Ray t-shirt. Those little touches shown their unity and were really cool.

Bully was popular with the crowd and seemed to be enjoying himself.

Sting and Bully were in control of the match and Sting, once again, called for the tables. When the table was set up, Sting was dragged outside of the ring and Bully was one-on-one with the other member of A&8s.

Just then, a third member arrived on scene with a steel chair. When the third A&8s member went to attack Bully Ray, Joseph Park channeled his inner monster and broke free of the handcuffs. Park proceeded to kick this third man’s ass all the way out of the arena.

Another member of A&8s showed up later on and sent Bully Ray crashing through the table that was set up. This led to A&8s getting the pin and full access to IMPACT Wrestling.

A&8s attacked the bully and the TNA Hall of Famer until a furious Hulk Hogan emerged. The crowd erupted as Hogan laid out members of Aces & Eights one punch at a time.

Hogan stepped into the ring with only one A&8s member left. Hulk laid in some punches and a big boot before Sting grabbed the masked man. Hogan motioned to the crowd that he was going to unmask the attacker.

As the mask came off, to everyone’s surprise, DEVON was the man under it! A stunned Hogan, Sting, Bully Ray, and Phoenix stood in awe.

Devon laughed and said, “It was me all along” before fleeing the scene with his gang.

As Devon left with his crew, Team TNA remained in the ring unknowing of what to do. After a minute the crowd started a little, “This is awkward!” chant.

My initial thoughts when Devon was revealed as an A&8s member was, “WTF, Devon?!” I think it was a great swerve and TNA really worked one over on everyone.

To anyone who says TNA is too predictable, did you see this in your dollar-store crystal ball?

It was a fun brawl while it lasted and Devon really swerved things hardcore.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Jeff Hardy def. Austin Aries

This was an amazing match from start to finish. Another ‘Match of the Year’ candidate, for sure.

Some fans might complain about Aries losing, but Hardy’s win does make for a good story. Since his return, Hardy has steered clear of poor decision making and put on quality performances.

Even in defeat, Austin Aries had an incredible showing on TNA’s biggest stage and even Taz said that this defeat shouldn’t mean much to the now-former World Champion.

There was big moves, big spots, and a really great crowd behind this match. They were split perfectly down the middle on who to root for.

Jeff Hardy planted Aries with a Twist of Fate and then nailed a Swanton Bomb to finish off an amazing night. Hardy’s road to redemption has been completed on TNA’s grandest stage and in the form of TNA’s grandest prize; the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.


I’ve said it before, and now I think I’m correct.

Bound For Glory 2012 was the GREATEST Bound For Glory of all-time!

Every match delivered. There was something for X-Division fans, something for the more technical wrestling fans, hardcore/extreme fans, fans of women’s wrestling, tag team action, and singles action.

There was even the shock factor in the forms of Matt Morgan, Jessie Godderz, and Devon.

BFG has really spun TNA in a(n even more) positive direction as 2012 reaches its closing. With all the events that went down at BFG, this Thursday’s IMPACT is sure to be “can’t-miss” material.

RVD is X-Division Champion, Samoa Joe retained his TV title, James Storm ended his year-long war with Bobby Roode, Joey Ryan earned a TNA contract, Matt Morgan is back, Chavo & Hernandez are tag champions, Tara is Knockouts Champion, Jessie Godderz arrived in TNA, Devon is behind Aces & Eights, and Jeff Hardy is the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

This was, without a doubt, the best Bound For Glory ever.

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  • No longer TNA fan

    TNA doesnt know how to be succesfull.
    They threw away every single talent they had, Zema Ion, Austin Aries, Bully Ray. They are stupid as fuck. I was a fan of TNA since 2006, but giving the tittle to Jeff hardy was a slap in the face for professional wrestling, from now on im no longer a TNA supporter. Indeed, im done watching tna.

    • Kevin Berge

      Because Jeff Hardy hasn’t been given the title before in far worse situations….

    • TNA_TNA_TNA!

      Seeya. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

  • Kevin Berge

    Quite the show, one of the best this year certainly. What made it so was the talent involved. Each match delivered as it could with the time it had, leading to a well balanced card. It was helped further by a more twists in 3 hours than I’ve seen in any PPV this year so far. Finally, the weight of importance made this feel special.

    Was it a perfect night? No but very few shows are. The match card order was strange. I feel like Roode/Storm should have been at least half way through the show, and it should’ve gotten another 5 minutes as that could’ve possibly given the PPV a five star match which Storm and Roode almost did with only 18 minutes in ring.

    For the individual matches, Ion and RVD was a fine curtain jerker though the tag team match would’ve been better in that role. I don’t like RVD winning, but someone had to take the belt off Ion and make things less predictable. Joe/Magnus had a lot of potential and was good, but they tried too hard. At times, the two just needed to slow down and build their story more.

    Storm/Roode was too early, and it showed as it made the matches after it look weak in comparison for a while. Snow/Ryan was fine, almost WWE style match, though it was a bit too long. The tag team match was good, but it was one of those kind of matches that was too much action and too much commotion. It was fun to watch with some cool spots though. Chavo and Hernandez winning should move along the tag team division now that is growing far too stagnant.

    Tara/Tessmacher was okay. It started out weakly, but given the time it was ended up delivering by the end despite Tessmacher occasionally taking too long to deliver spots. I was fairly confident that Godderz would be the boyfriend, so I wasn’t surprised there but it was a good decision. Having him not be that big of a star was only better for the story as Tara was overhyping him intentionally. The Aces and 8s match was about as good as could be expected, not anything to write home about besides the ending, but it was a fun brawl though having tag ins seemed pointless. I did love that Ray and Sting satisfied the crowd’s table love. As far as Devon being revealed as part of Aces and 8s, it was a huge swerve. It was absolutely shocking plus I like he’s not the leader because I don’t see him being able to pull that off.

    I admit, this match caught me by surprise. It wasn’t just good. It was great. The crowd added to it. The two men, despite a weak build (the story was built better in this one match than through all the build up to it), made this a special match and one that truly felt like the prestigious main event it was. And while Jacob will never like it, I think the Hardy win was a good one. The crowd loves him, and he has proven he can deliver in the main event against anyone. I do not like that it came at the expense of a newly turned Aries though who should’ve stayed face if he was going to lose the title.

    As far as having so much spotlight on the old guys, it was a crowd pleasing idea, and they succeeded in that. It’s a bit sad that RVD, Hogan, and Chavo get the crowd more excited than young TNA originals sometimes. but it’s just a fact.

    Due to importance and swerves alongside two very good matches, I’d give this match an A and probably say it’s my second favorite PPV of the year behind WrestleMania despite Destination X having a better overall card just like Extreme Rules vs. WrestleMania. This is all about importance and surprise, and BFG delivered.

  • JacobStachowiak

    Worst featured image of all time.

    • Charlie G

      I figured you’d say that haha… I’d rather use this one than the generic, “Bound For Glory!” pictures though

  • Nick Money Elzer

    I wanted Al Snow to get Pepe’s tombstone from under the ring too, if you don’t know who Pepe is then you need to do some youtubing.

    • Charlie G

      Al should’ve worn a JOB Squad t-shirt

  • Chris Langford

    Over exaggeration describes this PPV. I tried really hard to love this PPV but I couldn’t.

    RVD vs. Zema Ion was clunky and sloppy whilst Magnus vs. Joe was good, It could have been a lot better. Storm/Roode was by far the match of the night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow was extremely boring and Matt Morgan was a very good touch and him and Joey could be a good tag team. The Tag Team Title match never really got going, Kurt Angle was obviously working injured, Chavo & Super Mex winning made sense though. Tara & Tess wasn’t even worth watching it was boring beyond belief. Aces and Eights vs. Sting and Bully was good-ish but the swerve for the sake of swerving was idiotic. Jeff vs. Aries was good but it wasn’t excellent I enjoyed it and I’m so happy with the title change because A Double is good in the ring but he is stale as hell as a persona. Overall not a very good PPV.

  • Jeff Awesome

    Great review Charlie! Lots of surprises kept the crowd entertained. The swerves were well-timed and logical. Matt Morgan coming back as a monster heel should suit him nicely. Joey Ryan winning made me happy. Magnus is the future of pro wrestling. Vince will make him the next Cena.

    As for Aces and 8s, I disagree that Devon was the best choice. You all know who I thought should have been the leader. Anyway, any feud involving Ray/Devon should be fantastic. Expect it to end at LockDown or Slammiversary.
    The “This is Awkward” chant was started by a fan behind me. He gets my MVP for best fan of BFG. Hardy winning the belt did not surprise me. TNA is making him the Cena of TNA.

    • Charlie G

      Thank you! Morgan coming back should be fun, especially if he has some alliance with Joey Ryan. Vince will turn Magnus into the next Cena? Are you saying he’ll be released from TNA sometime soon? Haha

      I think Devon makes an interesting member of A&8s, but they definitely need a bigger name revealed as the leader. Devon could still have a key role in the group, just not as leader. I agree with ya on who it SHOULD be *cough, cough DOUBLE J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cough* I’m thinking it’ll end in a Lethal Lockdown come April

      Haha, he does deserve MVP then! That chant started off small & grew, & grew, & grew until almost the whole arena was chanting it haha.

      That’s true about Hardy. As soon as Cena does the 5 moves of doom, you know it’s over or almost over. When Jeff Hardy takes his shirt off & climbs the top rope, you know it’s over. Haha

  • SiD

    Pretty good PPV.

    • Charlie G

      Pretty good, Sid?

      • SiD was awesome.

        • Charlie G

          That’s more like it haha

          • SiD

            That Devon stuff was amazing, though…not the reveal, the expression on Bully Ray’s face..

  • Blair Lucas

    I think your markism is showing. I just finished watching BFG and instead of feeling like it was 3 hours long, it felt like it was double that. Most of the matches were sloppy and boring. The booking was stupid as hell as well. All of the championship changes were simple: Ratings are atrocious so they panicked and changed almost everything in hopes it would gain viewers.

    I heard Joe say this may have been good as Wrestlemania. Not only is that disrespectful to the amazing Wrestlemanias of past, it is also a gross overstatement. It was mediocre at best.

    If this was the best BFG ever, then BFG must be pretty lame overall.

    • Eric

      I think your anti-TNAism is showing.

      • Blair Lucas

        No, it was just boring. It had nothing to do with me being a WWE fan, the wrestling was just boring. It would be boring if it was a WWE PPV.

        • Eric

          Your mentality is different because you’re not much of a TNA fan. TNA fans like me, Jacob, Charlie, Berge so on and so forth enjoyed it and were excited for it

          • Blair Lucas

            I don’t know how my mentality is different. We’re all wrestling fans. I know good and bad wrestling when I see it.

    • Jeff Awesome

      I was there in attendance and I enjoyed the show. Best PPV not named WM 28. Two MOTY candidates (Roode/Storm and Hardy/Aries) had the crowd’s attention. Who cares about the booking? I am sure Dixie Carter is looking for talented writers as we speak.

      While it’s not as good as WM 28, it is a WrestleMania-worthy show. Way better than WM 27 or any Mania matches not involving HBK/Taker.

    • Kevin Berge

      We all have our opinions on what we like an dislike; however, most people disagree with you on this. I have checked around on reviews from many sources and almost every one was very positive of the show calling it the best TNA show this year which is a big statement considering how good Slammiversary and Destination X were.

      Am I going to say it was as good as WrestleMania? No but I’d put it up against any other show from WWE this year. It had match quality, twists that made the show more unpredictable than any other (WWE or TNA) this year, and it had importance being built as TNA’s big night.

    • Charlie G

      “I just finished watching BFG and instead of feeling like it was 3 hours long, it felt like it was double that. Most of the matches were sloppy and boring. The booking was stupid as hell as well.”

      Interestingly enough, that’s EXACTLY how I feel while watching RAW sometimes.

      If ratings is what TNA was shooting for with all the title changes, I think AJ Styles & Kurt Angle would’ve won the Tag match. Also, I think the World title & KO title changes were more story oriented as RVD’s was most likely one of those random, “ratings-pop” attempts.

      How’s comparing BFG ’12 & WM 28 disrespectful to EVERY WrestleMania ever though?

      If you actually look into the history of BFG & watch ‘em all from 05-12, you could decide for yourself before making such a statement.