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The Devil Inside: Who Is Bray Wyatt’s Devil?

Monday Night Raw this week had both the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

On one hand, Damien Sandow had possibly a star-making performance in his World Heavyweight Championship match against Damien Sandow, a match that he would lose. Of course, the Big Show also marched down to the ring and knocked out WWE Champion Randy Orton, forcing COO Triple H to retreat. Both of the moments were excellent, making fans jump up and down with excitement. Hell, I know I was, especially during Sandow’s cash in attempt.

Sadly, there was a flip side to those awesome moments. Mainly in the form of the spookiest trio in wrestling today, the Wyatt Family.

With Halloween just a few short days away, it was perhaps fitting that the Family led by Bray Wyatt played such a pivotal, and heartbreaking, role  on Monday Night Raw. As Wyatt watched on, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper dismantled first Daniel Bryan backstage and then CM Punk in the ring, leaving only one message: “The devil made them do it”.

It was frightening, unsettling, and down right creepy, as the always intimidating Wyatt stood over two of WWE’s grandest heroes and, with a massive grin, proclaimed that the devil had forced him to commit the brutal act. But who exactly is that devil, and why would he force Wyatt to do something like this?

Of course, the obvious answer is WWE’s literal version of Satan, the Big Red Monster Kane. Seemingly returning at the perfect time to be that Devil, Kane made his first appearance in months at Hell In A Cell, taking out bout the Wyatts and The Miz before announcing that he was The Authority’s “monster to unleash” on Monday Night Raw.

Something there doesn’t add up.

While Kane’s return and subsequent attack on the Wyatts follows total logic, as the trio have been keeping him hostage for months, the rest of that tale does not, making it hard to believe Kane is Wyatt’s devil.

Kane Wyatt

After all, the Wyatts have not even shown the slightest of signs of working for the McMahon’s, so Kane’s apparent allegiance to that same group would make it odd for him to be the new figurehead of the Wyatts. Plus, of course, it wouldn’t make much sense to have Kane be the one with a stranglehold over the Wyatts when it was the Big Red Monster who was the one supposedly being tortured for months on end. Of course, there is always the off chance that we get swerved and somehow, it was Kane playing the mind games with the Wyatts, but right now, it doesn’t seem like The Authorities newest monster is Bray Wyatt’s apparent master.

Of course, the Wyatts’ lack of contact with The Authority would also knock out the possibility of another man being Bray’s “Devil”- Triple H.

Somehow though, it doesn’t.

While Kane being the devil Wyatt has refereed to would go in direct conflict with their storyline from SummerSlam, Triple H could fill those shoes perfectly, despite never having contact with the group.

Randy Orton

The Shield has now been around for nearly a complete year, having debuted at last year’s Survivor Series PPV in historic fashion, destroying Ryback. Now though, the trio that had previously seemed so united, has begun to crack. With Rollins and Reigns dropping their titles to the Rhodes Dynasty and Ambrose continuing his reign as U.S Champion, the tension has been obvious amongst the group, especially in a promo from them during Raw. In it, Ambrose stated several times that he was the final true champion of The Shield, which seemed to get under the skin of his two fellow Shield members. Could it finally be happening? Could the group that has terrorized everyone in the WWE for nearly a year be collapsing?

Well, if it is, The Game will need some new muscle to back up his own group, and who better than the Wyatts? They’ve toppled mountain after mountain, making them perfectly ready to take up the mantle created by The Shield. Once again, the move would require them to fight alongside Kane, their sworn enemy, but if it could somehow be explained properly, working with The Authority could take the Wyatt Family to new heights, heights that they’re more than expected to reach. After all, it’s surely too much of a coincidence that the Wyatts victimized.

However, there is one devil that few have discussed, perhaps because it’s almost too logical.

The devil Bray Wyatt is referring to is the devil inside of himself.

Since his debut over the summer, Wyatt has constantly referred to himself as something very, very close to the devil, most notably the Eater of Worlds. Wouldn’t the next step be to just come out and blatantly state the fact we already know – Bray Wyatt is the devil, and there’s nothing we can do to stop him?

While it wouldn’t be as satisfying for many fans as a full reveal of either Kane, HHH, or someone else being the “devil”, it would staple home three facts about Wyatt that we all already knew.

Bray Wyatt is creepy.

Bray Wyatt is crazy.

Bray Wyatt is the devil.

Bray Wyatt 1

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  • Brett Chandler

    Paul Heyman referred to himself as Satan as Hell in a Cell the night before this edition of Raw. I’m guessing it’s him, but it might just wind up not being anybody.

  • Paul McIntyre

    It could be Triple H and Stephanie, for all we know. Administrative Ministry?

  • Kevin Berge

    As far as the idea of Wyatt as the devil himself makes sense. As far as the excuse “the devil made me do it” goes, it has generally been used as an excuse for the evil people do and don’t want to admit to. It would be a very logical conclusion, but this isn’t some narrative journey. This is the WWE where logic is often thrown out the window. I honestly see the devil being Triple H who is controlling everyone in the background including Kane (the Devil’s favorite demon). It all would lead to a kind of new Corporate Ministry, the Wyatt Authority?

    It’s an interesting that is just getting started. I look forward to how it continues.

  • Austin Robinson

    You may want to proofread this. Lotta mistakes. I’d edit it, but Jacob won’t give me privileges yet. ;_;

    But regardless, this was a solid article in spite of itself. It’s logical, makes sense, and every idea could legitimately happen. Personally, I don’t think it will be the devil inside of himself. It almost would seem too anticlimactic, despite making perfect sense. I’d guess that the Devil is Kane, with him being the Devils Favorite Demon and stuff, but that wouldn’t make much sense storyline-wise.

    Overall, a decent article but proofread next time.

  • Mizzy del Junco

    You may want to proofread this…

  • Jacob Stachowiak

    I bet Damien Sandow will look like shit for the next few months just to make us all defending his loss look stupid.

    Oh no, how awful of them to kill the two indy midgets….I just can’t contain how sad of a moment it was indeed.

    You don’t need the comma for the plural of Wyatts. I know it looks wrong but that’s the rules, I believe anyways.

    I think The Shield breakup has to be a slowburn heading into Mania. They haven’t gotten stale and are still on fire for the most part. Really no reason to break them up except if there’s gonna be a giant WM payoff.

    To sum up, the devil is either Big Show because he is the top face of the company but is also a tweener since he’s KO’d Faces & Heels and has turned so many times over the past years. Or it’s Daniel Bryan that is secretly the biggest heel of the company, allowing his greedy actions to cost people their jobs and health. Or it’ll be Kevin Nash. I’ll go with the last one.