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WWE Monday Night Raw 1/11/15 Preview: Our Misery Continues

5 Raw 1

Raw was awful last week. We really don’t have anything else to say on that. But this is a new week, and Monday Night Raw is back in New Orleans, the site of WrestleMania 30. While that doesn’t mean it will be a great show, it’s at least somewhat noteworthy. With no Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, or Erick Rowan around after ... Read More »

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/5/15 Preview: The Authority Returns

The Haitch Regine

Check out the Midcard Mafia subsite for even more great content! They’re back! After a grand total of five weeks of banishment, The Authority will finally be making their return this week on Raw, all thanks to Seth Rollins, John Cena, and Edge’s neck last week. The final visual of WWE’s 2014 was Triple H, Stephanie, and the entire Authority ... Read More »

The Authority: Analyzing Every Member of WWE’s Premier Stable

Ayyyyy lmao

Major heel stables have become the most popular angle in professional wrestling history. The Four Horsemen, NWO, and most recently The Shield all ran rampant over their respective companies and brought the wrath of fans down upon them as a result. It’s a relatively simple story to book, with the group rising to power only to be toppled by a ... Read More »

WWE: Sting Arrives & A Fan is Reborn

sting survivor series

Two hundred and thirty two days ago, I stopped being a fan of professional wrestling. It was the sound of the final time the ref’s hand hit the mat, which made my heart drop. The streak was over. My inner child, who loved wrestling since he was 4, was dead. Last night was the first time I watched wrestling since ... Read More »

John Cena, WWE’s Comfort Zone and Stepping Out of It

Ever hear wrestling fans complain about getting the same thing over and over again? Or that they’re sick of seeing the same guys be at the top for so long? We all have. It’s one of the biggest complaints wrestling fans have these days, especially in WWE circles. They’re tired of seeing John Cena be champion, something he’s done 15-times ... Read More »