Thursday , 2 October 2014
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WWE Night of Champions: Five Absolutely Irrefutable Predictions For The Show

The proclaimed ‘Night of Champions’ is upon us! Gladiators look to fight for survival in front of the masses who flood the colosseum, just looking for means of entertainment. Messenger pigeons are sent to and fro, carrying betting odds, predictions, and shiny gold coins. The Watch – the civilization’s earliest forms of policing – patrol the surrounding area of the ... Read More »

EXCLUSIVE: CM Punk’s Law Suit With WWE Uncovered!

BREAKING NEWS! As you all know, Wrestle Enigma has inside sources at WWE. Sources we cannot reveal for the sake of criminal prosecution. Did somebody say criminal prosecution? Oh, wait, that was me. Anyways, our sources have uncovered the lawsuit that CM Punk’s lawyers have filed with the WWE. We have chopped it down a bit and cut out some ... Read More »