Supercard Of Honor VII: Steve Corino Leads SCUM to WAR With Nigel McGuinness’ Team ROH in NYC

This past Saturday Ring of Honor held their “WAR” live event in Asheville, North Carolina, where Jimmy Jacobs and Jimmy Rave defeated Mike Mondo and Grizzly Redwood, Rhett Titus defeated former friend and tag team partner BJ Whitmer, and the final words were spoken before this coming Saturday’s Supercard of Honor, where SCUM and Ring of Honor will clash in an actual war.

Steve Corino has gathered a group of individuals who all have rightful reasons to be angry with Ring of Honor and ROH management, whether it be Rhett Titus who was stripped of his ROH World Tag Team Championship after the departute of Kenny King, Cliff Compton who was told he’d be brought in long before the 11th Anniversary Show or Jimmy Rave, who wasn’t offered a chance to return.

At the 11th Anniversary Show early last month all these men formed an alliance under Corino’s SCUM banner, SCUM standing for Suffering, Chaos, Ugliness and Mayhem, destructive traits the group plan to bring upon Ring of Honor in an act of revenge for their past disloyalty and betrayals, Corino stating that honor is not something the promotion has.

“The professional wrestling super group has been around for over three decades. The Four Horsemen, Devastation Inc., the nWo, and whatever they do now on Monday and Thursday nights. And each one of these groups had a common denominator: Take over.

Since Saturday nights [11th Anniversary Show] declaration of war, I have seen the comparisons to these groups and it just goes to show my point is true that pro-wrestling fans are not smart by any stretch of the imagination.

We don’t want to take over ROH, we wanted to KILL Ring Of Honor. We want to destroy ROH. We want to bankrupt this company. We will never be able to move on as long as this company promotes their version of professional wrestling.

SCUM’s mission from day one has always remained the same: Bring SUFFERING CHOAS UGLINESS & MAYHEM to a company that lies directly to the moron fans that they market to by saying they are all about “Honor”.

Honor? What a laughable concept. Since 2002, Ring Of Honor has promoted themselves as something different, something unique, and something innovative. But its a smoke screen of lies. It always has been.” – Steve Corino

At Supercard of Honor VII Steve Corino will lead five men from SCUM, those being Jimmy Jacobs, Rhett Titus, Rhino, Cliff Compton and Jimmy Rave, against a team banded together by Ring of Honor matchmaker Nigel McGuinness, who vowed two weeks ago on ROH Wrestling TV to stomp out SCUM and defend the promotion he helped build.

The men who defend honor this Sunday consist of ROH veterans BJ Whitmer and Mark Briscoe, Whitmer has had some of the bloodiest, roughest, toughest hardcore battles not only in Ring of Honor but in all of wrestling over the past decade, he and Jimmy Jacobs as well as Jimmy Rave are no stranges to one another and Whitmer comes seeking revenge.

Briscoe comes off the back of a defeat to Kevin Steen for the ROH World Championship at this past Saturday’s live event, while he’ll want to support his brother Jay in tha main event this coming Sunday his focus needs to be on SCUM. Mike Mondo also joins the team, having recently made his return to ROH he instantaneously had issues with SCUM for attacking his friend Grizzly Redwood.

And the final two members of Team Ring of Honor are Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander, one of the hottest rising teams in professional wrestling today. These two stole the show with The American Wolves at this past Saturday’s live event and defended ROH against SCUM last month at the 11th Anniversary Show in a losing effort, now C&C Wrestle Factory come seeking redemption.

This is the first big battle in the war between Ring of Honor and SCUM. With the likes of Jimmy Jacobs, BJ Whitmer, Jimmy Rave, Mark Briscoe and Cliff Compton featured its guaranteed to be an entertaining brawl inside the sold-out Hammerstein Ballroom.

Prediction: N/A