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TNA: Suicide, Come Alive: Analyzing the Video Game Character Turned Wrestler

In September of 2008 TNA took it’s first and to date, last stab at the console video game market when it teamed with Midway Games to create TNA Impact! for the PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. While the game let a lot to be desired it did have a few saving graces. The biggest saving grace, Suicide. Suicide was the playable character you donned the mask of in the storyline mode as you worked your way up to TNA and claimed all the gold, including the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Then at Final Resolution that year…He came alive.

But his debut wasn’t a total surprise as TNA had spent time beforehand flashing a website URL on the screen for less than a second every week. The name of the site was and it came with a lot of speculation. From his debut on throughout the entirety of his career people wanted to solve the mystery of the man behind the mask. Everyone from the Motor City Machine Guns, Lethal Consequences, and Homicide all wanted to see who put on the skull face mask. Homicide at one point stole the costume and proclaimed to know who he really was. April 7th 2011 was the last time we saw Suicide in a TNA ring and I personally have been awaiting his return ever since.

At one point Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, and Kyoshi were all Suicide and they all helped make the character a fan favorite, and the reason Suicide won a fan poll between himself, Rockstar Spud, and Rashad Cameron to make a return to Impact in the future. I personally find it amazing that a video game character could be able to be brought to the real world and make headway with the fans. Imagine your favorite video game character suddenly becoming a real person, that’s Suicide.

I believe that Suicide has to be considered a success being a former X-Division Champion and a fan favorite people have wanted to see return for quite some time. Everything from the character to his zip lining into the Impact Zone was unique and fun to see on a week to week basis. With the vignettes that began airing last week, his return is imminent and all we know for sure is that Suicide will come alive again soon and when he does, we’ll all be in for a treat.

About Marc Yeager

Well.....I guess stuff goes this stuff: Twitter: @MYO716, I like Waffles, I'm from Buffalo #BillsMafia, El Torito is the best in the world, All Aboard The Hoooo Train. That kind of stuff.

    Any wrestler wearing a mask mostly has my approval, though I never much cared for Rey Mysterio for some reason. As for the man behind the mask, how about Sabin’s ex partner Alex Shelley or Senshi? Anyway, good to see Suicide back in action.

  • Ryan

    Suicide was one of the interesting gimmicks TNA came up with over the years. I guess it was a success due to the talent that put on the mask.

  • Kevin Berge

    Suicide is awesome though I wonder who will be at the helm of this incarnation. Kaz and Daniels are a bit busy for that. Would Kyoshi come back just to play Suicide for a few weeks? I would love to see someone in OVW get the chance to play him for a time. I guess we’ll see. I don’t see the character lasting long. He’ll probably just be back for a few months in the X-Division cycle.

  • Jacob Stachowiak


    Anyways, besides that scary moment the one true question is: Who the fuck is going to play Suicide this time?

    • Marc Yeager

      I heard a rumor they were gonna bring Okada back to play him.

      • Charlie Groenewegen

        Sam Shaw should be Suicide just because…

        • Jacob Stachowiak

          Not just because……but because He’s MOTHER FUCKING SAM SHAW!!!

          • Charlie Groenewegen

            Seems legit.

  • Charlie Groenewegen

    Niiiiice. Suicide was one of my favorite guys in TNA…. the video game & on iMPACT!

    The fact that TNA was capable of creating a video game character, and then bring the character onto TV is really cool in itself. The fact that the character caught on and actually became X-Division Champion is even cooler.

    He was the top character in the division during his reign & his demise kinda felt abrupt & definitely uneventful. He just slowly fell off the radar as if TNA stopped caring for the character.

    Regardless, I’m so thrilled that it’s coming back. I loved everything about the character and I’m gonna be marking out for his return match on IMPACT. Hearing his theme song, lights out in the arena, he either zip-lines or just appears out of the dark — he’s awesome.

    I hope TNA keeps the character around because he could recapture that aura he had in 2009 & potentially become a fan favorite again + a big merch seller from Suicide t-shirts to Suicide masks.

  • Sean Linhares

    At the time of his run in TNA, I really wasn’t a fan of their product. However, when I heard about how a game character coming to life, I had to check it out. I really, really liked his character/gimmick and for awhile, I became a pretty big fan of TNA. It only laster about 3 or 4 months, but still was a fun time. Life just got busy for me. Still, one of my all time favorites. Hopefully we see him more soon. Great article.