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ROH News: New Challengers Announced for Kevin Steen’s World Title


Straight from the desk of ROH Match Maker Nigel McGuinness, the official ROH website ( has announced two brand new challengers to Kevin Steen‘s ROH World Championship. Though this may come as a surprise to many fans, both Jay and Mark Briscoe are the next in line to receive World Title shots.

Mark Briscoe will be awarded his championship match at a live event in Asheville, North Carolina on March 30th. While Jay Briscoe will get his opportunity at Kevin Steen on April 5th at the Supercard of Honor IPPV.

When I first read that the Briscoe brothers were getting shots at the title, I was shocked. These two men are the most decorated tag team in ROH history, but I assumed that they would either continue their feud with Red Dragon, or join the battle against SCUM in a much less significant way. Regardless, they are now both going into possibly the biggest matches of their respective careers versus the champion himself, Kevin Steen.

Personally, I’m excited about the decision. As Nigel McGuinness says in his official statement on the ROH website, both Mark and Jay Briscoe have been honorable men since day one of ROH. They have both fought for honor, and now they get the chance to dethrone Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare.

If I were to make predictions, I would say that Kevin Steen will dispose of both men. There is obviously the chance that Mark Briscoe wins his match in North Carolina, and goes on to face his brother at the IPPV. Though Kevin Steen’s title reign has been outstanding so far; and I would feel cheated if it were to end at a house show.  Kevin Steen should go on to face Jay Briscoe at the Supercard of Honor as champion and subsequently retain the title.

One thing that I could definitely see happening is Kevin Steen turning face all the way. It has been hinted for weeks, but I could see ROH pulling the trigger at the IPPV. Steen could beat Jay, and then adhere to the Code of Honor by shaking his hand afterwards. This could all lead to SCUM beating the holy hell out of both men.  Kevin Steen would then join the fight against SCUM, and probably end up defeating his very own creation.

Regardless of all that, both World Title matches should be a blast to watch; and hopefully we receive a surprise or two to go along with them!


What are your opinions about these two new title matches? Are you excited for them, or do you feel someone else should have received the opportunities? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  • Jason “Dragon Saga” Patrick

    If Jay Briscoe defeated Kevin Steen the Hammerstein Ballroom would explode. Event is already sold-out which means a good 2,000+ will be in attendance and I wouldn’t be surprised if knowing this match was occurring sold the last couple hundred on the event. I don’t see Jay leaving with the title but It’ll be a great match – however, saying that, I didn’t see Taven beating Cole or reDRagon beating The Briscoes so anything could happen.

  • Jaykub StalksAWitch

    Jay Briscoe is fucking talented. Good wrestler BUT he can also talk, that’s why he gets the shot over his brother who can’t talk for crap. Real excited to see how they build up Jay now.

    • Hexaton

      Maybe i’m the only person that prefers Mark over Jay lol but when it comes to a serious title contender, I agree it should be Jay.

  • Magic Sean

    Also just read that Adam Cole will get a title shot at Border Wars, so I’m guessing that Steen could lose the belt 1 year after he won it at the same event/place he won it at.

  • Magic Sean

    Hmmmmm very interesting………I don’t see either man picking up the title, but should make for a couple of great matches.

  • Kevin Berge

    Wow, so… it wasn’t Adam Cole who lost his title to move up… it was the Briscoes?? I guess it’s an interesting idea.