ROH News: Company “In Negotiations With Other Pro-Wrestling Offices” To Organize 2014 Event

As apart of their latest Newswire, Ring of Honor noted the following:

ROH officials are in negotiations with other pro wrestling offices at the moment in an attempt to work out a very special event for the fans in 2014.

This news is really interesting as it comes days after WWNLive, the company owned by Gabe Sapolsky which Dragon Gate USA, Florida Impact Pro (the former development promotion of Ring of Honor) and Evolve run under announced Roderick Strong will be appearing at an upcoming FIP event, and a day after it was announced he will also compete for Evolve.

Wrestle Enigma writer AJ Niemiec recently wrote an article detailing the fallout between Ring of Honor and Dragon Gate USA/Evolve head Gabe Sapolsky and why a relationship would benefit both promotions, who are slated by fans for utilizing contracts which sees wrestlers like Kevin Steen and Michael Elgin unable to appear on WWNLive iPPV’s and wrestlers such as Johnny Gargano and Chuck Taylor unable to appear on Ring of Honor television.

Another possibility could be a National Pro Wrestling Day. The first NPWD occurred two years ago and saw every independent wrestling company stage one match, with matches featuring performers of various companies against one another also. The event supposedly didn’t do as well as expected and was criticized for its production.

Other possibilities include Ring of Honor working with Chikara again and staging an event which would see members of both company’s face each other. The promotions ran a small “war” angle in 2011 which many fans criticized for not getting enough spotlight, they hosted a joint event called Synergy which was main evented by The Briscoes vs. Hallowicked and Fire Ant.

It could be a joint production with a Japanese promotion, ROH has affiliations with both NJPW and Pro Wrestling NOAH which has seen the companies trade talent such as Davey Richards to NJPW, Forever Hooligans to ROH, Eddie Edwards to NOAH and Taiji Ishimori to ROH. Or while doubtful, a rebirth of their affiliation with TNA.

Dave Meltzer reported back when ROH was bought by Sinclair Broadcasting that TNA reached out to the company at the time to form a working agreement, but Jim Cornette who was head booker at the time advised Sinclair not to do it as he had grievances with the company. ROH rejected, but with Cornette gone and Delirious in a potential working agreement could happen.

The deal could be a Ring of Honor hosted joint production between several independent promotions as ROH did not have much say in the National Pro Wrestling Day event.

Either way, whatever it is lets hope it brings us some good wrestling.