Ring of Honor Wrestling Results and Review October 26, 2013: Richards and Marvin Steal The Show & Bennett One Ups Steen

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This weeks edition of Ring of Honor Wrestling is the go-home show to Glory by Honor XII which we are covering here on the site, and it’s funny considering this was recorded like four weeks ago now, but either way this is looked at as the final show before the VOD event so we get something special e.g. Davey Richards vs. Ricky Marvin and Kevin Steen vs. Eddie “Eddie Edwards” Edwards in the main event.

The show opens with a video package highlighting the career ending Piledriver BJ Whitmer suffered at the hands of Michael Bennett in July at All Star Extravaganza, Nigel McGuinness narrates and says that the wrestlers of Ring of Honor are elite, professional athletes and that in professional wrestling accidents and injuries can and do occur.

We get a recap of BJ Whitmer announcing his retirement, saying he loves the fans and the company, and asks Nigel McGuinness for one favor – to give Jimmy Jacobs a chance to earn his spot back in Ring of Honor.

Jimmy Jacobs def. Silas Young

Overview: In-order to win his Ring of Honor career back and as an incentive get an opportunity at the ROH World Championship, Jimmy Jacobs is competing in a Best of Five Trial Series where he must win three. This was his first match in the trial series but since this he has been defeated by both Kevin Steen and Michael Bennett, meaning tonight he must defeat Adam Page at Glory by Honor XII and then Roderick Strong to keep his ROH career.

Before they can adhere to the Code of Honor, Young gets on the microphone and runs down Philly, the birthplace of ROH, then turns to Jimmy and calls him pathetic for using BJ Whitmer to get a chance to win his career back. He runs Jimmy down for not being a man due to his colored hair, painted nails and size. Nigel McGuinness comments, “this isn’t the best start to a professional wrestling show.”

Some fans start chanting “boring” and this leads Silas to start arguing with them and as he turns around Jimmy Jacobs downs him with a Spear and gets the three, picking up his first win in the Best of Five Trial Series.

Analysis: This was a way to give Jacobs a victory in the Trial Series and not waste too much time on television. Silas is a great heel and his interactions with the crowd are what make him so entertaining, if you attend an ROH show and say one word wrong he’ll be down your throat pointing out everything he sees wrong with you, but I’d have preferred to see him wrestle.

Not much to say about the match, it was a Spear and a three count. As aforementioned Jacobs needs wins tonight against Adam Page at Glory By Honor XII and against Roderick Strong to keep his ROH career and win a shot at the ROH World Championship.

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