Ring of Honor Wrestling Results and Review November 9, 2013: Sorensen Debuts, Outlaw Inc Reigns & London Previals

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This weeks edition of Ring of Honor Wrestling is a continuation from Glory By Honor XII, to read last weeks results featuring Mark Briscoe vs. Silas Young, Jimmy Jacobs vs. Adam Page and Kevin Steen vs. Michael Bennett in the Battle of the Piledrivers plus info on how to watch, click here.

Advertised for this week is Roderick Strong facing Paul London for the first time ever in ROH. Plus Jessy Sorensen’s return to the national wrestling scene as he faces Tommaso Ciampa, and Outlaw Inc (Homicide and Eddie Kingston) taking on the team of ACH and TaDarius Thomas, Adrenaline RUSH.

We kicked things off this week with a return to the announce table from the former leader of SCUM, Steve Corino. ROH are putting over the settlement angle so that Corino’s past indescrepencies may not allowed to be mentioned on ROH Wrestling TV again. Kevin Kelly gives him a quick welcome back to the program before we go head first into the action.

Tommaso Ciampa def. Jessy Sorensen

Overview: Sorensen received a respectful reception from the crowd as he entered, in contrast to Ciampa who got a big ovation, returning to Ring of Honor following a month absence. From the get go Ciampa focused on the neck and back areas of Jessy. Sorensen’s toughness showed early on as he popped up several times following some big Shoulder Blocks from Ciampa.

Sorensen wasn’t afraid to take a bump or put it all on the line, jumping over the top rope and onto Ciampa on the outside and going to the top rope. Despite a gutsy performance Ciampa made Sorensen tap out to the Sicilian Stretch for victory.

Analysis: Sorensen looked good in his Ring of Honor debut. Many doubted he was a good fit for the ROH image but his early mat grappling and chain wrestling with Ciampa not only surprised but impressed me. He took a couple big bumps which is encouraging as it shows his neck is able to take some punishment.

Ciampa looked good and it was a solid start to the show and a solid outing for Sorensen. I wouldn’t mind seeing him back against a different opponent sometime in the future, but one thing his Ring of Honor journey has done thus far for me is sway my opinion on him.

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