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Rebirth Of ‘The Freak': What’s Next For Rob Terry After His Bromance with Robbie E

Despite being an enjoyable episode of IMPACT this past week, it was a very sad — okay, borderline depressing — Thursday for this TNA fan.

If you haven’t heard or seen by now, I suggest clicking the ‘back’ button and exiting this article to avoid this heartbreakingRobs news.

For those of you still reading, do we mourn a loss? Or do we celebrate a bromance that once was?

After a two-year long partnership, Robbie E and Rob Terry are officially no longer bros. It was just a matter of Robbie E and Robbie T getting sick and tired of each other.

From Rob Terry stealing the spotlight and, unintentionally, stealing girls from Robbie E, to Robbie disrespecting Rob Terry to the point where their split was inevitable.

This past Thursday, Robbie E wanted to patch things up by having a friendly Bro-Off, but things got ugly when Robbie broke his VIP Entrance sign over the head of his now-former bouncer and best bro.

Robbie yelling, “YOU’RE A PIECE OF GARBAGE!” to a dazed Rob Terry passed the point of no return. They’ve had their slip-ups in the past, but when that picture broke over Rob Terry’s head, not only did the hearts of worldwide TNA fans break with it, but it signified the end of a bromance.

In a display of superhuman resiliency, or a flimsy poster board, Rob Terry rose to his feet and threw the sign off his head in a fit of rage. Robbie E, scared for his life, ran back to the locker room.

Now, at Lockdown, it seems likely that we’ll get to witness an epic clash between two former bros turned foes: Robbie E vs. Rob Terry.

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Rob Terry is going to demolish Robbie E within no more than six minutes, bro. The bigger question emerging from this separation is; what’s next?

terryFor the first time since 2010, it looks like IMPACT Wrestling just got their ‘Freak’ Rob Terry back in tow. And I am highly anticipating what’s in store next for this mammoth of a man.

The sheer size and strength of Rob Terry would greatly benefit Sting, Hogan, and the rest of TNA if he was to go to battle against the Aces and Eights. ‘The Blueprint’ might have denied the invite from Sting, but ‘The Freak‘ isn’t far off from Morgan in terms of size and intimidation.

Another possibility could see Rob Terry regain the TNA Television Championship, a title which he once held for an impressive 167 days. However, I think this suggestion maybe too out of reach, and it would make more sense to have Magnus gain his revenge on Devon by winning the TV title.

With it only being March right now, and with Terry’s push just getting started, I could actually imagine ‘The Freak’ among the twelve competitors in the 2013 Bound For Glory Series. After all, his former bro Robbie E, was a participant in last year’s tournament, so I wouldn’t rule this one entirely out.

My final suggestion would be to align Rob Terry with fellow Brit and the TNA British Bootcamp winner, Rockstar Spud. Spud played a minor role in the separation between the Robs, and TNA could really use all the tag teams they could get. At the same time, TNA could also really use extra guys like Spud in the X-Division though.

Whatever the future holds for Rob Terry, I’m definitely interested. One door closed, but another one opened, and it looks like we finally got ‘The Freak’ Rob Terry back!

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  • Kevin Berge

    I feel bad for you, Charlie. Seeing such a horrible thing happen to Robbie E and Robbie T, but it’s best for both men. Both can move on to bigger and better things. Well, at least Rob Terry probably will.

    I can see Terry playing enforcer to Rockstar Spud for a few months while using that angle to slowly get more singles matches. Eventually, when Spud has established himself, Terry can break away amicably to work on his singles push. I’m not sure where it heads from there, but it will be up to Rob Terry to show that he is a star. He certainly has the size and has paid his dues.

  • Sinclair

    Let me start off by saying that it’s all gonna be ok *bro hug*

    Then let me say that I like the idea of a tandem of he and Rockstar Spud and if it weren’t for EY returning I would’ve loved to see Rob in Lethal Lockdown. I mean anything involving Rob Terry is greatness so there’s no way to fail.

    • Charlie G

      Oh mah goodness…. Rob Terry inside a Lethal Lockdown would be… would be… words can’t describe what it’ll be like, but I think this expression can express myself :O

      But I’m also really looking forward to Eric Young in a LL match, because he’s back & it might bring out his serious side… And I’m slightly interested in seeing Mike Knox in the match because, let’s face it, he’s done close to nothing for the Aces and 8s, hahaha

  • Magic Sean

    I don’t………I dont want to talk about it =(

    • Charlie G

      I understand….

  • Jaykub StalksAWitch

    Right off the bat, its better than Yearger’s…….take that, Marc….

    That’s not overly dramatic, Charlie, it’s just the right amount :'( I was sooooo heart broken by their split. I legit though Robbie was just gonna leave and just end a happy bro segment. But nooo :( they split up before they could get a tag team title run which is what I always wanted them to do. It really is a sad time in professional wrestling.

    Bros turned foes, clever word play like that doesn’t come around very often.

    Loved the mention of his badass TV title reign as “The Freak”. One of the few things I liked about 2010. All three ideas; BFG participant, fighter against Aces & Eights and TV champion are all great possibilities and are very realistic. Good article, Charlie, bro.

    Let’s hope no more bromances are broken anytime soon. I don’t think I could take another tragedy like this :(

    • Charlie G

      But I liked Marc’s :( …He had Rob Terry as a potential TNA World Heavyweight Champion!

      Yeah, I thought the same thing too…. then Robbie came in with his picture and I sat up and said, “NOOOOOO D:” then he betrayed Bigger Rob. And I’m highly upset with TNA for never giving these two a reign as Tag Team Champions. They were easily the best tag team behind Bad Influence.

      That reign was sooooo awesome. Rob Terry was upper mid-card & facing guys like Anderson, Hardy, Styles, etc.

      Maybe….just maybe… Rob Terry can do all three! Help kill the A&8s (I seriously think/hope Slammiversary is A&8s’ final night of existence), then he can be rewarded with a spot in the BFG Series, then after finishing like…. anywhere between #’s 7-5, he can get a TV title reign after or at BFG! :D

    • Sinclair

      See now that hurts a little…You even botched my last name.

      • Jaykub StalksAWitch


        • Charlie G

          The famous inventor of the Apple-tini, no?

          • Jaykub StalksAWitch

            Really, bro? Never heard about that, bro.

  • White Chocolate

    But… but… what happens to Robbie E, bro?

    Anyway, nice article. I’m interested to see where they go with Terry, because with his size and all he maybe able to have some success. Long term though, I think Robbie E may have more success. With a different gimmick, the guy could really shine IMO.

    Nice article, Charlie.

    • Charlie G

      Well, duhhhhh… Robbie E becomes TNA World Heavyweight Champion after he single handedly destroys the Aces and 8s, then Rob Terry wins the BFG Series and the two meet Once More In A Lifetime in the main event of Bound For Glory! …airing live from The Jersey Shore!

      Robbie E is the more talented of the two, but Rob Terry has the look and “it factor”. Plus, he’d be big for TNA’s UK market (Magnus & Spud too) if they wanna push him as a big talent. I think, if taking on a more serious side, Robbie E could be more successful. Like, the Robbie that attacked Jay Lethal upon his debut or the Robbie that beat Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, and RVD in the BFG Series matches-serious. That means no Bro-Offs….unfortunately :(