Professional Wrestling: When Squared Circle Rhymes With Magic

What do I love about professional wrestling? Why is it my passion?

Those are the questions my  job counsellor asked me when we were working on my resume. I didn’t know what to say, and decided not to add it to my hobbies. I am not ashamed of my passion, I just know that recruiters – especially in France – would put aside my application just because of the bad reputation of that sport. So, I decided to put US sports instead, but I digress.

This story led me to think about my relationship with professional wrestling, and ask myself why do I love so much something that looks – let’s be honest – childish, stupid and fake at first sight.

It all comes to one word: magic.

Magic is something that we can’t understand, something that fascinates us. Magic lies in the details as well as in a grand spectacle. Magic is fake, but we all agree to suspend our disbelief to be engulfed in a world of fantasy.

Magic is exactly what is produced during classic matches, with the latest example being John Cena versus CM Punk during the RAW main event.

Magic can be felt when there is a special atmosphere in the match, when every fan holds his breath and waits for the outcome of the match, having delightful mini heart attacks each time a pin is made. There are only a few of these matches every year, and that’s what makes them special and magical.

Creating magic requires a fragile equilibrium that can only be attained when the storyline, the crowd and both wrestlers work in perfect chemistry. Magic in a wrestling ring can also be defined using alchemy: basic elements turn into gold when the right formula is applied.

Magic can be felt at home or live at an event when one wants to chant during the whole match. Professional wrestling is the only entertainment show that is able to bring joy, sadness, laughter and thrill on the same night.

Magic only occurs a few times a year, and I believe it is worth bearing with all the Khali matches and bad TNA booking decisions only to witness some of these magical moments. Magic is why I love so much professional wrestling. Magic is what turns professional wrestling from sports to art, it’s what turns us from supporters to passionate fans.

That article is a tribute to the professional wrestling business as a whole, a tribute from a fan that has been hooked by magic and desperately hopes never to be released from that golden cage.