Pro-Wrestling: The Prism of Winning Within Fakery


The above is something that I’ve been told on countless occasions. That statement is one that I completely disagree with and yes, I know the matches are predetermined. The simple fact is that Pro-Wrestling is still a sport, albeit one that has a different way of winning and losing.

You see, to me I don’t care if my favorite wrestlers loses or win their matches within their promotion. I simple care about how fluidly they executed their maneuvers, and how natural they speak their words on the mic. Pro-Wrestling does not have winners and losers be determined by the act of pinning, or forcing their opponent to submit.

It is determined by how well they do in the ring, and on the mic. Dolf Ziggler may be seen to be losing more matches than he is winning, but everyone is considering him as arguably being the best within the WWE. Ryback win nearly all his matches, but yet he is NOT considered the best within the ring or on the mic like Ziggler is.

Considered the fact that Shawn Michaels is known as Mr. WrestleMania due to the fact that he has always stolen the show, regardless if he had won his match or not. The Undertaker is undefeated at WrestleMania, but not everyone stole the show, or was an amazing gem. Pro-Wrestling is a sport that is real, but wins in a more different way than other sports.

In Football, (not soccer) is won by scoring touchdowns. In Basketball it is won by putting a ball in a hoop. In Baseball you win by hitting a ball with a wooden stick. Each sport has a different way of winning, each requiring an athlete to perform on various levels. Those various levels will not be the same for each sport.

It just happens that in Pro-Wrestling, you win by stealing the show by wrestling a flawless match. You win by cutting a promo that has fans listening like their lives depended upon it. Just because the matches/promos are predetermined does not mean Pro-Wrestling is fake.

I could say that the other sports are fake. Baseball players could be hitting home-runs cause they’re on steroids, we just have yet to catch them in the act. Maybe, we may of had another Black Sox scandal without even knowing it. Who’s to say a NFL team is not intentionally losing games as a means for earning the number one draft pick. I could go on, and on but you clearly see my point.

Also, the amount of athleticism and training it is required to be a Pro-Wrestler is nothing to sneeze about. Not everyone can be a Pro-Wrestler and even less can be a very good one. It took CM Punk and Daniel Bryan decades to even reach the level they currently are performing on, and they obviously didn’t do it in a day.

Kurt Angle is the exception of someone who enter Pro-Wrestling and quickly became one of the best. He’s Olympic gold medalist who won his medal with a broken freaking neck. His experiences as an amateur wrestler helped him be as good as he is in Pro-Wrestling. Yet, just because someone has a background in amateur wrestling does not mean they will be good in Pro-Wrestling. Jack Swagger is a prime example of that.

Brock Lesnar is another exception, but he’s one of the few men who could probably do well within any sport due to the fact he’s an athletic specimen. Seriously, he played for the Minnesota Viking, was the top guy for a time within the WWE and was the UFC Heavyweight Championship. Very few athletes could be able to do that.

I’m not going to even mention the injuries one can receive within Pro-Wrestling as that is just common sense. Wrestlers have been paralyzed, broken their bone, and suffered countless injuries. Those kind of injuries are not something that happens in a fake setting. Wrestlers wrestle and get seriously hurt trying to steal the show, and performing their best.

In the end, a kayfab win/lose record is just for the storylines. All sports do some level of storytelling, and it just happens that Pro-Wrestling just relies on storytelling even more. The wrestlers still wrestle, and their goal is to steal the show, and wrestle the best match of the night. So, there is nothing fake about Pro-Wrestling. It’s just different, unique like all the other sports.