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#GiveDivasAChance: Fruitlessly Challenging WWE’s Main Roster Stance On Women’s Wrestling

On NXT and even less-important shows like Smackdown and Main Event, WWE’s Divas Division is featured in average-to-superb content. On the flagship program Monday Night Raw (the pinnacle of wrestling presentation in America), no such respect is given to these female performers. A three-hour tiresome festival of sports entertainment and wacky writing: Raw displays the overall motifs and beliefs the ...

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PICTURE PERFECT - The Authority Puts The Viper Down

WWE: Picture Perfect—The Authority Put Down The Viper

  There’s a cliche that claims a picture is worth a thousand words, and there is no place where that is more true than in professional wrestling. One picture can define a match, a night, or even a career. It takes the emotion and the atmosphere, places it in a time capsule and bottles it up for us and future ...

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Academy Awards 2015 Best Picture: Ranking the Candidates

Introduction In 2014, comic book movies went from a regularity to a certainty. Remakes were strongly in focus with several successfully revitalizing or continuing to revitalize old stories. Many actions movies came and went with the best ones being the ones no one expected. It was a year of strong blockbusters and action films. Unfortunately, the same cannot be quite ...

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