OVW 682 Results & Review: Crimson Becomes OVW Heavyweight Champion & Alex Silva Becomes Television Champion

I know I’ve missed the past few weeks when it came to reviewing OVW TV. I couldn’t find time to review the episodes, but I did watch them if that counts for anything.

Last we’ve seen in OVW, Crimson has become number one contender to the OVW Heavyweight Championship and has been getting into the heads of every OVW wrestler he comes in contact with. Right now, he’s in the head of the biggest man in OVW, Rob Terry.

After missing OVW TV last week, Crimson is back for OVW 682 and has his sight set on the OVW Heavyweight Championship.

PEC-Tacular Opportunist

Before we see the opening video, we see “Mr. PEC-Tacular” Jessie Godderz admiring himself in the mirror. His partner, Rudy Switchblade, walks in and asks what was up with last week.

(Godderz managed to earn a spot in the main event of OVW TV last week in a match involving Johnny Spade and Rob Terry. Spade, being OVW Heavyweight Champ, and Rob Terry being Rob fricken’ Terry).

Godderz said he’s an opportunist and he took a shot at the main event. Switchblade understands where he’s coming from and tells Godderz that he arranged for a tag match tonight. Rudy walks off and Godderz asks himself when Switchblade started calling the shots in the Best Team Ever. After that we officially begin the OVW intro video.

OVW 682 is under way!

Immediately after the opening video, on behalf of everyone in OVW, Gilbert Corsey wishes Jerry “The King” Lawler the best. Thoughts and prayers are with Jerry and everyone at OVW wishes him a speedy recovery.

Mobile Homers def. Best Team Ever

After their grand entrance to, “We Are The Champions”, Jessie Godderz takes a microphone and tells Rudy that they don’t need to prove anything. They are, after all, the Best Team Ever. Switchblade says that’s the exact reason why they must prove it.

BTE isn’t exactly on the same page and they’re going up against an experienced pairing in Adam Revolver and Ted McNaler. They’ll need to work together to beat these former four-time champion, Mobile Homers.

A weird editing botch repeats part of the match after a commercial break. Another time, Corsey said we’ll be taking a commercial break, but the screen just turned black and you could still hear in-ring action. Pretty, uh, clunky editing for this match.

As the match first started, BTE didn’t work too well together. The Mobile Homers were pretty dominant in the early going, but BTE eventually clicked and fought back. Everything was turning in favor of Best Team Ever until Godderz and Switchblade had a disagreement about a double-team move.

Switchblade called for one of their double-team moves, and Godderz called for another. The two argued until Rudy caved into Godderz. Godderz climbed the top rope, but the argument between BTE gave Ted McNaler enough time to catapult Rudy into Godderz.

Jessie fell from the top rope and McNaler rolled Switchblade up for the win. Mobile Homers pick up a big win over the OVW Southern Tag Team Champions in a good opening match. Only problem was the technical difficulties that occurred, because all four guys are entertaining when between the ropes.

“Number One Contender Time! Number One Contender Time!” and Jason Wayne

Michael Hayes and James “Moose” Thomas give a brief backstage interview. They say that everyone in the OVW locker room should look out because, soon enough, they will get tag team gold around their waists.

Brittany DeVore walks past and finds McNaler and Revolver celebrating their win. Drinking “rocket fuel” and singing, “It’s number one contender time!” over and over again. Brittany ruins their celebration and tells them to get serious and start training if they want to become tag team champions.

The “War Hero” Jason Wayne walks into the room and sees Terry Bodie standing around. Wayne asks if Bodie wants to interview a real war hero, such as himself. “Eyes on the deck!” Wayne yells.

Bodie starts to ask a question but is quickly cut off by Wayne. Wayne interrupts with, “Your questions are stupid!”. I laughed. Wayne says he defended Bodie’s freedom overseas twice. He should be shining Wayne’s boots with his tie instead of interviewing him.

Bodie goes to shine Wayne’s boots and, Wayne says he isn’t worth his time. He doesn’t want a guy like Bodie touching his boots anyway.

Moose and Hayes gave a quick, yet effective interview. I’m liking the Mobile Homers and their country-boy characters. And I’m loving Jason Wayne and his heel character. He’s great.

Crimson’s Explaination

Crimson claims that he, “tore every ligament in his knee” at the Saturday Night Special and still won the Nightmare Rumble. He wants to clear some things up between himself and his “best friend”, Rob Terry.

Rob Terry comes out and denies a hug and double high-five from Crimson. Crimson wants them to get through all this backstage speculation together. Rob Terry says Crimson has a lot of nerve.

Terry believes he should be number one contender for the October SNS, not Crimson. He then asks where Crimson was for OVW TV last week. Crimson says he couldn’t make OVW because he got a flat on his Cadillac. Crimson wants to settle this with the, “true bad-guy” in all of this; Johnny Spade.

Both guys state their case about who the weasel is that’s messing with Big Rob. To prove how loyal he is to Big Rob, Crimson is willing to give up his number one contender spot for the October SNS. As Crimson is speaking, the crowd is chanting at Big Rob, “Knock him out!”

Crimson tells Spade to push their title match to tonight, give Terry the number one contendership for the October SNS, and whoever wins the title on OVW 682 here defends against Rob Terry. Johnny Spade, never one to back down, accepts Crimson’s challenge.

I really liked this segment. All three guys were solid on the mic and it definitely furthered the current storyline. The fans see through Crimson’s BS, Rob Terry is still unsure, and Johnny Spade is actually trying to help his old rival. And Johnny Spade was in the same ring with two TNA wrestlers!

OVW Heavyweight Championship match is on this episode!

‘Special’ Coffee & Taeler Hendrix

Taeler Hendrix is backstage and, once again, yelling at Dylan Bostic. Heidi Lovelace shows up and lets Taeler know that she has a championship match in her contract before walking off. Taeler starts to leave too and tells Dylan to either follow her, or get lost.

And damn, Taeler looked hot!!

As soon as Hendrix and Bostic leave, Josette Bynum walks out of the bathroom carrying a “fresh” cup of coffee. She brings it into Trailer Park Trash’s office and says she made it just for him.

TPT smells the coffee, looks at Bynum, then tastes it. He makes a twisted facial expression before saying that this coffee taste familiar and he actually loves it. Josette screams and runs out of the office.

I LOL’d at that bit.

OVW Television Championship

Alex Silva def. Ryan Howe

Ryan Howe does his same tired act (Play a 2-minute guitar solo) and Silva doesn’t looked entertained as he’s just hanging out in the corner. To my knowledge, this is Howe’s first TV title defense on OVW TV. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good wrestler, I just don’t like his guitar solos.

Very quick match… Surprisingly quick match. Couldn’t have been longer than 3 minutes. The two went back and forth, Howe missed the RockBuster off the top rope, and Silva connected with the Silva Surfer to win.

New OVW Television Champion and the fans couldn’t be happier. They’re marking out and everyone seems to love Alex Silva! Give this man his third TV title, TNA must be watching this one. Huge crowd support in the Davis Arena for Silva.

Crimson’s Plan?

Backstage, Crimson is seen with Shiloh Jonze and Raul LaMotta, The Wild Cards. They start to discuss a plan, but Crimson pushes the camera away.

Something is up for the main event….


Chris Silvio comes out with Hula-hoop girl by his side. Oddly enough, there’s no Mo Green.

Silvio is sporting war paint and has handcuffs. He says that, this Saturday, he has Cliff Compton in a match when OVW visits E-Town. Silvio doesn’t want to wait ’til then and calls Compton out now.

Silvio handcuffs himself to the top rope and says he’ll fight Compton with one hand if he has to. This brings out Cliff Compton. Compton says Silvio’s, “Psychedelic Dumbass” didn’t need to handcuff himself to the top rope. Cliff would’ve came to the ring sooner had the tech guy played his music sooner than he did.

Compton won’t wait ’til E-Town either. He leaves the ring to get a steel chair and starts toying with Silvio. Mo Green, looks as if he rolled out from under the ring, comes with a steel chair. He smacks the chair across Compton’s back, but there’s no effect.

Cliff got even angrier and turned to face Mo. Green had the chair positioned above his head and Compton would use Hula-hoop girl as a shield. He hid behind hula-hoop girl until Silvio freed himself of the cuffs and punched Compton in the face.

Overall, I liked this segment too. Silvio delivered a solid promo, one of his better ones and this entire feud has been great so far. It’s the second most entertaining thing behind the OVW title hunt.

Main Event

OVW Heavyweight Championship 

Crimson def. Johnny Spade

This match had hunched over my computer screen and on the edge of my seat. Johnny Spade vs. Crimson was a match that I’ve wanted to see since Crimson made his OVW debut (All of one month ago… But still).

These two went move for move with plenty of near-falls in between. Spade was setting up for the Spade Kick when Raul LaMotta ran out and hopped onto the ring apron.

LaMotta distracted the referee, which allowed for Shiloh Jonze to sneak in and clock Spade in the back of the head with brass knuckles. LaMotta started to leave, the ref turned his attention back towards the match, and Crimson had a pin fall.

Crimson is the new OVW Heavyweight Champion thanks to the Wild Cards. Good match and the finish keeps Johnny Spade looking strong.

Even bigger news; now the main event at the October SNS will be:



Overall, this was a really good episode of OVW. It only had three matches, but sometimes less is more. The matches, for the most part, were given good timing and didn’t upset.

We’ve had some good storyline progression and a major change in the ranks of OVW with Crimson becoming champ. Another thing to look out for is tension between the Best Team Ever.

Right now, everything is shaping up nicely in OVW. They have a strong tag division, solid feuds, good female wrestlers, and a big main event coming up for October’s SNS.