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On This Day: Vince McMahon’s Empire Begins

On this day, 33 years ago, the start of Sport Entertainment began.

The son of Vincent J. McMahon founded Titan Sports Inc. That son’s name was Vincent K. McMahon, or simply Mr.McMahon as we all know him.

Two years later in 1982, he purchased Capitol Sports from his father and associates Gorilla Monsoon and Arnold Skaaland.

With these two companies, he created and expanded the World Wrestling Federation, which became what we know as today, World Wrestling Entertainment, or simply the WWE.

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  • Kevin Berge

    You were making this out to be a lot longer than it was. I felt like this article worked pretty quickly in telling a very long narrative. It’s good work by you, Joseph. You did a good job taking the whole history and putting it through in an understandable and generally complete look as much as you could have.

    • Joseph Hernandez

      Thanks, I actually wrote the entire thing the same day it was due. I ignored everything else going on around me and got my work rate to go off the charts. Very intense day.

  • Magic Sean


  • SiD

    Great article, man, truly enjoyed the read. Felt like I’ve read this before somewhere, but that’s a compliment, since I only read and re-read articles of great writers. :)

  • Shayan

    Great article .

  • Graham “GSM” Matthews

    Great work!