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Oh The Humanity! AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels One Final Time

Hello there my fellow enigmas, and welcome to another edition of Oh The Humanity! For those of you that have missed past installments of the series, it’s fairly simple.

Each week, I take a different topic in the world of Pro Wrestling, be it a storyline, a wrestler, or anything else. I then give my feelings on the topic before placing it onto the famous OTH Scale. Now you’re probably asking yourselves “What’s the OTH Scale?”. Well, the scale will basically gives each topic a rank from 1-10, a 1 being something good and a 10 being something that makes you scream “OH THE HUMANITY!”

Simple, right?

This weeks topic will be revolving around the final battle between AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels at Final Resolution, TNA’s upcoming PPV.

When the match was originally announced, many fans were quick to remind everyone that we had already seen this match hundreds of times already. These same fans complained that they wanted to see something different rather than something they can search on YouTube.

I am not one of those fans.

While Styles and Daniels have certainly gone to war before, each war has been bigger and better than the last.

The last time we saw the two square of, it was at Destination X, where they put on one of their best matches ever, easily stealing the show. The trust they share in the ring was clearly showcased, especially when Styles sent Daniels crashing through a table to win the match.

That trust is something you can only find in the best of rivalries. From Austin vs Rock to CM Punk vs Cena, every memorable match put on in wrestling is because of trust. Personally, I’d feel a whole lot better about being thrown off a cell if I trusted who was throwing me.

Styles and Daniels are one of the few wrestlers in the business that have that much trust in each other, allowing them to do insane things in their matches.

In wrestling, it’s different to take something we have seen before and add a new twist to it, but Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles have managed to do it. Each time they put on a match, it seems better than the last, as they are constantly adding new spots and stories into their matches.


So yes, Daniels vs Styles isn’t the most original match, but it is just one of those things that works.

It’s almost like a great movie. No matter how many times I see Empire Strikes Back, it never gets old.

While AJ and Daniels may not be as awesome as Han and Skywalker, they certainly make a good run at it, which is why I’m looking forward to the final match between two of the greatest wrestlers today.

OTH Scale: 2/10

Expect another classic between these two long time rivals, especially considering it’s the last time we have a chance to witness it.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on the final battle between AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels below. Until next time, OH THE HUMANATEE!

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  • Marc Still Rules

    Fact: It’s going to be a phenomenal match
    Fact: These two can steal the show easily
    Fact: TNA needs to stop using this as a crutch feud for these two
    Fact: If they insist on making them face off more they need to stop branding the matches as “Final” anything
    Fact: I have absolutely no idea why i put “Fact in front of all my responses.

  • Eric

    It’s going to be a good match, we all know this. But come on, how many times have they faced each other? Like over 9000?

  • Charlie G


    I don’t really see why people are complaining about this match so much. AJ vs. Daniels is always great and, like ya said, tends to add something new to each battle. With this being dubbed, “One Last Time” (I doubt that, by the way), you just know they’re gonna go all out and tear the place apart. Every time they square off, there’s MOTY potential so, to all those complaining, PLZ STFU? :(

    Nice, fairly quick read w/ a fair rating on the OTH Scale.
    And also….. dat picture.

  • Jacob Is Botchtastic

    Good quick article, Seany, definitely nothing to shout Oh The Humanity! on. Just gonna be another good match between the two as always but this time it MIGHT be for the last time (I certainly would prefer it to go on and have a much bigger conclusion but I’m a mark so whatever).

    One thing I did want to say was: This match should be the focal point of the entire ppv. I’m serious. There’s nothing between Roode/Hardy, just a throw away win for the latter. The ppv should be about this because of the the title. FINAL RESOLUTION. It’s the FINAL time they face each other to RESOLVE their rivalry. It should fucking mainevent the god damn ppv. I mean why not? Only 6,000 people are gonna buy it anyways.

    • Charlie G

      LOL, yeah I highly doubt this is the last time Daniels & AJ will EVER face each other one-on-one. And I agree with ya when you say it should main event. If it truly is one last time, then why not? This feud built TNA & Hardy/Roode certainly doesn’t have any pull to it.

      AJ vs. Daniels is the only match that feels meaningful for Filler Resolution.

      • Jacob Is Botchtastic

        Damn straight, Charlie.