Master Chief and Ryback: Two Men More Similar Than You Think

As many Americans know, November 6th is the date of the presidential election. An election which some speculate to be one of the closest in history yet November 6th has another significance to it. You see, the highly anticipated video game Halo 4 will be released in North America. Featuring the well-known protagonist John-117 ,also known as Master Chief, fans follow Chief in his many adventures. Chief has a startling resemblance to one WWE superstar though, in my opinion: Ryback. How you ask? Well let me tell you:


It’s no secret that Ryback is a very, very strong man. We’ve seen him lift up men on his shoulders countless times and even be able to march around the ring with them. Ranging from roughly 400 to 500 pounds put together; Ryback has no trouble lifting these men as if they were simple teddy bears. Even the giant Lord Tensai who is roughly 350 pounds, Ryback was able to lift and slam. I mean just watch Ryback’s path of destruction:

Here we see Chief kicking an enemy called a Brute who are on average: 1500 lbs and 8ft tall

Now let’s look at the Master Chief. At the young age of 14, Chief went through dangerous augmentations which prove that “what doesn’t kill you, simply makes you stronger.” These augmentations would kill 30 out of the 75 conscripts, but the 33 who survived were granted near superhuman abilities: the ability to run faster, the ability to hit harder, faster reflexes, etc. For example: his MJOLNIR Mark VI armor that he wore weighed roughly 1000lbs alone. Due to his engineered strength, Chief could flip vehicles ranging from 896 pounds to an astonishing 145,505 pounds.

In The Forefront

In 2001, the very first Halo game was released featuring the Master Chief. From then on until present day 2010, Master Chief has been the focus of the main series. The player views the game from his viewpoint and his interactions. From Halo 1-4, Master Chief has been on the cover of each game and is always mentioned or slightly shown in the various other games.

Now for Ryback. The man recently returned to WWE and immediately shone. After months of destroying his opponents, Ryback graduated to the forefront of WWE. You see for roughly two months now, he’s been featured with the WWE Champion CM Punk, something which is very impressive. During the weeks with Punk, Ryback has also been in the main event of various RAWs as well  as the recent Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. Ryback is also featured on the TLC  pay-per-view poster, the first time he has appeared on a poster, a perfect example of his push to the forefront.


Obviously as a protagonist, Master Chief would be the hero. The man has saved countless lives, numbering honestly in the billions. You see, Master Chief actually saved humanity, other alien races, and the whole universe. If this doesn’t make him a hero, then the definition of a hero needs to be revised.

While not quite as impressive as Master Chief accomplishments, Ryback has saved his share of people in his time. After Punk attacked Mick Foley, Ryback appeared to stare down Punk. Sending a message to Punk while simultaneously ensuring that Foley would stay safe from further assault. A week later WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross was verbally berated and threatened by Punk. Ross was forced to leave the ring under fear of a CM Punk attack, but one man came to help him: Ryback. Again Ryback stared down and in the end forced him to leave the ring.


Both men are of little words honestly. Ryback doesn’t speak much aside from his usual chants of “FEED ME MORE!” and “FINISH HIM!” He rarely cuts promos and from the few that there are, he speaks little. Though a man of few words Ryback gets straight to the point. For example, in one instance where I saw him talk he explained why he’s in the WWE and the other he gave himself the nickname “Big Hungry.” Ryback’s silence is simply due to his unrelenting determination and focus however. He is always looking to feed his hunger for competition and when he does find it, his mind changes gears. Ryback’s full focus becomes on destroying and completely demolishing his competitor.

Meanwhile, throughout the Halo series Chief has spoken very little as well. During the moments where the Chief does speak, its usually him giving his input or making a remark. Akin to Ryback, Chief has a focus on completing the mission; more so he simply wants to win. Master Chief can be summed up as “pretty much the consummate professional. He does his job, walks off…..”; a testament to Chief’s mindset at all times.

While one man is fictional and the other real, the similarities in my opinion are there. In essence  both men are clones of each other in terms of personality. Physical characteristics wise, well watch the Ryback video and just see some footage of Master Chief and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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