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Magnus: Why TNA Should Utilize the Badass Brit More (EvE)

36. Thirty-six is the number  of male wrestlers TNA employs. Among them, one man stands out the most: Magnus. Arguably one of TNA’s best talents, the Badass Brit has an untapped future. Today let’s examine the reasons why the former modern day gladiator should be used by TNA more:

Mic Skills

Not given much time on the microphone, Magnus actually performs very well when given the opportunity. A clear and resounding voice, one just can’t help in listening to him.

What stands out the most to Magnus is his holds a certain fluidity to his words. His words just seem to flow, coming out natural and smooth. His promos do not appear forced nor does he appear to be trying to hard. Rather, his speeches come off in general as if the man has been doing this for years.

One of the most important things Magnus has going for him is the man is rhetoric skills. Rhetoric as defined by Merriam-Webster:

The study of writing or speaking as a means of communication or persuasion

When the man speaks and declares something, his attitude and demeanor comes across as he actually believes what he is saying. As a result, the fans when they hear him, buy into what he is saying.

When a man is believable and the fans can be swayed, he can hold them in the palm of his hands. A perfect example being the WWE Champion CM Punk; fans believe his words and begin to accept them as truth. Magnus has the similar skill, a very valuable skill, which allows him to become one of TNA’s best heels or faces.

Listen to the man dissect his former tag partner Samoa Joe and establish himself as a competitor to be on the look out for.


Magnus’ physical characteristics come into play here. Young and handsome, Magnus is a pretty face who could connect with the younger audience. The man has a “look” to him, he appears extremely confident in himself. And everyone knows: People love confidence.

With said “look”, Magnus does have the ability to become a world champion and appear legitimate. The man’s nationality also comes into play here. Hailing from Great Britain, a huge wrestling nation, Magnus can hold the British fans in the palm of his hands. For example during TNA’s tenure in Wembley, England the fans went wild for Magnus. Just listen to the massive cheers came for their hometown boy. Or here where the crowd went wild for Magnus and Bully trading shots.

Akin to Miz, Magnus even got a semi-start in reality TV having competed in the UK version of the TV show “Gladiators”. With some beginnings in national TV, Magnus already has a partial head start in comparison with other individuals. He has some name and facial recognition from past viewers and fans of the show.

In-Ring Skills

Just like on the mic, Magnus shines when given time in the ring. An extremely solid competitor, Magnus is great to see in the ring. Holding a certain fluidity, his moves seem to come across as smooth with near flawless transitions between them.

Magnus’ biggest trait is his versatility ranging from a brawler to a partial technician to a brawler. It’s this versatility which comes together to create a great package in this one man. He’s even known to go up top with a flying elbow being a huge component of his move set.

We see Magnus’ brawling skills shine in the Falls Count Anywhere match at Hardcore Justice 2012, where he took on Mr. Anderson and Rob Van Dam. Watch as he holds his own against two men and even takes control of the both of them:

Or here in one of his best matches, from what I’ve seen, against his former partner Samoa Joe:

Speaking of his former partner and tag teams in general, Magnus is a superb tag team wrestler. Having been in multiple tag teams with partners such as Desmond Wolfe, Douglas Williams, and Samoa Joe, Magnus has honed his skills as a tag wrestler at such a young age.

Something Magnus does, that I’ve noticed, is his ability to sell. An ability that is often overlooked yet is extremely important  to see in a wrestler. Unlike Dolph Ziggler, Magnus has a certain, again, believable aspect when he takes moves.

When missing an elbow drop, Magnus bounces accordingly on the mat all while holding his elbow in pain. When taking a superkick from Rob Van Dam, Magnus takes the shot as a legitimate kick and not as a bullet to the chin.


The start of Joe vs Magnus

At the ripe, young age of 25 Magnus still has a long time to go in his career. Never holding a singles championship yet, it’s up to TNA to rectify that. With Samoa Joe, his rival, as the current TV champion expect a feud to take place there with hopefully Magnus finally achieving his first singles championship run.

Thanks for reading my EvE article on. Leave your feedback, comments, criticisms, concerns, and thoughts below. Be sure to check out my competitor Nav Singh’s article and be sure to vote when the poll comes out.


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Just a fan of wrestling as a whole. NXT is the best wrestling you'll see weekly by the way. Oh and I make gifs too
  • Judas Thundersteel

    Badass Brit? If you mean the tough guy version, ehh, not really. If you mean that his ass is bad, I have no idea why you would that that….whatever floats your boat.

    In all seriousness, saying it right here and now, this and the competing article from Wow highlight guys that could be making a turnaround, meaning they will be utilized better. However, the term is “could,” and I’m not necessarily disagreeing with the article. Still though, could be obsolete, so rather than looking at that aspect, I just wanted to read how Magnus is sold in general. I’m impressed with how the article functions in selling a lot of detail in Magnus. Specifically his selling, explaining his rhetoric, these very things I wouldn’t catch right away. That being said…

    1.) Rhetoric. That’s so good on your part, I’m going to try and keep that in mind when looking at talent. I think the best aspect to Magnus’ mic work is that he seems confident. Confident and comfortable, like the mic is his pen, it’s mightier than the sword. That’s where the fluidity part comes in, I think. Weaving words seamlessly show a strong grasp of the mic, and that has to come with confidence. Maybe it’s just me thinking British talking is sexy in some examples. Magnus being one. One promo from Magnus I immediately remember, and this goes into dissection that you referred to with Samoa Joe, his burial of Bob Van Dam! Backstage, everything he said about Bobbert was so damn true, and convincing. Persuasive, I don’t think it’s my overwhelmingly negative bias towards Bob Van Dam. Anybody can bury the guy, and it’d be fine, Magnus though was extra sharp, if that makes sense.

    2.) Oh you mention confidence. Yeah I put that in mic skill terms, but all based on look of course. He looks chiseled out of stone, now getting into the physique aspect. He’s got an interesting looking face, so the facial expressions are special. Specifically he gives the snobbish thing. Something involving his face being squeezed, if that makes sense, it just looks snobbish. His whole face in general, just not doing anything, it just looks ready to make a snobbish face, a shruggish remark, all this. He looks like the perfect modern star. He looks believably strong, but he’s not a juicehead, nothing about him in looks, is off putting. I have to say it, he looks sexy. Sexy sells, so yeah he’s got marketability.

    3.) The be all, end all is in the ring, and I think Magnus is a pretty polished performer. Now I think saying this now, shows one thing. He works hard. I remember early in his career, just 3 years ago in his TNA debut, he was green as goose feces. I didn’t like him, felt he was just a body for Dixie to have a lady orgasm over, pretty boy logic, you know? When he teamed with Douglas Williams, I always looked at Williams as the star of the group based soley on in ring work. Even in London Brawling with Nigel McGuinness, Nigel was someone I knew got it done in the ring, Magnus just was there. However, something happened. Trying to pinpoint where, I think it was being off TV and eventually doing Jarrett’s Ring Ka King. If I’m not mistaken, he had a pretty big presence over there, and with that avenue, he must’ve polished all extremely rough edges. The finished product came to the States, teamed with Samoa Joe, and things seemed clean for Magnus. A fresh new start, and now here we are many months later. I didn’t get the impression this time of a one wrestler team, but two. Joe AND Magnus were cutting it, working well together. Hopefully their apparent chemistry is exploited in a feud. Magnus is more of a brawler, but the speciality is how smooth he moves and how he can work with anyone. Some of the more harder moving brawlers are limited and get typecasted for good reason. Magnus isn’t like that, and I guess it’s a bit similar to Wade Barrett inasmuch that he’s a brawler, but meshes well with other prettier styles. Whatever the case, Magnus is a solid performer these days.

    Really good article here, there’s a legitimate feeling of favor over Magnus, and that helps in convincing. That ties into the aforementioned points of hitting minute details and trying to cover all bases. The section format alone proves that.

  • SiD

    Thanks for using my wallpaper here, as the featured image. Unlike Wow’s article, yours was a straight forward one, as it analyzed all the characteristics he has. Magnus is one of my favorites, but he’s not under utilized, in my opinion. Solid job, in my opinion, though. I’ve already voted in the poll, and it was tough.

  • Kevin Berge

    Solidly written article, but I don’t know if I was sold. First, Magnus is 25 years old. He is one of the youngest men on the roster, and he is working in the midcard to upper midcard. He is in a perfect spot to become a talented competitor and thrive.

    The big problem I have here is I question how could he be used better? He is feuding with Samoa Joe. He looks like a heel threat to anyone. He gets good time on the mic and in the ring. I’m missing where he’s been poorly used especially when so many other choices stand out.

    On the TNA roster, I feel that D’Angelo Dinero, would seem a much more fit choice as he is a top talent who is just not showing up, and, when he does, he is being used as a jobber.

    While well written, I never believed your point. I just got the feeling that Magnus was a future star which he is.

  • WowReallyWTFF

    Oh God… I’m doomed. Good article Eric. It seems as if you have a thing for British wrestlers lol

  • Charlie G

    I also noticed that you REALLY like Magnus.

    “Magnus’ physical characteristics come into play here. Young and handsome, Magnus is a pretty face who could connect with the younger audience.”

    “At the ripe, young age of 25 Magnus still has a long time to go in his career. ”

    Handsome & ripe? Haha, just kidding… Again, though, nice article.

    • Eric

      But he’s so dreamy Charlie….

  • Charlie G

    I approve of this article. Nice title too haha, “Why TNA Should Utilize the Badass Brit More”. They definitely should though & you listed some solid reasons.

    After re-watching Magnus’ promo in the UK, I got chills when he said, “This is England!” and the crowd exploded haha.

    Nice article, it’s gonna be tough for Wow to counter..

    • Eric

      Gotta catch the people’s eye with a title, tried to make it creative.

      UK LOVED to see their boy Magnus. The man gets some good reactions.

      Let’s see Charlie, I’m anticipating a close poll

  • Marc Yeager

    No bones about it that Magnus is the next big thing in TNA wrestling and although he has yet to be treated that way I think TNA is starting to realize just what they have in him. Good read and I totally agree.

    • Eric

      Let’s hope TNA recognizes it with the potential feud with Joe.

      Thanks for the Read marc.

  • Jason “Dragon Saga” Patrick

    I agree with almost everything you said, but one thing I don’t understand is why you call him a “Badass Brit,” cause I never remember him referring to himself as such and his character is a cowardly heel who has to attack from behind or when his opponent is at a disadvantage. How is he a badass?

    • Eric

      Catchy nickname and people like alliteration. It’s also my particular viewpoint of him.

  • JacobStachowiak

    And the best part of Magnus without a doubt is his experience despite his amazing youth. Could be a mainstay for years and WILL be a star cause fuck, women love that brit shit. He’s gonna make a lot of money in this business with his good ring skill and his excellent mic work as well.

    Real Good stuff, Eric.

    • Eric

      Ah thanks Jacob, be sure to vote for me then (I kid, I kid)

  • JacobStachowiak

    Hell to the mother fucking yeah on this one!

    • Eric

      Glad you approve Jacob, he was my first and only choice.