It Would Be a Mistake for Bully Ray & Devon to Leave TNA

It’s been reported by WrestlingINC the TNA contracts of Bully Ray and Devon are set to expire within three weeks time. Supposedly, the two sides are attempting to negotiate a new deal.

Only problem is that, as the report says, Bully Ray isn’t happy. Another report from WrestlingINC says the following:

The feeling is that Bully Ray and Devon are going to leave TNA soon, so don’t be surprised to see Devon drop the TNA Television Title in the next few weeks. Ray has been doing most of the negotiations for their new contracts but he feels that TNA has not treated them with respect during those contract talks.

It also goes on and states that Bully Ray would be a pretty big loss to TNA. Him being the top heel in wrestling and working as a road agent for TNA.

Bully Ray recently took to his, “Twitt-uh Machine” about the situation. Here’s what the big, bad bully had to say:

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Just as I’m writing this article, Bully tweeted again.

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So, Bully Ray wants my opinion. Here goes nothing…

As the report says, Bully Ray and Devon don’t feel like they’re getting the respect they deserve. I kind of find that a bit funny, don’t you?

Bully Ray in the main event of TNA’s first ever TV tapings in London

Bully Ray, the top heel in wrestling today, featured in every TNA pay-per-view this year (Except Destination X) doesn’t feel respected. He’s been in the main event more times than Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and plenty wrestlers this year.

Let’s move onto Devon. He’s been the Television Champion since March’s Victory Road pay-per-view event. He’s successfully defended the title against Robbie E, Robbie T, Gunner, Crimson, Hernandez and more.

I hardly remember the last time Devon lost a match. Even when TNA can’t find time in the card for a TV title defense, he still gets on TV helping against Aces and Eights.

Devon has appeared at four consecutive pay-per-views this year. Two of which being Lockdown and Slammiversary.

As far as respect during contract signing goes, that’s pretty much left unknown. Nobody but TNA, Bully Ray and Devon know what’s said during the signings.

I really have to question Bully Ray’s timing here. If Devon were to leave, all TNA would need to do is make him lose the TV title.

If Bully Ray were to leave they’d need to write him out of the BFG Series, find a new replacement, and somehow finish the Joseph Park angle without their big villain.

I question why these two are even thinking about walking away from TNA. Like I said, both have been treated with more than respect in the ring.

Bully Ray is 41 and Devon is 40. Chris Jericho is 41 and hasn’t won any major match since his WWE return in January of this year. Devon is no more than a mid-card wrestler, whereas, Bully and Jericho could main event.

Bully Ray featured in the main event of a PPV

If Jericho hasn’t won “the big one”, what makes you think Bully Ray will? Jericho hasn’t won a major match since his return and I highly doubt, with his TNA background, Bully Ray would.

Former TNA talent don’t do well in WWE. It’s almost a proven fact at this point. Low Ki, Lance Hoyt, Monty Brown, Awesome Kong, Chris Harris, and Gail Kim are prime examples. All are talented, all had successes in TNA, but none in WWE.

The only former TNA talent that has been doing decent is Christian (I say decent because he’s in the mid-card. We all know he should main event. And who could forget his two day reign as World Champion?).

Bully Ray is the top heel and in the BFG Series, and Devon is the Television Champion. I do not see why either one would consider leaving TNA.

I guess this all just comes down to money….