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It Would Be a Mistake for Bully Ray & Devon to Leave TNA

It’s been reported by WrestlingINC the TNA contracts of Bully Ray and Devon are set to expire within three weeks time. Supposedly, the two sides are attempting to negotiate a new deal.

Only problem is that, as the report says, Bully Ray isn’t happy. Another report from WrestlingINC says the following:

The feeling is that Bully Ray and Devon are going to leave TNA soon, so don’t be surprised to see Devon drop the TNA Television Title in the next few weeks. Ray has been doing most of the negotiations for their new contracts but he feels that TNA has not treated them with respect during those contract talks.

It also goes on and states that Bully Ray would be a pretty big loss to TNA. Him being the top heel in wrestling and working as a road agent for TNA.

Bully Ray recently took to his, “Twitt-uh Machine” about the situation. Here’s what the big, bad bully had to say:

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Just as I’m writing this article, Bully tweeted again.

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So, Bully Ray wants my opinion. Here goes nothing…

As the report says, Bully Ray and Devon don’t feel like they’re getting the respect they deserve. I kind of find that a bit funny, don’t you?

Bully Ray in the main event of TNA’s first ever TV tapings in London

Bully Ray, the top heel in wrestling today, featured in every TNA pay-per-view this year (Except Destination X) doesn’t feel respected. He’s been in the main event more times than Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and plenty wrestlers this year.

Let’s move onto Devon. He’s been the Television Champion since March’s Victory Road pay-per-view event. He’s successfully defended the title against Robbie E, Robbie T, Gunner, Crimson, Hernandez and more.

I hardly remember the last time Devon lost a match. Even when TNA can’t find time in the card for a TV title defense, he still gets on TV helping against Aces and Eights.

Devon has appeared at four consecutive pay-per-views this year. Two of which being Lockdown and Slammiversary.

As far as respect during contract signing goes, that’s pretty much left unknown. Nobody but TNA, Bully Ray and Devon know what’s said during the signings.

I really have to question Bully Ray’s timing here. If Devon were to leave, all TNA would need to do is make him lose the TV title.

If Bully Ray were to leave they’d need to write him out of the BFG Series, find a new replacement, and somehow finish the Joseph Park angle without their big villain.

I question why these two are even thinking about walking away from TNA. Like I said, both have been treated with more than respect in the ring.

Bully Ray is 41 and Devon is 40. Chris Jericho is 41 and hasn’t won any major match since his WWE return in January of this year. Devon is no more than a mid-card wrestler, whereas, Bully and Jericho could main event.

Bully Ray featured in the main event of a PPV

If Jericho hasn’t won “the big one”, what makes you think Bully Ray will? Jericho hasn’t won a major match since his return and I highly doubt, with his TNA background, Bully Ray would.

Former TNA talent don’t do well in WWE. It’s almost a proven fact at this point. Low Ki, Lance Hoyt, Monty Brown, Awesome Kong, Chris Harris, and Gail Kim are prime examples. All are talented, all had successes in TNA, but none in WWE.

The only former TNA talent that has been doing decent is Christian (I say decent because he’s in the mid-card. We all know he should main event. And who could forget his two day reign as World Champion?).

Bully Ray is the top heel and in the BFG Series, and Devon is the Television Champion. I do not see why either one would consider leaving TNA.

I guess this all just comes down to money….

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  • Jeff Awesome

    I agree. Devon is a solid mid-card champ while Bully Ray is a top heel in TNA. But, a part of me wants to see a Bully Ray vs. John Cena match at WrestleMania. I don’t know why. But it would be an incredible feud. WWE sorely needs that Bully Ray type of heel. Then again, Ray and Devon should just sign new deals with TNA. They were almost retired in late 2010. 

  • Jason “Dragon Saga” Patrick

    Using Chris Jericho as a comparison is totally incorrect. Jericho returned with the idea, the personal idea, as has been stated by him and several other sources, to put people over. Anybody here whose read Undisputed will know Jericho felt very down back in WCW because the older talents would never allow the younger talents get over at their expense, they were always clinging onto their spot, hes doing the opposite because that is the only way a veteran can really give back to the business, so again, totally irrelevant.

    As for your comment on former TNA talent going to WWE and failing, you probably should go more in-depth on that, cause they all had themselves to blame:

    Cor Von: Personal issues, left to take care of young relatives. 

    Harris: Showed up out of shape and had the name Braden Walker. At the end of the day, there’s nothing interesting about Harris as he’s a guy in trunks. He was awesome in a tag team and that’s about it.

    Kaz: Left because WWE had no interest in pushing Cruiserweights anymore. The division was worthless in just a few months and became nothing but filler. Why stay?

    Low Ki: Famous for burning bridges in every company he goes to and currently is in the indies and Japan now. Also, you can only get so far in WWE by just being able to kick.

    Lance Hoyt: Did nothing in TNA, did nothing in WWE either. This is an issue why?

    Gail: She was a Diva first and foremost, before she joined TNA, and has been boring beyond belief on this run in TNA. Female wrestlers have almost no place in WWE, her run in TNA has gone sour due to the lack of interest in her and an undeserving push.

    Kharma: Is suffering from depression, not only shouldn’t she be working from a personal perspective but legally WWE continuing to employee her would he wrong.

    Christian went back to WWE and was handed an entire brand to carry on his shoulder, ECW was Extreme Christian Wrestling for over a year and if you take every episode Christian featured on into account the average rating is 1.2, a rating that was beating TNA at the time and currently equals TNA. Not to mention hes featured in two Main Event programs, had two World Heavyweight title reigns, was pushed as an uppercard heel and recently came back from injury to win two matches in one night, becoming IC Champion. Not bad?

    R-Truth who again, was a WWE talent before TNA, has had multiple Tag Team title runs, a US title run, pushed against John Cena going over him three weeks out of four, Main Event push, top level heel push; and is currently the Champion of a replenished tag team division, again, not exactly doing bad.

    In Ray and Devon’s case, they know that if they wanted to, they could go back to WWE, return to teaming up and probably rule the division. There is more money in Team 3D as a unit than there is in Ray and Devon as singular talents. They have their own wrestling school, one of the most popular tag teams in Japan when they went over there, good contacts in WWE; hell Ray was backstage at Raw 1,000th.

    I enjoy the Bully Ray character, but as Ray knows, there isn’t much longevity in it and TNA probably won’t push him as a top level World Champion heel because they’re too busy focusing on others like Roode, Daniels and Kaz. Devon is massively over and chances are isn’t going anywhere, a wrestlers main goal is to gain crowd reaction and considering Devon is more than achieving that TNA will look at him as an asset. Not to mention before Devon’s reign the TV title meant nothing, literally nothing, it meant less than shit, under his waist it actually means something.

    Whether they leave or not, will be seen in the coming weeks, I doubt they will, but if they do, they’ve plenty of options. Could reunite and head to Japan, probably making more money than they will in TNA, go back to WWE as a team and definitely make more money than they are in TNA, may even get a lighter road schedule, focus on their training school without having to travel at all and work in the indies; considering Tommy Dreamer’s promotion is starting up they could feature there.

    But again, all will be revealed in due course.

  • Judas Thundersteel

    Well Christian had a second reign as world champion. Was longer than two days >.>. As far as the TNA to WWE transition, I don’t think there’s a general stab right at the front door based on TNA past. As in, WWE wouldn’t necessarily bury them right when they make it up North. Gail Kim started out hot, for a bit. Lance Hoyt, Awesome Kong. A lot of those cases are varied, and generalizing it all, I’d say it’s more like a curse, than any conspiring forces.

    Anyways, at first I was just thinking they’d get this all sorted out. After all, as you yourself said, Bully Raw and Devon are in ideal positions in the company. Both are road agents so they help some talent backstage, one’s a championship title holder that is super over with the audience for some reason. While the other one, to this day, this very second, this very moment, is the top heel in all of wrestling, who is also over like rover. My guess would be money, and this makes me think of recent departure, Velvet Sky. These names are popping up as a result of new contract negotiations. Velvet’s fell through, and Devon and Ray are next on this list. I read this ties into Bruce Pritchard and how he sells some ultimatum. Either take the deal he offered, or leave. If both guys leave because of money, that’s reasonable. However, risky. Where else they would go? WWE?

    In an ideal world, Bully Ray in WWE would mean him simply being transplanted from a small pond, to a bigger pond, with all the mannerisms, intricacies, every detail of Bully Ray that makes him amazing in TNA, just under the brighter lights and bigger stage. Ideally, but, very uncertain. For one, I never really read of WWE having interest in Bully Ray, and there’s the TNA to WWE curse. I guess Ray’s handling contract negotiations for both him and Devon, so I wonder if Devon cares about his payroll. The fact Ray implied possible departure on his Twittuh makes me actually believe these reports, although the reason Ray would leave is not solid. My best guess is money.

    • Jacob Stachowiak

      I think you’ll enjoy this…

    • Charlie G

      Haha, I knew Christian had a second reign! ….Just didn’t know how long it was. You got a point. Most former TNA guys start off hot out the gate, but burn out quickly because lack of direction by creative.

      Yeah, it has to be money & all the new contract negotiations… I read, a while ago, that WWE had interest in Bully Ray. Shortly after rumors of WWE being interested in Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, etc. I read that they were actually most interested in Bully Ray.

      I’m expecting Bully Ray to be gone by the end of the month. Sad, but that’s what I think

  • Jacob Stachowiak

    If ‘Bully Raw’ (freaking Judas) left TNA, it would suck for fans, for TNA, and especially for Ray. Sucks for us because we lose such an entertaining character and good wrestler. For TNA, they lose all the investment they put into Ray and of course lose the best heel going today. For Ray, he either stays in TNA or works the indy scene because WWE will NOT have him as a singles star. They would want both Dudleys and make them an attraction legend team. The paycheck will be great but where’s the glory in that? Devon might be okay with that but Ray shouldn’t be. 

    If Devon leaves, it’s bad for the state of Florida, Devon, and Garrett. The latter wouldn’t have his mentor to keep him sorta relevant on TV (unless he’s the one Devon drops the title to). The State of Florida would have a record high suicide rate for sure if the most over wrestler of all time was to leave the company. And Devon, who is probably okay with the reunion legend team thing, will never be able to have what he has now. 

    Will they go? I hate to say it but I’m leaning towards yes, it really pains me to say that because these two will never again be as good as they are now.

    • Charlie G

      Yeah, if Bully leaves, it sucks for everyone. I feel like, if WWE was interested in them, they’d be brought back as the Dudley Boyz like you said. I agree. 

      Haha, Garett would be screwed without Devon! And Florida would fall into depression. 
      “And Devon, who is probably okay with the reunion legend team thing, will never be able to have what he has now.” I definitely agree with that.

      I have the same feeling… They’re gonna be gone & it sucks because, you said it perfectly, they’ll never be as good as they are now

  • Kevin Berge

    I don’t think it’s for any of us to say whether they stay or not. These negotiations are very last minute which, if they are needed talent, is very unprofessional on TNA’s part. It is Bully Ray and Devon’s right to decide they want to leave TNA because they aren’t being treated with proper respect. If Ray is so essential, why wasn’t he given a contract extension months ago?

    I’m a bit confused on this line: “If Jericho hasn’t won ‘the big one’, what makes you think Bully Ray will?” Jericho won the big one many times over over the years. Ray on the other hand has never won a World Title in his life. Jericho constantly losing now partly has to do with the fact that Jericho has done everything there is to do in WWE while Ray can’t say the same in TNA.

    Devon in all honesty can just leave, and it won’t mean a thing. The guy’s career is not going anywhere as a singles star regardless of how strangely over he is. Ray on the other hand is a top heel in TNA, working multiple angles at once, and still putting over as much talent as possible. In return, he find himself at the perfectly inopportune moment near the top as there are too many young developing talents for Ray to win the title though he could serve a transitional role nicely.

    Are there even negotiations between WWE and Ray or Devon for that matter? I haven’t heard about any. If these two leave, they will probably be leaving more because of ill treatment as employees. If they come back to WWE, what would either do? They are too old to restart their careers, and they can’t really add to any division. Ray could be a good midcard heel, but I don’t know if he could even be built well to that.

    I guess all I’m thinking is don’t put this on Ray or Devon. If TNA valued them, we would have never gotten to this point. Either they would’ve decided to stay or go by this point. Instead TNA has milked their contracts and refused to treat them with enough time and respect to negotiate before time was running short. Reminds me of CM Punk, but the truth behind that contract work seems to show that Punk knew he was going to resign just wanted some time off.

    • Charlie G

      Whether they stay or not is up to them. Bully Ray asked for my opinion and here it is. Well, TNA is supposedly going through contract re-negotiations with everyone. He probably wasn’t given the extension months ago because maybe TNA had known they’d be re-negotiating. Shit if I know… I’m not backstage with them (Be cool if I was but….)

      Bully & Jericho are about equal in terms of skill and all that good stuff. They’re the same age and, since returning, Jericho never won a major match. Bully Ray hasn’t won a major match this year in TNA really. I feel like they’re the same age, same skill and would provide the same story. Jericho came back in “put over” mode & that’s what Bully Ray has been doing in TNA. 

      Haha, agreed about Devon.

      There’s no negotiations between WWE & Team 3D (I’ll call them that since they handle each other’s contracts…), but I do remember, a while ago, reading that WWE was interested in Bully Ray. Shortly after the ‘WWE is interested in Beer Money & Samoa Joe’ rumors, some site reported that WWE was actually interested in Bully Ray.

      If they were to return, I’d guess it’d be as a tag team like Jacob said in his comment.