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Independent Wrestling: Looking at the Other Shows Happening WrestleMania Weekend

In around a week, the most exciting weekend in professional wrestling will begin. There will be a massive fan-fest titled “WrestleMania Axxess”. There will be a heartwarming Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Madison Square Garden. And, most importantly, the biggest wrestling show of the year will occur inside MetLife Stadium: WrestleMania!

Those aren’t the only events happening WrestleMania weekend though. Lets be honest, WrestleMania weekend can pretty much be called professional wrestling weekend.  Just about every major independent wrestling promotion in the country will be having shows take place in the heart of New York City (and surrounding areas). So, for all you fans that want to watch more wrestling next weekend, I have you covered.

This will be a complete guide to every other independent show happening during the biggest weekend in wrestling!

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I love professional wrestling. I love writing. Regardless of what promotion it is, I watch it, cover it, and have fun with it. Also, I've been writing on Wrestle Enigma since the very beginning, and I'll continue to do so until the very end.
  • Eric Martinez

    1. Supercard of Honor seems to be a solid card. Not a big fan of ROH, but those matchups seem pretty great. I hope Michael Elgin wins because, from what I’ve seen, the guy is legit. Fantastic competitor to see in the ring.

    2. I enjoy DGUSA, but I’m not a big fan. Samurai Del Sol and Gargano are two competitors who really stand out to me.

    3. Never caught an EVOLVE show and I don’t plan on it anytime soon. Just not all that interested. Yet a whole iPPV dedicated to crowning their first ever champ is an awesome idea.

    4. SHIMMER? Women’s wrestling? Pshhh, more like a bathroom break amirite? Joking aside, I’ve heard good things about SHIMMER. Haven’t checked it out yet, but I plan on it. From the competitors I do know, that card seems pretty great.

    5. AWWWWW YEAH, CHIKARARMY REPRESENT! Love Chikara and will definitely attempt to view this when I can. Not a big fan of Eddie Kingston, but Hallowicked is legit. Great/entertaining competitor. Archibald Peck vs. Tim Donst is a match I’m really looking forward to. After the last event, the two have a rivalry going on. Plus Peck is the leader of the band!

    6. CZW: Don’t care, never really have, probably never will. The competitors I do recognize like Sami Callihan, Cabana, and Kendrick should be good.

    7. $5 wrestling? Don’t care at all.

  • Josh Rushinock

    1. Supercard Of Honor is the most complete card during Wrestlemania weekend. Including Wrestlemania, Hass/Shelton should be phenominal, Lethal and Elgin shall be interesting, and my personal favorite, MachineGunka Karl Anderson and Roderick Strong. A great card, and a lot better than watching Smackdown with all the ham and eggers.

    2. Oddly enough, the match that intrigues me most for “Open the Ultimate Gate” is Brian Kendrick and Rich Swann. But excellent competitors, but Kendricks taken a turn to be a bit…darker recently. Should be interesting. Plus, you’ve got the always entertaining Johnny Garganno taking on Shingo for the title, and thats sure to be an excellent match. Then, you have Sami Callihan versus “Eh” wrestler Uhaa. Still, it’s Sami Callihan, so it’ll be entertaining.

    3. Great event, but once again, my main interest is Kendrick. Chuck Taylor is always fun, and as I said, Kendricks been different as of late. Out of the two put forth by DGUSA, this is the one I would more likely skip than the other. Oh, and Christina Von Eerie once again kicking guys asses.

    4. Ah, the tournament to crown the very first Evolve Champion. It this runs late, I’m catching a replay of Supercard Of Honor after Wrestlemania, because this is the one I want to watch. My money is on Sami Callihan in the tournament.Side note, I’m eerily excited for Garganno and Kendrick taking on Cassidy and Gulack.

    5. SHIMMER. A show I miss WAY to much because I’m foolish enough to watch Smackdown. I will be tuning in. Mia Yim and Kong is gonna be great, but the main event, Saraya and Melissa, is where my attention stands, especially in a steel cage.

    6. Ah, Chikara, how I have a love/hate relationship with you. I love how goofy you are sometimes, but on the other token, I wish every once in a while you’d attempt to be serious. Kingston and Hallowicked should be a smash and bash style match. The match on this card that jumps out at me is Amasis and Ophidian. Should be excellent. I’m not certain if I shall be tuning in live.

    7. I boycott CZW. If I am to watch it, I will watch it for free. Or I wil watch promos. I will obviously not be buying this in any way, shape, or form.

    8. Five Dollar Wrestling is fun, but I will not be buying it when I’ll be experiancing a wrestling overload.

    9. Skipping it.

    I kind of wish you would haveat least spared a couple sentences on each match, minus ROH, for this. It’s not really an article, just a list…

  • Siddharth “SiD” Grover

    Damn brah.

    • Logan Randall

      What haha?

  • Sean Linhares

    1) Supercard of Honor actually has potential to actually be the best overall show of the weekend. Lethal/Elgin and Haas/Benjamin are what I’m mostly excited for, will buy it for sure.

    2) Both DGUSA shows are also looking like they’ll be good. I’m buying one of the shows, and right now I’m leaning towards the Saturday show. Could still change though. Looking forward to Gargano/Shingo

    3) Evolve show should also be great. Mostly just excited for Ricochet. Dude is a TALENT. The Evolve title looks sick. I’ll buy this too, should have some kickass matches.