Impact For Sale: Who Will Buy TNA Wrestling?

TNA is up for sale.

Or at least that’s what the rumor mills are saying.

According to those mills, Dixie Carter and her families oil company, Panda Energy, are officially looking to move on from Impact and have unofficially put the wrestling promotion up for sale. It’s been no secret that the company has undergone some rough financial times as of late, however it was generally viewed as having smoothed out with the move back to the Impact Zone, as well as the addition of several new stars and rumors stating that TNA is looking to sign several more.

Because of those difficult financial times apparently being over, this rumor could be completely false, as Impact will look to come out of the rough time rolling. Even the mother of Dixie Carter stated in a recent interview that, while she normally refuses to discuss business, she was positive TNA wasn’t for sale. So yes, the rumors could be way off the mark, but for the sake of argument, let’s act as if they were real.

Let’s act like TNA has a serious buyer, because after all, the winds of change are certainly blowing on Impact. With the new “Where Action Never Ends” initiative looking to delve deeper into the lives of Impact stars than ever before and new stars reportedly signing with the roster soon, TNA is looking to make major changes within the coming months, and a new owner could certainly be included in that change.

Rumor or no rumor, several names have popped up regarding who could be looking to buy TNA, ranging from former wrestlers to multi billion dollar corporations. But who are the wrestlers and what are the corporation? Well, let’s take a look my friend.

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