(Humor) Hulk Hogan Signs with Ring of Honor Wrestling

In a shocking twist to the Hulk Hogan/Total Nonstop Action Wrestling contract saga, “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan has stunned the professional wrestling world by signing a contract with Ring of Honor Wrestling, as originally reported by WrestlingINC.com earlier today (checkout that URL, brother!) before being altered to a recap of an interview with Austin Aries.

The original news piece which must be true because it’s on the internet read:

Ring of Honor Wrestling Entertainment, LLC is happy to announce that entertainment legend, HULK HOGAN has signed a contract with ROH.

When signing Hogan had this to say “Signing with Ring of Honor is exciting for me on many levels. Getting to continue my journey in the best wrestling company in the world has my motivation and drive at an all time high. If you want to be the best, you prove it in Ring of Honor.”

When I contacted Ring of Honor and questioned whether they’ve signed Hogan I was not responded to, a surefire sign that the deal is being kept under wraps and Hogan will inevitably debut, possibly at Glory By Honor XII in the Frontier Fieldhouse, Chicago, Illinois.

Fans of Ring of Honor such as myself will be delighted with the signing of Hulk Hogan, someone who has always upheld the pure wrestling foundation on-which ROH was founded. What would have became of names such as Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, Nigel McGuinness, Samoa Joe and other former ROH World Champions without Hogan’s pure wrestling influence.

Hogan’s obvious delight to “continue” his “journey in the best wrestling company in the world” may be misleading due to the fact hes been seen on Impact Wrestling for the past three years and not ROH Wrestling TV is surely just another tactic being used to keep the deal under wraps as we begin the countdown to “The Hulkster’s” ROH career.

The possibilities of Hogan in ROH are endless – good friends Kevin Nash and Scott Hall have surely received phonecalls to join Hulkamania in a reformation of the nWo, while The Nasty Boys, Brian Knobbs and Jerry Saggs will be welcome additions to the ROH tag team division and create a plethora of potential dream matches we’ve all been wanting to see such as The Nasty Boys versus The American Wolves or even ROH World Tag Team Champions, reDRagon.

And who knows, could Hogan’s signing be used to promote and market the Final Battle event in December? Nothing speaks “biggest show of the year” like Hulkamania running wild all over the Hammerstein Ballroom,jack. And it’s not like Hogan is without potential opponents – imagine him bodyslamming the 240 pound Canadian that is Kevin Steen in-front of 2,000 screaming “Honormaniacs”, brother!

But how will other Ring of Honor fans, notable for being “hardcore” wrestling fans react to this signing? One can only envision the signs to feature in Chicago as a Kenny Pickett cover of “Real American” hits and Hogan is greeted to “I Hope Someone Kicks Your Fucking Head In,” “Your Girlfriend Sucks Adam Cole‘s Dick” and “Kill Hogan Kill; No Please Do!”

Earth shattering news which will alter the professional wrestling landscape… forever, forever, forever!