Hail Sabin: Why TNA’s Chris Sabin Could Be Approaching The Biggest Push Of His Career

hail sabinLast week on Impact Wrestling, TNA original Chris Sabin returned triumphantly after another year long absence due to injury. Sabin defeated Zema Ion and Sonjay Dutt to earn a spot in a three way match between champion Kenny King and the also returning Petey Williams. Having overcame two career threatening knee injuries, it was unlikely that he would ever be the same again but after that match it’s clear that he can still perform at the required pace and is ready to make another run at X-division gold.

While it is not entirely obvious that he could go on to win that match, one could assume that Sabin will “Dethrone The King” soon enough to obtain the championship. Arguably one of the greatest X-division champions of all time (on four occasions), Sabin is no stranger at being the face of the division and could easily take that spot once again. If that is a position he is used to being in, why would that classify as the “biggest push of his career”?

That’s simple, “Option C” could do wonders for Sabin’s momentum. Seeing how the Destination X ppv, one that was in unison with the option, is no longer around most fans have completely trashed the concept. However, according to an interview Austin Aries conducted with the Busted Open Radio Show, “Option C” is still alive and could become a storytelling device soon enough regardless of Destination X’s removal.

Now with the clustered mainevent scene already battling it out for Bully Ray‘s TNA World Heavyweight Title, it would be very unlikely for the X-division champion to successfully cash-in their shot and win the title. However, that very same X-division star will have a strong showing in defeat against Bully Ray. Furthermore, due to Austin Aries being successful at cashing in “Option C”, it is necessary for a wrestler to fail at it to maintain the prestige of the concept as opposed to WWE’s Money In The Bank concept which is a surefire way to make an ill-prestigious champion.

Chris Sabin would be the perfect candidate to pull this off, as he is the most well over X-division competitor on the roster. Also, in interviews hyping his return, Sabin announced that his biggest goal to achieve was to become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

With video packages, hyping from Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan, and pages on ImpactWrestling.com; Sabin’s return was hyped up very well in the short time after it was announced. After years of contributing to both the X-division and tag team scene, Chris Sabin may actually be getting groomed to join the upper midcard. Surely, and especially after the possible X-division title run and  “Option C” cash-in, Chris Sabin could take one of the twelve spots available this year in the annual Bound For Glory Series. Obviously, he is not going to win the series but a good showing in the competition could help continue his momentum and help establish himself as a upper-midcard star.

Sabin may never become a world champion, but TNA seems poised to put him in the same league as those currently competing for it. There are a lot of options he can travel; X-division champion for a long reign, rejoining the tag team division, possibly a run at the TV title, or the above proposed Bound For Glory series run.

On a depressing note, the one thing that is an uncontrollable factor in all of this is his heath. If his knees can hold up and he can avoid any other kind of injury, it is up to his and TNA’s determination to give him the biggest push of his career.

Whether any of this comes to fruition or not, it is good to see Sabin return to action as he is another original wrestler from the olden days of TNA Wrestling. From here on out, let’s hope the phrase “HAIL SABIN!” rings out across the Impact Wrestling stage often in 2013.