EvE: Why I Believe Dolph Ziggler is Better than John Cena

Yes, Dolph Ziggler is tremendously better than John Cena.

The Creative team may have written John Cena as this freak of nature whom can power out of any finisher, and seemingly cannot be beaten cleanly unless your someone just as popular as him. The point is that the WWE can write anyone as being the best whether the fans agree or not.

For example it’s plausible that WWE’s creative team could decide to make Ryback win every match, win the title and hold it for months. Commentators can claim Ryback is the best wrestler Sports-Entertainer within their company. Fans of course would disagree and cite Danial Bryan, CM Punk, and other wrestlers as being better than him.

So, relying on the world of kayfabe to determine who’s the better man between Dolph Ziggler, or John Cena is not the most reliable approach. How did I go about in deciding that Dolph Ziggler is a better wrestler than John Cena? I essentially broke it down to three categories that fairly judges their abilities in the ring, and on the mic. The criteria I’m using are cutting a promo, selling moves and their work-rate.

Promo/Cutting a Promo

Cena can cut a pretty decent promo; anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves. Yet, his promo skills do have issues that can be fixed, but seems like he’s set in his ways. Sheamus said it best in a recent interview with BetweentheRopes.com:

(laughs) I just remember listening to his promo and it was completely bizarre, yet passionate promo,” Sheamus said. “When John gets on the microphone – John is a very passionate guy. He has a way of going about it – he changes his tone sometimes. Everything he says on the mic is passionate. If he goes around the bend getting to his point, he’ll always get there.

That is the polite way of saying it. In reality he litters his promo with juvenile penis jokes, Vickie fat jokes and tries to be funny, but ends up missing more than hitting. If he stayed more consistent, and be more serious than it’s possible that he’d be considered a more skilled promo guy.

Ziggler on the other hand is consistent with his promos, and gets to the point. He channels this cocky, screaming, whiny talented individual persona that embedded within his promos. Look at how far he’s come from introducing himself as Dolph Ziggler to his promo on Foley.

We are now seeing Ziggler showcasing his convincing acting skills in the WWE Remember when he tore down AJ, and you can hear it in his tone that he secretly liked her.  People may consistently doubt his promo work but, they are oblivious to the fact that he’s easily in the top 5 in promos skills in the WWE today. He will only improve as he progresses in his mic work!


Ziggler could sell a bible to an atheist. Ziggler could sell drugs to Punk. When another wrestler hits one of his moves upon Ziggler, he makes their moves look like they caused him legit pain. Some wrestlers just don’t sell moves very well, or undersell at worse.

John Cena is one of those guys that really don’t sell moves all that well. Like he would his ass kicked by his opponent, be worn down, and then suddenly he’s back to full health, hits his five moves of doom, and wins the match. Recently, he gets hit with Ziggler’s finishers in a match, in which Ziggler tries to pin him, yet Cena kicks out. He doesn’t even sell all those finishers as he treated them like punches to his face.

Selling moves is something that is not often looked at as a important skill set. Think back to your favorite match, and now think how much you would of liked that match if the wrestlers involved didn’t sell the moves well, or showcased their emotions elegantly. Once Ziggler becomes a main-stay in the Main-Event, his ability to sell moves will enhance all his matches to the point of being legendary.


Before anyone cites John Cena’s two five star matches, keep in mind that Cena been in the main-event for much longer, and faced the likes of CM Punk, HBK, Edge and others in far-longer matches than Ziggler has ever gotten a chance to be in. The fact of the matter is that John Cena has been given far more opportunities to perform memorable moments/matches.

Ziggler is a far more gifted wrestler than Cena, and he didn’t have the same chances due to being made the enforcer and sidekick for Chavo Guerrero. Oh, let’s not forget his cheerleading days during his time being part of the Spirit Squad. During those early days of Ziggler’s WWE career, Cena was already in the main-event getting his chance to have epic bouts.

Just look at his matches with Randy Orton, Sheamus, John Morrison, CM Punk, Edge and possible a few others which were phenomenal matches. He can bring out the best in others, or least make the match be far more enjoyable than it could of been if someone else with lesser skills were in his place. We all can cite matches where Cena was not delivering his best, but with Ziggler he seems to be consistently be having good matches more often than Cena.

They say the best matches of Cena were due to his opponents being able to carry Cena through to the end, and bring the best out of him. That can be an arguable point. Yet, Ziggler is of that rare breed that does not need to be carried, and he has the ability to bring the best out of his opponents during matches! THAT could be agreed upon by most people.

You’ve seen my logic in why I believe he’s better than Cena. He will only get better, and will continue to show-off his skills. He could one-day be considered as being one of the best that ever walked through the hollow halls of the WWE. When the day comes that he must retire, people will agree he’s better than John Cena!