Wednesday , 22 October 2014
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Voting Is Now Closed: Kevin Berge vs. Ryan Frye (EvE)


By a vote of 5 to 1, for the first time ever, the WE Champion has retained. Kevin Berge is still the champion despite a great fight from his challenger Ryan Frye.

With the former champion losing this second match, he will fall in the rankings, and, as such, we will see new challenges for both men going forward as new writers step up.

As is customary, the winner will have his theme song played to celebrate the victory.

Check out the updated Enigma vs. Enigma rankings!

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  • Ranting Jacob

    Ryan Frye. Swerve, Berge, Swerve.

    • The Berge

      You keep trying to be different, Jacob. Keep trying to be the oddball. I’ll just keep winning regardless.

  • Joe Burgett

    I’m a big HBK fan, but I’ve also been a fan of HHH. And HHH has always been a key figure in WWE, especially when he returns. But, HBK by far between the two, had the biggest comeback. I mean, the time he comes back he has 5 star match after 5 star match. And gives us, yet again, awesome Mania moments. Seriously, we got at least 8 great Mania matches out of him, some of them could be considered the best of the year at the time. Others could go down as best Mania matches ever!

    That said, I had to lean toward KB. But then, I wanted to make sure I looked at the writing and how well you sold me your article. Both did very well here. I just felt due to the fact both wrote well, I had to go with who I agreed with more over. That being Berge

  • Mathieu Nicod

    I vote for Kevin Berge

  • SiD

    Ric Flair nearly died, yet he came back to compete. Best fucking return for me. Anyway, in my opinion…uh…..The WE Champion will be the first in history to retain. I’ll vote for Berge.

  • Jacob Waring


  • Aces and 8’s Marc

    Gotta go with Berge here.Both articles were very strong but Shawn Michaels is an all time favorite of mine so he gets it off of personal connection.