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Voting Is Now Closed: Joe Burgett vs. Ben Gartland (EvE)


By a vote of 4 to 1, Ben Gartland has defeated Joe Burgett.

Congratulations to Ben on a massive upset over Joe. Joe is considered a veteran of his craft, yet Ben was able to soundly beat him today. Congratulations on that.

As is customary, the winner will have his theme song played to celebrate the victory.

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  • SiD

    Ben’s theme is Gangnam Style? WIN.

  • Chris Langford


  • Blair Lucas

    The fact is is that the kids who watch the PG stuff now are going to grow up and grow out of it. It’s simple. Therefore my vote goes to Ben.

    • Jack Thomes

      There will always be kids, and those kids who grow up will have kids. Don’t you think it’s better to market to the “family” long term than just ONE generation? I’d think so

      • Sir BG

        Not necessarily. By the time those kids grow into teenagers, very few stay to watch. Isn’t it better for the WWE to adapt to every other generation to create lifelong fans, instead of just appealing to kids who will grow out of it by the time they are teens?

        • Joe Burgett

          Question Ben, do you watch now even as a teen who has grown up? I think you can say you do. I treat it like Hey Arnold or Spongebob, both are two kid friendly products that teens still quote today. Spongebob started over a decade ago. I’m 22 now, I was around 12 when it first aired. It was marketed to me, and those lower than me. Yet today, I am still connected with the show. The same with Hey Arnold. It’s over, yet we still go back and watch re-runs on Teen Nick.

          If WWE markets to the family long term, kids now will stay interested in it as they grow up. Some may go away from it, but without it marketed to the family, WWE loses a core part of their audience, the family itself. Instead of the one 18 year old guy who goes, you now have he, his dad, little sister, mom, etc. You may not realize it, but WWE markets to more than just kids. That’s why I said “family” in my article. You give young guys and older guys something, young girls and older girls something.

          People say, well the Attitude Era was marketed to guys 18 and up and it did well on TV and PPVs. One thing, different time and different world in TV. The market was doing well, gas was around a dollar a gallon. We now have a struggling market, and the minimum wage rate has gone up around 3 to 4 times since the mid-90s. The most in the nation’s history between this time period.

          Gas is now at a steady 3 to 4 a gallon costing far more, it’s projected to be in the 5 to 6 rage by year 2020 if not before. People have less to spend. Then we get to the TV part. In the 90’s, cable was just then hitting it’s stride. We now have close to 100 new networks since the 90’s. More to watch means less people will watch one product over another. They have to choose. WWE’s worst enemy will always be what’s on at the time they are. It doesn’t have to be another wrestling product.

          WWE is smart by staying with the family product because it is a guarantee. Why? Because there will always be family’s. You talk about creating life long fans? You can do that by staying as a family product. Those same guys who grow up now will come back and watch or their kids will, bringing them back. It’s an endless cycle. Then more and more family’s will watch. Hell, funny enough the highest demo WWE has is still men.

          Your idea means one generation comes up and then WWE gets edgy along with them. That’s a great idea if you think WWE will end in 10 years. But for a company that will last past then, marketing as a family product will ALWAYS be the economical and best business decision. Sorry to burst the bubble of those who want the next AE, it just wouldn’t be the best idea business wise.

  • Jacob Waring


  • Eric


  • Kevin Berge

    I liked the two unique perspectives. You both took a personal route with it with Joe staying personal most of the article while Ben went more for the technical side, analyzing patterns. Personally, I think both were well-written, but I enjoyed Joe’s personal perspective more. I don’t know who I agree with as both had excellent points, so I’ll just go with the article I enjoyed more.

    Vote: Joe Burgett