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Voting Is Now Closed: Jacob Stachowiak vs. Charlie Groenewegen and Waring vs. Burgett Part II (EvE)


By a vote of 13 to 8, Jacob Waring has pulled out the victory over Joe to leave the battle between these two at one to one.

Because the two’s first battle was the true EvE showdown, there will be no change in position on the standings from this Jacob Waring victory; however, he will have the honor of having his entrance music played as is customary.

In the higher implication contest, Jacob and Charlie fought for the chance to become the new number one contender to the WE Title. In the end, by a score of 9 to 5, Charlie was victorious.

With a unique take on the greatest moment idea, Charlie chose Bobby Roode‘s title reign as the defining 2012 moment, and it paid off defeating a very game Jacob.

Now, Charlie will go forward and challenge Kevin Berge for the WE Title in an upcoming week. Now, that both champions have contenders again. These next few weeks should be an excitement time.

As is customary, the victor’s theme will be played to honor his victory.

Next week: We will have the newest writer to join WE write in his very first EvE while both champions get ready to defend their titles the following two weeks.

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  • Charlie G

    I vote for a recount.

  • Jacob Waring

    I never really allowed myself to believe that I might win because it seemed like such a faraway dream.

    As a rule, some people think if you give them a pencil, or a
    keyboard, or something like that — naturally they’re wordsmiths right
    away. Myself, and Burgett are proving that our pens is mightier than the swords that gladiators have died upon.

    I know Burgett will have his vengeance, in this life or the next. I know he will not accept this defeat, he’ll rise from it and be our for my blood. I’ll be ready, waiting and prepared to settle it this grudge, once and for all!

  • Kevin Berge

    I’m highly disappointed in the veterans for their obvious yet stupid choices they made for EvE. They both chose guys who are still developing and have been getting better by the week. With so many guys are clearly more dangerous, greener, and more misused than either, I felt like Joe and Jacob completely missed the mark this week.

    That said, I have to base my voting entirely upon the writing since the choices and follow-up arguments were lackluster. Joe’s entire article felt completely uncharacteristic of Burgett. It was overly simplified, had noticeable grammar errors, even seemed to flat out mislead at times. On the other hand, Waring also had grammar issues and lead the reader on with details that honestly felt completely short-sighted. Not sure what happened to you two here. I thought you’d both able to skate the line between controversy and overstatement. Guess not.

    While both could have won me over with better grammar, a real choice, or just a viable argument, I have to vote, so I’ll just go with the one who wrote the slightly better article…

    Vote: Joe Burgett

    Here we have the real competition. In one corner, we have Charlie who did something people seem to discount. He more or less chose an entire story as his moment. Roode’s title win was not the moment of 2012 because it didn’t happen in 2012. Instead it was part of the message. Bobby Roode was the man who lead TNA. In Charlie’s words, “When it comes to determining the greatest TNA moment of 2012, it’s hard finding something that Bobby Roode was not involved with.”

    Jacob, on the other hand, chose another unique moment. He didn’t go with the happy or the exciting moment. He went with the one that was sour, sobering, yet defined the entire year for one of TNA’s biggest face success stories. James Storm’s loss at the time was maddening. It felt like TNA had dropped everything, yet instead it had revealed its cards in a way no one expected. Storm’s character was more flawed than people realized, and that was what made the moment so great.That Storm’s anger and misguided sense of entitlement had lead him to failure.

    Both articles were good; however, Jacob’s was better. I liked the explanation of the moment, the focus front and center of the article. In general, it just clicked more than Charlie’s for me though I’d be happy to face either writer as a breath of fresh air.

    Vote: Jacob Stachowiak

    • Punk’s Hurt LULZ

      I don’t care if I lost, at least Berge voted for me. Good job, Charlie.

  • James

    Joe and Charlie

  • Ryan Frye

    Alright. I agree with Waring on Ryback more than Joe on Sin Cara, because I’m not a fan of Ryback and I feel Sin Cara has improved a lot since the beginning of the year. He’s not the botching machine he was before. However, I think Joe’s article was simply written better, and this competition is about the writing.

    Winner: Joe Burgett

    Jacob and Charlie were both great, but I think Jacob used emotion a little better (Jacob and emotion? The Mayans were right) and his opening was more straight forward. Charlie listed a couple other moments and it was kind of awkward to me. It’s nitpicky, yes, but they were both so good I have to be nitpicky.

    Winner: Jacob Stachowiak

    • Joe Burgett

      Thanks for the vote. But I wanna stress something. While Sin Cara by now, has gotten a bit better, as I pointed out in my article btw. We have to talk of the entirety of 2012. Not just the last few months. All of 2012 from January to now, December.

      Because of that, we have to talk about the bad matches seen as a singles performer by Sin Cara. He had awful matches, some relatively good, then got slightly better when he was starting to team with Rey Rey. Being with Mysterio has been a huge help for sure.

      Meanwhile, Jacob really made no good points as to why Ryback was the worst of the year. In fact, it was a hate article, nothing more. Ryback was clearly not the worst of the year and really has never botched. One I remember was from Tensai, but the hair monster did that just to be political. It wasn’t Ryback’s botch there.

      He had a lot of squash matches. But how did that show bad wrestling? Were they all entertaining? No. But was Ryback bad? Hell no. In the bigger matches he did well with his power style. He had a very good match with Punk at HIAC and did well at Survivor Series.

      Meanwhile, Sin Cara has tag teamed in order to improve. Because he cannot be a singles performer right now. You see what I mean?

      Again, thanks for the vote. I just wanted to address this real quick

  • Melissa Beck

    Jacob Waring

  • SiD

    Joe Burgett
    Charlie Groenewegen

  • Billy Weber

    Jacob and Jacob

  • Sean Linhares

    Charles and Waring.

  • Jacob Waring


    I don’t watch TNA, which mean I had to rely on the writer’s conviction with their choice and how they presented their argument. I felt Charlie did it better than Jacob.

  • Valentyna

    I vote for the two Jacobs

  • ‘iaga


  • sparkle

    jacob and charlie

  • Hannah


  • Stephanie


  • Emmy

    Jacob Waring

  • James


  • Dana

    Waring and Charlie.

  • Randy

    Burgett- Better article. His points were made better (by a long shot), and his article seemed to flow better and be more interesting and entertaining.

    Jacob- Once again, in my opinion, better article. He really made it feel like that deserved to be THE moment.

    Good job to both guys I picked here, and to the other two as well.

  • Joe Burgett

    Tough choice for Charlie and Jacob. Both are TNA marks, so both obviously had their choice on what they knew to be best. Both did a good job. Charlie has always delivered when it came to TNA material. Jacob always suspect, here one minute then off in left field. So, I wanted to see what he brought to the party most of all. As I knew Charlie would do well, as mentioned. It was real tough, again, for me on this one.

    For Charlie’s pick, you truly have a mark in TNA history that happened in 2012. I mean, you really saw something you never saw before there and it happened in 2012 so it’s obviously significant. Booby Roode doing well with his run was sure as hell surprising to me. Holding it so long and just waiting to see him lose and he never seems to do so.

    Then we have Jacob talking of Storm’s loss. This was also pretty defining. It was surprising to say the least and I was pulling for him personally.

    To me, neither were the most defining of the year in some ways for TNA. Aries beating Roode probably shocked every TNA fan out there, as well as non-TNA marks who thought Aries would simply lose like all the rest and Roode would go to BFG and lose there.

    Aries simply put, shocked the world the day he won and it really helped TNA out. Ratings looked better, matches with Aries were consistently good. Him being a face was cool to see too. Then he goes into BFG and has a loss to Hardy but shows a spectacular 5 star match. So, the defining moment for me was Aries’ win.

    But, picking between Charlie and Jacob’s. I have to go with Charlie. I agreed with him more but also, I felt he did a great job writing it. On Jacob, he keeps bringing it in these EvE match-ups. So, I’m proud of his improvement.

  • Eric



  • Charlie G

    Though I didn’t really agree with either pick, I’ll vote for Joe. Felt like his article was more entertaining

  • Jacob Is Botchtastic


  • Mathieu Nicod

    I don’t agree with both Joe and Jacob Waring, but I thought Joe’s article was more entertaining and better constructed, so I vote for Joe.

    It’s a tough choice between Jacob S and Charlie, as both have written great articles. I’m not really a TNA fan; even if I watch Impact every week and all the PPVs, I’m not really invested in the product, so neither moments described were great to me. I think I’ll vote for Charlie, as for the company in general, Roode’s victory was more of a turning point than Storm’s loss.

  • Blair Lucas

    While Sin Cara was awful at first, he seems to have come into his element and hasn’t had a bad match in a while. But he did have a terrible first year. Ryback on the other hand, hasn’t really improved or got worse, he just seems to stay the same. That being said, he really does not deserve the monster push he’s getting, so I’m going to vote for Waring on this one.

    As for Jacob and Charlie’s articles, I couldn’t care less about either moments, therefore I’m voting for neither.