Voting Is Now Closed: Jacob Stachowiak vs. Charlie Groenewegen and Waring vs. Burgett Part II (EvE)


By a vote of 13 to 8, Jacob Waring has pulled out the victory over Joe to leave the battle between these two at one to one.

Because the two’s first battle was the true EvE showdown, there will be no change in position on the standings from this Jacob Waring victory; however, he will have the honor of having his entrance music played as is customary.

In the higher implication contest, Jacob and Charlie fought for the chance to become the new number one contender to the WE Title. In the end, by a score of 9 to 5, Charlie was victorious.

With a unique take on the greatest moment idea, Charlie chose Bobby Roode‘s title reign as the defining 2012 moment, and it paid off defeating a very game Jacob.

Now, Charlie will go forward and challenge Kevin Berge for the WE Title in an upcoming week. Now, that both champions have contenders again. These next few weeks should be an excitement time.

As is customary, the victor’s theme will be played to honor his victory.

Next week: We will have the newest writer to join WE write in his very first EvE while both champions get ready to defend their titles the following two weeks.

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